William Bell – 1971 – Wow

Rip & review by Raphy

Posting & additional info’s by Nikos

You asked for it and my Jamaican brother Raphy quickly ripped his original vinyl and scanned the covers for you.

Here in his own words :

“WOW” …..I’m sitting in front of my computer wondering what I’m gonna write about a Great Rhythm & Blues artist that have not been said.
An artist so unappreciated in his own country.This gives truth to the old adage, that a King is not honored in his own country. Sir Bell, you are adored & revered not only worldwide, but especially on a little “Rock” called Jamaica.
Jamaica, have been exposed to Sir William Bell music as far back as 1962, when he came out with “Any Other Way“… (Chuck Jackson made it more popular). Strangely, it didn’t made an impact internationally, but it was regularly played on the radio station at the time. Collectors of all age still hunting for that elusive 45.

A1 I Can’t Make It (All by Myself) 3.28
Til My Back Ain’t Got No Bone 4.22
All For The Love of a Woman 3.15
My Door Is Always Open 4.15
A Penny for Your Thoughts 3.08
You’ll Want Diamonds  3.06
Winding Winding Road  3.19
Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt 3.37
I Forgot to Be Your Lover 2.43
I’ll Be Home 3.40

 There was another William Bell song that made a great impact on the local scene, and also seeing as a foundation tune in the Rocksteady/Reggae genre. This was not one of his popular songs eg. “Private Number” or “Trying To Love Two” etc.. But a song he did in 1969 called:
My Whole World Is Falling Down“. WHAT? YES!!!
That ‘chune’ was a Killer on the dancefloor. We made at least 3 popular cover versions of that songs.

Now, what can I say about this album…..WOW!
where should I start…
I had this Lp for about 10-15 years now…I can’t remember how I came by it… all I know is that I probably
played this Lp twice….until now.
At first glance, one would assumed that this was only a ‘One hit” album with the big song jumping out at you with a soulful cry, “Please don’t forget me”    and I replied, “How can…….’I Forgot To Be Your Lover“.
But I did.. forgot about this lp until recently…
You see I have a big Pine shelving Unit where I stocked my invaluable Lps on. It divided into three big compartments with five tier shelves run across equally.
When I say “Top Shelf’ Music….that means actually I place those music on the top shelf…Literally. But It also means figuratively, that this music is of the highest calibre.
Hence that’s where you’ll find this particualr album; on the “Top Shelf.”

Friends, I will not deliberate on all the songs on this Lp, suffice to say, not one weak track is on this masterpiece..
There are at least five songs that are growing on me. They are, “I Can’t Make It (All By Myself), “Til My Back Ain’t Got No Bone“, “My Door Is Always Open“, A Penny For Your Thoughts” & “You’ll Want Diamonds“.
As you may noticed I’ve excluded the very popular “I Forgot To Be Your Lover” reason is that it’s one of the  unmatched great songs of all times, period.   Albeit, “You’ll Want Diamonds” seems to be haunting me..I’m hearing that song in my head now and then..

Before I forget, Let me mention some of the luminaries on this Masterpiece. They are: Al Bell, Tom Nixon, Kim Weston, Patrice Holloway, Jessie Smith, Mickey Stevenson, The Nightingales, The Memphis Horns, Booker T. Jones and The Bar-Kays.

As you may notice this is not an easy album to come by. Sometimes we share our priceless possession with the
ones we love.
All I’m asking is for you to ‘Big Up’ the “Big Man” Sir William Bell. Tell him thanks for the great music he created for us to enjoy.

Here it is…….Enjoy and be……….WOW!

While we are working on the new version of FMS, please write your opinion about those William Bell’s albums or at least thank Raphy for sharing his rare vinyl with us..

and remember the more you comment the more we post.

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Conversation for album: William Bell – 1971 – Wow

  • Tony
    Posted at 18:06h, 18 November 2011 Reply

    Haven’t heard it yet, but if it beats the last post, then Wow! indeed.

  • myr
    Posted at 19:07h, 18 November 2011 Reply

    Great!!!!!! Thank's a lot!

  • rich
    Posted at 21:51h, 18 November 2011 Reply

    thank u raphy and nikos for this post

  • Richard
    Posted at 23:40h, 18 November 2011 Reply

    Thanks, he truly is great. Glad you're back.

  • cawamor
    Posted at 01:27h, 19 November 2011 Reply

    Yet another top o' the line album by Mr. Bell. Thank you Raphy and Nikos for making this possible. This album is sweet music to my ears.
    @Raphy…Nuff respeck mi bredda! It good fi si a man fram yaad a reach far an wide, spreadin' great quality chune. Yu lick dis one ya fi six!

