Tina Britt – 1969 – Blue All The Way

Excellent and rare bluesy soul LP from Tina Britt, produced by Juggy Murray. For a soul singer with two Top 40 R&B hits, very little is known about Tina Britt. Very little. This is her debut 1969 LP on Minit which is her only complete solo output. Tina Britt was famous for recording tracks by other great writers and musicians including ‘God Bless The Child’ (by Billie Holliday), ‘Jonny I Love You’ (by Booker T), ‘My Lovers Prayer’ (by Otis Redding) and ‘Sookie Sookie (by Steve Cropper and Don Covay).

This is a wonderful find and I let Trakbuv to review the album in his unique delightful way.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Minit LP including covers.

A1 Who Was That 2.46
A2 God Bless the Child 3.56
Johnny I Love You 2.56
Sookie Sookie 3.16
A5 Hawg For You 4.07
A6 My Lover’s Prayer 3.00
B1 Born on a Bayou 2.24
B2 I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know 5.27
Dr. Feelgood 3.08
B4 Bright Lights Big City 2.26
B5 Key to the Highway 2.39
B6 You Ain’t Nothing but in the Way 4.43


Review by Trakbuv

” Well, Nikos tentatively asked me to review what he may have suspected to be out of my comfort zone. He was right – the prospect of a bluesy singer I’d never heard of covering other people’s toons failed to dampen my appetite.  But, hey, never say never – and I needed the exercise, not to mention a threadbare pocket lining that needed resuscitating.  Rubbing down the usual suspects didn’t turn up many leads as to the dame’s whereabouts.  Seemed like I was going to have to fly this one with no parachute…or wings.  Did manage to track down that the lady had operated under an alias, being born originally Tina Brittingham back in ‘38.  False names always give me the jitters, but things started cooking when I got drift that she had a couple of Top 40 R&B hits, with her biggest hit, ‘The Real Thing’, reaching the dizzy heights of #20.  This broad sure had some pedigree, that’s for sure.  Seemed she’d had several rotating plastic discs issued, and this is where I managed to pick up her scent.  I followed her from Eastern Records, Veep, and eventually to Minit Records – this wasn’t gonna be cheap on Nikos’ expenses kitty.  Finally, I managed to find her hideway – a jook joint on the corner of 33 and a third, caught helplessly between the grooves of ‘Blues All The Way’.  Released in 1969 on Minit, and produced by her ever faithful side-kick and muscle, Henry ‘Juggy’ Murray.  Knew him from his stretch at Sue records – smooth operator I recall.  Anyways, I take a corner seat at the back of the gig, and fire up a smoke.

Lady T enters stage in a slinky number and is immediately greeted with a steel guitar and a whoop of applause.  She gets straight down dirty with some solid rhythm and blues in ‘Who was that’ and its ‘who’s shoes are under my bed’ pointed accusation.  I immediately push my hat out my face and lean forward – this mama is the real deal.  The sweet laidback sassiness of Billie coupled with the commanding spunkiness of Aretha or Carla, this girl ripped the beer-stained carpet from under me.  Unbelievable – rivet, rivet, rivet.  Then the lights turn low, and the spotlight reveals Tina now propping up a white piano.  My face turns white too, my stomach curls into a small ball, and; Oh Lord, I can’t breath or blink !  ‘Thems that got shall get, them that’s not shall lose’ reaches into my rib cage and has my heartbeat in its hands.  Damn me to hell, but I think this version of ‘God bless the child’ outdoes Billie !  I’m a lovesick fool for you, Lady T, and the night’s hardly begun.  She takes a sip from a tall glass, which then accompanies her to the mic upright.  ‘Johnny I love you’ plays like a doped up Esther Phillips – this girl is positively horizontal on this enticing, cool cucumber.  Then we break out with ‘Sookie Sookie’ and tables are immediately cleared to give the audience some room to move.  I’m the only one sat at this point as she infuses a coquette razzle into the midnight air.   Then it’s bluesville complete with horn section taking ‘Hawg for you’ all the way home.  A choir then introduces ‘My lover’s prayer’, with Ms Britt cooing in a mock weaping wail.  The lights suddenly turn out – silence – is the set over ?

