Peter Brown – 1977 – A Fantasy Love Affair

Finally a Disco – Dance Classic

Get down with the sound of Peter Brown — one of the funkiest white cats on the Miami soul scene of the 70s! Peter originally hailed from the Chicago area, but he got the call down to Miami with his classic club groover “Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?” — a compelling blend of snappy rhythms, soulful horns, weird keyboard bits, and sweet female vocals. That track instantly set Peter up large —reputedly the first 12″ single to sell a million copies — and Brown followed the groove with a whole host of other clubby classics cooked up in the Miami TK studios!


A super-huge moment for Miami funk guru Peter Brown — a record instantly recognized by the silhouetted cover image of a nipply nude in a window on the front, and for the very famous title hit, “Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?” Despite its hit status, the record’s actually a pretty nice example of Brown’s talents — with plenty of spare cuts that feature keyboards, percussion, and synth — plus some occasional vocals by Betty Wright, Pat Hurley, or the vocal group Wildflower.



A1. A Fantasy Love Affair (3:55)

A2. Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me (9:06)

A3. You Should Do It (3:49)

B1. The Singer’s Become a Dancer (3:55)

B2. For Your Love (4:18)

B3. Dance With Me (5:19)

B4. It’s True What They Say About Love (3:41)

B5. Without Love (3:14)


peter brown – 1979 – stargazer LP

The Reviews


There are no words to describe the sheer pleasure this CD brings! The music here captures the essence of the disco era.

“Do You Wanna’ Get Funky With Me” is the all-time disco anthem (intoxicating) and his duo with Betty Wright on “Dance With Me”is my personal all-time Peter Brown favorite. The title track is a bouncy song that also takes me back. I had forgotten all about “You Should Do It” and didn’t know that it was a Peter Brown tune. This was another song that I particularly loved.

Now that I own the CD, “For Your Love” is a stand out with its simple melody. “The Singer’s Become A Dancer” is a steady tune with good keyboard/synthesizer work and a tight harmony.

“Without Love” is a stark, pensive tune with great orchestration. Its simplicity is its elegance.

If you are a disco lover and don’t have this in your collection, you’re truly missing out.


Not one of my longer reviews-this is what disco was, along with Salsoul, West End and Prelude. 20 odd years later and I still can’t get over the sheer joy of “You Should Do It” – this is before I get started on ” Do You Wanna Get Funky..” and “Fantasy Love Affair”. And “Dance With Me” is just beyond with Betty Wright giving it hell. Buy it and go to hell on a handcart!!!

A superb disco-era album that stayed faithful to the way I remembered it – and loved it. It was “Do You Wannna Get Funky…” that drew me in originally, of course; but interestingly, it was the tracks “For Your Love” and “Without Love”, which never seem to have hit the singles chart, that kept me. And the sheer poetry in the words show the versatility of Peter Brown in being able to make your feet and your emotions dance.

The covers are from my original LP with the striking, nearly naked young woman in silhouette ( I admit I bought it because of the cover).
The β€œFantasy love Affair CD release, has the artwork of his β€œStagazer β€œ album with Peter Brown himself.

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