Percy Sledge – 1966 – When a Man Loves a Woman

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The charismatic Alabama-bred soulman’s first album was naturally built around the peerless and classic “When a Man Loves a Woman”, the first Southern Soul track that became a No. 1 Pop hit.

The title-track is soul perfection; the lamenting, organ driven groove, the country-soul guitar, the choir and on top of it all the magical voice of Percy Sledge. Truly one of the most brilliant recordings ever committed to vinyl, sung by the only Southern Soul performer who, commercially, seriously rivaled Otis Redding at the time.

A1 When a Man Loves a Woman 2:55
A2 My Adorable One 2:42
A3 Put a Little Lovin’ on Me 2:43
A4 Love Me All the Way 2:30
A5 When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters) 2:32
A6 You’re Pouring Water on a Drowning Man 2:22
B1 Thief in the Night 2:27
B2 You Fooled Me 2:34
B3 Love Makes the World Go Round 2:40
B4 Success 3:00
B5 Love Me Like You Mean It 2:26

percy sledge When a Man Loves a Woman back

Review by Soulmakossa

So, what about the rest of the LP? One knows that “When a Man Loves a Woman” is a hard act to follow, and the rare heights achieved by that particular tune is not attained elsewhere, here. That’s not to say the remainder is subpar, ‘filler’ or by-the-numbers soul. Quite the contrary.

My Adorable One“, another quintessential Sledge-belter, has a charm all its own. The delicate vocal amidst the raw grit of the Muscle Shoals backing band is amazing. Covered by numerous performers since, Sledge’s spin still is the definitive version.

Percy righteously gets down on the pumped-up, blazing beater “Put a Little Lovin’ on Me” and the hard socking thumper “You’re Pouring Water on a Drowning Man” (also recorded by James Carr) demonstrating the man was at much at ease with more up-tempo material.

Nonetheless, Sledge soars on those delicous country-soul dirges, producing a sound uniquely nurtured by the fertile ground of upper-Alabama; the waltzy “Love Me All the Way” and especially “When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)” are perfect vehicles for Sledge’s gruffy pipes, the latter immersed in Spooner Oldham’s incessant Hammond.

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Soul songwriter Dan Penn (who also co-wrote “The Dark End of the Street” for James Carr and was a prolific session guitarist around the FAME studios in Muscle Shoals) delivers two tailor-made, low-down ballads with “You Fooled Me” – featuring great piano work and subdued horns – and the philosophical “Success” – where the brassy goodness is more upfront.

Thief in the Night” is a nice, rumblin’ slab of stompin’ soul which finds the middleground between the slow and more fastpaced tunes here. Percy goes all the way, though, on the slightly bossa-nova romp “Love Me Like You Mean It“, probably the hardest tune on the LP.

For good measure, a great if slightly ‘poppy’ version of “Love Makes the World Go Round” rounds out Percy’s second brilliant full-lenght album.

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  • Grumpy
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    Thank you!

  • Harlan
    Posted at 12:30h, 15 August 2016 Reply

    Truly fantastic song from 1966 as he sings it with pure raw emotion.

  • Dell
    Posted at 18:56h, 15 August 2016 Reply

    Great words and performance. one of my favs.

  • brenda
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    thanks for these jewels, looking forward to sitting back and listening…

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    Posted at 10:01h, 17 August 2016 Reply

    Thanks a million! Guys you do terrific work.

  • Mary
    Posted at 10:07h, 17 August 2016 Reply

    One of the greatest love songs ever written.

  • Alina
    Posted at 10:12h, 17 August 2016 Reply

    This song melts my heart

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 10:25h, 17 August 2016 Reply

    One of deepest lovesong ever written. It lifts my spirit up and blesses my soul.

  • Antonino
    Posted at 11:23h, 18 August 2016 Reply

    Molto buono. Grazie.

  • Dick
    Posted at 18:59h, 18 August 2016 Reply

    A timeless classic.

  • Mark
    Posted at 23:25h, 18 August 2016 Reply

    Always loved this song!

  • Suzana
    Posted at 23:27h, 18 August 2016 Reply

    soooooo smooth

  • Boss
    Posted at 10:18h, 19 August 2016 Reply

    a classic! keep it comin dude!

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    just amazing just amazing

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  • Jordan
    Posted at 11:23h, 20 August 2016 Reply

    Love his music, a favorite!!!

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    Posted at 11:29h, 20 August 2016 Reply

    Percy was that dude. Timeless

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    Posted at 21:56h, 31 August 2016 Reply

    8th grade memories!!!!! what a great time……..

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    Thanks for the album, uploaded sucks tough 🙁

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    awesome music love this

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    Real. and beautiful music for the soul.

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