Washington Jamb Band – 1977 – Gonna Get Your Cherry

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Research and review by Groovegirl

Rip & posting by Nikos

There is only one way a music lover can start to criticize a record she will never have in hand other than some kind of fine vinyl rip that came to her one ordinary day from a tera-gnostic god (thanks Nikos). For starters, we are talking about a cherry-ripe record issued on legendary labels round about the mid 70s in Florida.Trying to cope with the obscure old music story that hides behind the scratches and scenes of mystic grooves inside the waveform of vinyl history I state that we will never have ever acoustically shaken hands with the performer(s) stated due to such rarity of the album if it wasn’t for a re-issue during 2007. A Japanese limited edition of the album classic in a deluxe, miniaturized LP sleeve replica of the original vinyl album artwork on CD for the first time from P-VINE label. So here is an overview. Washington Jamb band is a hell of a name. Stating the one and only thing that is eargasmic. ”Jam(b)ming”.

Can’t Hide The Funk 3:35
Gonna Get Your Cherry 4:10
Midnight Stroker 3:30
Chazz Jazz 2:30
Instrument Soul 3:30
In The Clouds 2:35
Bolo 4:10
Living In Style 3:15
The Funky Get Down 4:05
Who Want To Fall In Love 3:45
People 3:00

Washington Jamb Band – 1977 – Gonna Get Your Cherry Back

A little about the discography history. During 1976 we have debut singles” Bicentenial Muscle and Sorry About Today/You have made a big mistake”. A year ahead comes the take out of the first LP full album “Gonna Get Your Cherry” . In 1978 we have a 7inch” “Your love is wrecking my mind/I just Want to Bolo” and in 1979 comes single “Shake Time Nursery Rhyme/Who’s going to Take care of me” .Throughout the last two records Virgie Williams comes to stick in with the Jamb. The producer is always the arranger Leo Washington on Leo Label. 1983 is the last time we hear from them with a 12inch disco blast track “Mini Skirt”, distributed on Mild Mannered Records.

A convincing diligent research lead us to discover a fantastic band recipe ,some cooking  soundscapes and a hype stated disco funk fusion style all mixed smoothly to finally crash down hard for just 38:40” minutes. Each time I started to spin the tunes, I came forward with a new esthetic approach .Missing some parts and always finding new creativity down the way. I say to travel while enjoying the musical trip. The vibes were clear from the beginning and not only come around the surfaced sexual intension of “popping the cherry” as photographed out front of the album artwork. We are in for some sexy romance. Erotic grooves, creamy orchestration and some high hopes for life in general.

Washington Jamb Band – 1977 – Gonna Get Your Cherry label1

The first and only full album “Gonna get your Cherry” deserves its attention. This rare record delight serves 11 killer tracks full of whipped cream and social at least sexual fundamentalism of fresh soulful rhythm. A delicious juicy background of extensive popping disco funk to tear up the dance floor with nasty rhythm guitars, twingling sax, aerial vocals and a bubbly bass lines. All heavenly riches combined together in a soda cream popper. There is no boredom no fear of laziness hazing around the grooves.

For starters, first track “Can’t hide the funk” is a groove monster urging the feet to uplift from anywhere a bout’s on this mother earth. It’s like an answer to Messengers Incorporated “soulful proclamation”[if you’ve got soul then your superbad]. On second main course “Gonna get your cherry” is just sea, sex and sun, with all sorts of luxurious noted cherry cocktails in hand. There is no poverty on escapism here. You just feel the hot tempo souring off shore and onto lava soul land “Midnight stroker” opens with a ludicrous tingling guitar groove that makes the mind go dynamite. “Chazz Jazz” is a favorite psychedelic funked up harmony screaming discipline on rhythm and an orchestral bassed out manouvre to hell and heaven and back through infinity of pure emotion. Same groove saxed styles continue with horns on “Instrumental soul”. “In the clouds” is the idealistic dreamy drifter of soul exploration. It could go and travel face to face with a million miles away track from Gabor Szabo-“desiring you”. Finally, my favored out electrified “people” manifesto could be a stabbing hymn for old school lessons. It declares: “People will be a little more than u wanna see/people will always feel a little more than what’s for real/Just be a little brighter, put your feet on the ground , don’t go no higher/if you wanna wear the crown”. Τhis isn’t something with limited appeal even if it had limited lyrical impact back then I suppose in the whereabouts of the band’s hometown.

Overall the style and moves, my cherry popped full of pleasure. Catchy title, naughty impressions, lustful melodia. I enjoyed the album. I’ve highlited half of the tracks as favorites on repeat. Exploration is never enough.

Very rare to be found,  an LP for 392 $ on ebay and a CD for 58$ on CD & LP

Welcome Groovegirl to FMS family, who spent more than a month for reserch on this rare group and thank you for a review from the heart.

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  • Matt
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    That dude was my Chemistry teacher in 1984-1985. I have (somewhere) a 7″ and a 12″ EP of some his other stuff. One year he gave everyone in the class a 7″ signed copy of “Football Jack” a funky rap about a quarterback that couldn’t lose.

  • Terry
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    Never seen it before. A real surprise.

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