The lights come straight back up, brighter than before with Tina somehow wearing a totally different outfit.  ‘Born on a Bayou’ oozes class, Tina totally faultless as ever and utterly gorgeous horns piping the cream on a luxuriant cake.  Outstanding.  The perennial favourite ‘I love you more’ blends fatefully with the smoke-riddled air, conveying the despair on its choking fumes.  Another standard gets the Tina treatment, ‘Dr Feelgood’ booming those familiar accolades from the stage and clear across town, before cranking it up a touch for ‘Bright lights, big city’.  She now enters a gentle swagger to accompany the chugging ‘Key to the highway’ with an effortlessly mesmeric performance. The acidic ‘You ain’t nothing but in the way’ burns from a glistening wound as she tears the lyric sheet to threads. I have no connection with space or time.  I live only for her next phrase.  The lights suddenly turn off and on again, but Ms Britt is nowhere to be found.  I check backstage for the dressing room, but find only a yard full of overturned empty barrels.  I re-enter the building and I’m greeted with an empty abandoned saloon.  Was it all some crazy dream – I’ll leave you to be the judge. ”

In 2006 the album was released for the first time on cd including bonus tracks from her early work which was influenced by Berry Gordy’s music machine. The songs are great slices of uptempo soul and included her biggest hit, The Real Thing, which climbed sure-footedly to #20 on Billboard’s R&B chart.  

Now listen “Who Was That” and enjoy the rest of the album.

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Conversation for album: Tina Britt – 1969 – Blue All The Way

  • manny
    Posted at 23:23h, 11 March 2009 Reply

    thanks for posting

  • jahcisco
    Posted at 00:55h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    Thanks. Much appreciated.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:55h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    great singer use to big on the northern scene thanks for this

  • Soul Bonanza
    Posted at 01:39h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    What can I say…despite Trakbuvs’s fantastic review (your best yet?), I resort (as a Swede) to the never-out-of style British saying – this just is not my cup of tea. Sure, I can relate to the fire in some of the songs, but it was all so…bluesy – not enough souly. (if you get my musical drift). But, as always, it was a pleasure trying it out for size. Thanks, both!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 03:48h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    never heard…a bluesy one…good for my heart..thanks dude..jean paris

  • Marco
    Posted at 11:50h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    I don’t know if it oudoes Billie but ‘God bless the child’ is amazing!
    Blood Sweats and Tears’ “I love you..” is also a great cover. What a song!!!!!!!!

  • Groovy Emmanuel
    Posted at 16:33h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    You can hardly add a word or two about a record full of covers, except maybe a word about the influential production of Juggy Murray in a way that indicates clearly the transition from a mostly bluesy atmposphere to a more soulful mood. It took really a long time for someone to walk that road, and Juggy was always there. And if there is something here that really outdoes it all is Trakbuv’s own influential review! Music is a wonderful trip brother.

  • Trakbuv
    Posted at 17:03h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    Spot on – I’m not a blues fan, so this really took me off guard – sorry that’s not true, I had my guard up !! Those first 2 tracks cracked me totally and ‘God bless’ was the total inspiration for the review. Music most definitely is a wonderful trip brothers, and I hope my review conveys where it took me !! Many thanks for your kind words Soul Bonanza & Groovy Emmanuel.

  • rich
    Posted at 20:41h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    thanx for this share nikos

  • phatrapper
    Posted at 22:58h, 12 March 2009 Reply

    Thanks Nikos for posting & Trakbuv for the review!

  • jose antonio
    Posted at 01:30h, 13 March 2009 Reply

    Wow! I really enjoyed that review. I like the album too. A few top class songs – even if they are cover songs. Al Kooper’s “I love you..” stands close to original and is my personal fav here.

    This lady loves the blues…but got SOUL… she raised in Philly…..

    Mexico loves Funkmysoul Great work folks.

