The Individuals – 1976 – Together (We Can Make Something Happen)

One of the lesser-known harmony groups to come out of the mid 70s, but still a very nice one, with a Chicago take on the genre . The group were protégés of Eddie Thomas, who had earlier success with other Chicago groups — but despite all the Chicago connections, The Individuals remind us a lot more of some of the sweet falsetto Philly and New Jersey groups of their era, with a strong talent for handling ballads and mid-tempo groovers equally. The whole album’s great, and it includes the long version of the group’s ballad classic “Together”, we can make something happen”.

A1 Try It Again 2:41
A2 Never Too Late 3:55
A3 I Want You For Myself 3:41
A4 Girl Oh Girl 2:49
A5 Sorry Sorry 2:50
B1 Together (We Can Make Something Happen) 6:57
B2 Why Can’t We Be Together 3:02
B3 I Love The Way You Move 2:55
B4 Gotta Make A Move 3:28

To speak in terms of tradition, consistency and success without the repeated usage of the letter “i” would be an understandably difficult feat for Eddie Thomas. In fact, it has become a tradition for Eddie to produce some very consistent and successful acts whose names begin with the letter “i”. Two groups come to mind are the worlds-renowned and highly acclaimed “Impressions,” Eddie”s first successful group, and “The Independents” who rendered the national number one hit “Leaving Me” along with several other million sellers.

Once again Eddie Thoma’s natural ability to recognize top flight talent has succeeded in bringing to the world another dynamic group, “The Individuals”. Thus creating the third “I” for Eddie. With all due consideration ” The Individuals” have the makings of immortality, and under the skillful guidance of executive producer Eddie Thomas and producer Paul Serrano, have put forth an effort that showcases them as the cream of a fine crop of Chicago talent. Although a nea act, The Individuals have to be regarded as a group with an excellent quality of professionalism and presentation.

The strength of this album along with the gifted personnel in it’s production reinforeces Chicago as being one of the leading cities in the creation of today’s finer music.  The Individuals also helped produce as well as write the songs contained in this album. After listening to this “Magnus Opus”, I am sure you will concur that The Individuals are as talented writers and produsers as they are singers and musicians (From the back cover).


Never released on CD. Buy this rare vinyl from Ebay or Groove Collector and listen the killer “Together (We Can Make Something Happen).

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  • Redddox
    Posted at 18:25h, 29 October 2009 Reply

    Great choice nikos. My favorite song here is “sorry sorry”. Thanks

  • M.G.
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    Thank you!!

  • soulbrotha
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    Beautiful! Awesome cover art as well…who wouldn’t pick this one up? 😀


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  • Robert
    Posted at 01:36h, 30 October 2009 Reply

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  • kritikul
    Posted at 01:31h, 30 October 2009 Reply

    Wow…I love the feel for this one. I just find it tickling that it was normal for 3 men to take a picture with their shirts off like that in that era. Haha.

  • sonray
    Posted at 04:34h, 30 October 2009 Reply

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  • alphabet
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  • Trakbuv
    Posted at 17:07h, 30 October 2009 Reply

    Very rare and very nice LP, Nikos. The wonderful ‘Together’ is truly a massive track – and everything I love about 70s group soul. Also love ‘I want you for myself’ big time – another stunning ballad. And they steer just far away from the disco bubble to complete an incredibly mature disk. Is this the last we ever heard from them ? Another treat y’eat.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:10h, 30 October 2009 Reply

    soulful stuff. thanks for this.

  • nikos1109
    Posted at 19:40h, 30 October 2009 Reply

    Trak, indeed a fantastic song and album.One of the greatest smooth soul albums ever. i think they’ve never recorded anything else.

  • Jeanette Vasquez
    Posted at 20:44h, 30 October 2009 Reply

    Risque cover, but the music is simply mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing this delightful morsel with us!

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    This looks Promising…….I Am SALIVATING!

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  • phatrapper
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  • bowlisha1
    Posted at 01:43h, 12 November 2009 Reply

    Oh Yeah!
    I’m a Chi-Town (meaning Chicago) girl and the 70’s to mid 80’s were my hay days. I remember The Individuals very well. They performed at some of the local little clubs around town back then too. Boy do I miss those days. You could see anybody back then for a small cover charge and the price of a couple of cheap drinks. The Emotions, The Chi-Lites, The Dells, Five Stairsteps….I’m gettin dizzy 🙂
    Thank you Nikos. This album is a great pick!

  • catacaldos
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    Killer stuff ,thanx a lot

  • Witchy Woman
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  • whoknows
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  • I'm the lead singer on this album--they called me Bobby Wilkes--My name is Nathan--thanks for the love!!
    Posted at 09:21h, 19 May 2013 Reply

    The rest of the group is gone but I’m still alive and well living in Phoenix–I still record and produce my own music

  • I'm the lead singer on this album--they called me Bobby Wilkes--My name is Nathan--thanks for the love!!
    Posted at 09:22h, 19 May 2013 Reply

    I have years of un-released music and I still sing

    • Lovin' it
      Posted at 06:14h, 21 May 2013 Reply

      Where can we listen to your new music ? This album is fantastic.

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