  • Loui' M
    Posted at 02:19h, 19 November 2011 Reply


  • T-Swift
    Posted at 04:42h, 19 November 2011 Reply

    Thank you brother…….this is one sick album……….never came across this one and I truly thank you for this!!!

  • Mr. Moo
    Posted at 09:58h, 19 November 2011 Reply

    Thank you Raphy, excellent choice!
    I've got Bell's Phases Of Reality (1972) album available for a future contribution for those interested.

  • michael
    Posted at 19:09h, 19 November 2011 Reply

    thanks a lot guys. can't wait to hear it. 

  • Isabel
    Posted at 21:35h, 19 November 2011 Reply

    Much love to all of you for a wonderful Bell week.
    Real music will always survive…
    Bcause we the people that keep's it alive.

  • julez
    Posted at 00:33h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    The biggest up to you!  Thanks for the music!  RESPECT!

  • Soesbeast
    Posted at 01:04h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    Great Album!  We missed you guy while you were away!!

  • Brotherpete
    Posted at 02:11h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    thank you very very much !!!

  • Holly
    Posted at 02:15h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    Thank you, Raphy & Nikos!  What a wonderful, wonderful album. 

  • rEM
    Posted at 10:20h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    A great pleasure to listen to Mr.Bell. I enjoyed both albums.

  • hooch
    Posted at 19:39h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    many thanks indeed – loved both the william bell Lp's – Superb!!!

  • javaspa
    Posted at 21:18h, 21 November 2011 Reply

    Μιας και χιπχοπας να πω ότι έχουν σαμπλάρει οι delated people στο κομμάτι ear drums pop

  • whoknows
    Posted at 01:43h, 22 November 2011 Reply

    Thanks!!! Gotta love how Alchemist did W.B. right!

  • Nikos
    Posted at 01:54h, 22 November 2011 Reply

    Right on Javaspa and Whoknows. Cool sample indeed.

  • Ryan
    Posted at 21:34h, 22 November 2011 Reply

    Thanks so much.  These albums are fantastic!

  • javaspa
    Posted at 22:33h, 22 November 2011 Reply

    ωραίος για την διόρθωση !!! 🙂
    Θέλουμε και άλλες ντόπες και διαμάντια στον λαό :):)

  • petey greene
    Posted at 16:57h, 23 November 2011 Reply

    yall are the truth! bigup bigup to the yaadman Raphy for hookin it up! and as always many thanks to Nikos for this treasure of a blog

  • Zion
    Posted at 10:08h, 24 November 2011 Reply

    Untouchable….. No one makes music this good any more

  • HeavySoulBrutha DaveB.
    Posted at 23:03h, 25 November 2011 Reply

    Just FAB! The CD releases of this album DO NOT do it justice. They all sound terrible. This is how it should sound.
    Peace and SOUL,
    HSB DaveB…

  • cleffdeadly
    Posted at 08:41h, 26 November 2011 Reply

    a great album from a great artist… thank you!

  • Rocker
    Posted at 14:48h, 27 November 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the upload. Never heard it and I'm lokking forward to do so

  • Raphy
    Posted at 02:48h, 29 November 2011 Reply

    Thank you guys for loving Mr. Bell…
    Thank you for your big Ups….but I'm not the one who deserves it…Its the MAN… Sir William Bell!…….Big Up Mr. Bell…
    Ps.. A Big Shout out to All a di Yaad Man dem you visit this site. Here, it's not another blog, but an Institution of Higher learning!
    Big [email protected]!

  • JTF
    Posted at 03:14h, 30 November 2011 Reply

    THanks Ralphy!

  • Dngruss
    Posted at 16:28h, 03 December 2011 Reply

    Why go throught the trouble to rip vinyl then post it in mp3?….flac redbook at the very least and hi rez would do the effort way more justice.
    Thanks for sharing, just don't get why someone would go through all the work involved then share in lossy format.
    This aint 2001, hard drives are cheap…mp3 is for portable players.

  • Marco
    Posted at 03:20h, 05 January 2012 Reply

    I think the download link exceeded its limit, so it would be cool if someone could upload that again? Thanks!

  • Philly_Soul
    Posted at 16:12h, 14 January 2012 Reply

    Wow! Great to see FMS back and on point as ever. Love it

  • Rancid
    Posted at 11:46h, 30 March 2012 Reply

    This is special. Thanks for sharing the soul vibe, Big up Caribbean soul brother for sharing this – much love and respect.
    Any chance of Johnny Bristol – Life & Love.

  • Paolo
    Posted at 21:59h, 01 July 2012 Reply

    Thanks. Only heard his earlier stuff before. Should be great.

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