  • Joran
    Posted at 10:31h, 13 March 2009 Reply

    Lovely. Than u

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:43h, 13 March 2009 Reply

    What a find! to me is perfect. you know, i love the blues…

  • Andre
    Posted at 01:38h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    good lookin’ out on this one trakbuv much appreciation!

  • Solomon
    Posted at 01:57h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    Blue all the way …Tina!!! Thank you again and again!

  • invisiblenigma
    Posted at 03:58h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    Nice one Nikos!!

  • Arthur
    Posted at 05:03h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    some good songs here. God Bless The Child is the most impressive for sure. Her version of Dr. Feelgood and I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know is worth checking too.

  • whoknows
    Posted at 06:23h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    thanks nikos! can’t wait to check this one out!

  • Noa
    Posted at 13:17h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    Cool! never heard of her. Peace out. N

  • Nickolas
    Posted at 23:59h, 14 March 2009 Reply

    Definitely Trakbuv is right about ‘God Bless..’. A lot of great covers in here. Thank you. Excellent blog.

  • E-mile
    Posted at 01:06h, 15 March 2009 Reply

    EXXXXXXelent stuff!! thank you VERY much for this gem!
    peace, E-mile

  • Mel
    Posted at 15:22h, 15 March 2009 Reply

    Looking forward to dig this gem. You have an awesome collection! Keep it up niko.

  • DonnaLee
    Posted at 19:10h, 15 March 2009 Reply

    Great album. Highly enjoyable despite the average sound. Raw as I like soul to be.

  • Reba
    Posted at 02:28h, 16 March 2009 Reply

    Gotta say thanks to Trakbuv and nikos for this beautiful album and the education this great blog delivers to me and my children.

  • Zion
    Posted at 13:32h, 16 March 2009 Reply

    Well, not bad at all. The more i listen to it the more i like it.

  • Donovan
    Posted at 15:07h, 16 March 2009 Reply

    Great job. Beautiful album. Thank you

  • Jamal
    Posted at 21:35h, 16 March 2009 Reply

    That’s entertainment! Top class posts undo here. i love your blog.

  • Liam
    Posted at 04:28h, 17 March 2009 Reply

    Thanks, know her for her more uptempo Northern sounds.

  • Lester
    Posted at 10:52h, 17 March 2009 Reply

    Keep’m coming man! certainly worth to check it out.

  • flageolette
    Posted at 21:15h, 17 March 2009 Reply

    Thanks Nikos!


    P.s. feel free to link us in your sidebar

  • Noelia
    Posted at 21:56h, 19 March 2009 Reply

    Fantastic album! Thanks a lot. I have been looking for this for years…

  • W
    Posted at 03:15h, 20 March 2009 Reply

    Sweet! Thanks. W.

  • MagicSoul
    Posted at 16:33h, 20 March 2009 Reply

    thx to nikos and ian for bringin that 1 up..appreciated

  • James
    Posted at 16:31h, 22 March 2009 Reply

    Sweet sound! Anyone else notice vocal similarities to Amy Winehouse and think this was a source of influence to her records?

  • Doctor Okeh
    Posted at 09:22h, 25 March 2009 Reply

    thx 4 this treasure for sho Fam!!!

  • moggy
    Posted at 08:59h, 16 April 2009 Reply

    sounds good……thanks

  • jade
    Posted at 07:22h, 13 May 2009 Reply

    Tina Britt still has a great set of pipes to this day. So much soul she can bring you to tears! And she is a lovely person,too. Stay tuned…

  • Geewiz
    Posted at 03:05h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    Great write up!!!

    Posted at 04:06h, 17 September 2009 Reply

    Tina Britt is as strong as ever and is working on some hot new material. Her story is in the September issue of In The Basement a Soul magazine I believe its a British publication. She has quite a story to tell. Tune in to LimeLightLocals.net an internet and soon to be cable tv show due to be aired in January 2010 or sooner.

  • brotherpete
    Posted at 05:45h, 01 October 2009 Reply

    sweet tina is soooo great !!!!

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