16 Jun 2013
The Chi-lites – 1972 – A Lonely Man

Intro Review by AMG Main Review by RDTEN1 Rip, Research, Posting and additional info’s by Nikos Behind the talents of Eugene Record, the Chi-Lites presented an impeccable album featuring one gem after another. Not losing any steam from their previous album, the Chi-Lites plugged another number one...
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22 Jan 2012
Brighter Side Of Darkness – 1972 – Love Jones

Other than the Jackson Five’s early Motown releases, and the excellent Curtis Mayfield-produced debut by the Five Stairsteps, the Brighter Side of Darkness’ Love Jones is one of the best teen albums ever. Twelve-year-old lead singer Daryl Lamont, like Michael Jackson, sounds like Frankie Lymonreincarnated. His youthful voice crosses age barriers. “I...
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