Sidney Joe Qualls – 1974 – I Enjoy Loving You

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Sidney Joe Qualls was a southern-born soul singer who was heavily influenced by Al Green. Although his sound did capitalise on the success of the Reverend, he did have a quality that was all of his own. He released a couple of LP’s that are heavily sought after gems, one released at the back end of the 70s on 20th Century featuring I don’t do this’. This is his debut on Dakar Records which bathes unashamedly in all that is so rich about the early 70s sound. A classic.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Dakar LP including covers

A1 I Enjoy Loving You 6:04
A2 Shut Your Mouth 3:15
A3 I’m Being Held Hostage 4:05
A4 Where The Lilies Grow 3:53
A5 Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love 3:30
B1 Run To Me 3:12
B2 If You Don’t Know Me By Now 3:28
B3 Please Help Me 3:20
B4 The Next Time I Fall In Love 4:00
B5 How Can You Say Goodbye 2:40


Review by Trakbuv

Research indicates that Mr Sidney Joe Qualls (often spelt Sydney) was raised in the small town of Jacknash in Arkansas where he turned professional after leaving high school with a voice enriched by the joys of testifying to the Lord. In itself, this would appear to be a relatively traditional education for most soul greats. But it is the small town of Jacknash that is so curious. For this has been cited as the birthplace of the Reverend Al Green, although most biographies reference Forrest City. I have been unable to confirm if Jacknash is a small satellite town of Forrest City, but if Misters Qualls and Green did grow up within throwing distance of one another, that would be quite significant. For Sidney’s primary influence is undeniably the great Al Green. Indeed, after his meeting with Otis Leavil prior to moving to Chicago and signing for Dakar Records, Otis believed he had welcomed the ‘new Al Green’ to the fold.

Originally set up by Carl Davis while still under contract to Brunswick Records, Dakar was coming to the end of its near decade of soul decadence. However, Carl still had a lot of spirit left in him which he duly graced this record with. Several singles were released from this delicious morsel : the tremendous “How can you say goodbye” – an awesome reminder of how Al Green could tear up those midtempo ditties with the utmost ease; the beautifully arranged, tunefully complex “Where the lilies grow”; and the vibrant “Run to me” – a thumping goodie from one of my favourites, Sam Dees. Interestingly, there is a heavy influence of Sam Dees in his singing approach, especially if you are familiar with Sam’s version. The influence is even more apparent on my favourite track of the platter, the crippling “I’m being held hostage”. One listen to this and you’ll willingly sell your house to fund the ransom. And again the Sam Dees are subtly present on my other favourite, “The next time I fall in love” – a huge hit with the rare groove circuit for all the reasons that make this genre those addictive. Magical.

His most powerful ‘Al Green’ performance is probably the sublime “Can’t get enough of your love”, complete with those bumping Hi Records skins and a creative girl chorus. There are a couple of tasty bluesy funk numbers in the title track and “Shut you mouth”, a very nice, light pop number in the shape of “Please help me”, and the sole ballad, a cover of “If you don’t know me by now” – which I feel only serves to highlight his weaknesses, and none of his strengths. As an album, this is an exceptionally fine tenderiser for the soul with too many high points to fit these pages. As an artist, I feel he had more to offer than being another Al Green clone that, when he hints at those Sam Dees inflections (also check out his glorious ‘I Don’t do this’ favourite), really captures a unique timbre that is something special indeed.

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    Really interesting. In some of the songs I would swear that it is Al Green. Thanks.

  • Steven E. Qualls
    Posted at 04:59h, 18 January 2010 Reply

    Thanks for finding this album! been looking for it for years! he is my uncle. half brother of my father. he sang at my dads funeral in 2002 here in Chicago. his voice is still amazing!

  • hamnegger
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    37.Thanks for finding this album! been looking for it for years! he is my uncle. half brother of my father. he sang at my dads funeral in 2002 here in Chicago. his voice is still amazing!

    for real?! that in itself is amazing!
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    Tremendous LP! The superp Crl Davis production suits ideally this wonderful lost voice! Thanks again fms!!

  • Friend of Sidney Joe
    Posted at 20:22h, 04 February 2011 Reply

    I know sidney joe, personally. He is not doing to well now a days. He still sings and has that beautiful voice but time has not been good to him.

    If you’re a fan of his please keep him in your prayers. It’s his fans that keep him going.

  • kenneth sullivan
    Posted at 16:20h, 23 August 2011 Reply

    Wow, unfortunately I never brought the single back in 74, but I do remember it being played on WBLS in NYC back then. It was a badd jam by Sidney Joe. Heck! It still sounds great!

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