Masterfleet – 1973 – High On The Sea

Here is a group in their only LP. It is funky and boogie from 1973 and It’s got that instrumental bit of that dream sequence, the harp and the sea coming in.

Unfortunately I can not find any review or more details but I am sure you’ll like it very much.

This is a @320 vinyl rip from my original record with covers.



A1. First Voyage 1.23
A2. Skull Stone 4.38
A3. Let Love Stand 2.58
A4. Man & Child 3.55
A5. Well Phase I 3.40

B1. Malfunction 2.54
B2. Academy Awards 4.20
B3. When You’re A New Born Child 2.55
B4. Until Tomorrow 3.01
B5.Well Phase II 4.52

(from the back cover)
Compton, California is a “creative womb” for nurturing fresh and excellent talent. A few of Compton’s children are War, The Sylvers and the Jackson Sisters. This album marks the birth of another group that follows the same tradition : Master Fleet
As The Name denotes, Master(superior) Fleet (in this case Bodies), the group consists of together musicians who are armed with music that will conquer your musical taste.
On this, their first voyage on the seas of your soul, the Fleet crew consists of Fleet Admoral Linus Ceph(an arian who is the musical creator), Ronald Gibbs (a Sagittarian who keeps the crew in good spirits with his clowning) and the Rice Twins, Sterling and Stephen(who are identical Libras who add mellowness to the Fleet’s sound).
Join the Masterfleet on their musical trip and let them guide you on the high seas.

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  • nikos
    Posted at 11:05h, 03 May 2008 Reply

    reup ???

  • DJ Abe
    Posted at 22:29h, 09 May 2008 Reply

    Thank you…..

  • Davie G
    Posted at 10:39h, 24 May 2008 Reply

    I remember buying this when it was first released
    – it’ll be intersting to hear it again after all these years.

    I’ve no idea what happened to Linus Ceph – the Rice brothers later
    on surfaced with Stan Sheppard ( the son of Bunky Sheppard,
    the Chicago producer) as Triple S Connection on 20th Century.

  • Markus
    Posted at 17:09h, 15 June 2008 Reply

    cool stuff! really picked up steam with some awesome high-octane funk on man & child, well phase i and malfunction.

  • Pier
    Posted at 20:25h, 10 July 2008 Reply

    Thank you!
    I was looking for this great stuff!
    You’re great!!!

  • Wayne Gibbs
    Posted at 21:27h, 10 July 2008 Reply

    Hi! I am Ronald Gibbs Brother. It is nice to know that my brother’s music is still being admired after all these years. Ronald goes by Rhahn Gibbs now and living comfortably in LA. He would flip with joy if he saw his album being enjoyed at this time. Thank you for bringing back great memories from the past.

  • nikos1109
    Posted at 02:32h, 12 July 2008 Reply

    Wayne, thank you for the info about Ronald. This album is a classic. When i saw the cover i knew it would be great. He should be proud. The joy is all ours. Best wishes to Ronald and you.

  • les18e
    Posted at 06:26h, 13 July 2008 Reply

    Excellent post; this album is from my h.s. days; brings back sweet memories. thanks nikos

  • SpudGie
    Posted at 16:42h, 28 September 2008 Reply

    This is one of my favorite albums. I been looking for this for years after letting a friend of mines borrow it and he returned it in an unplayable condition. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:29h, 06 December 2008 Reply

    Awesome post! Man & Child and Skull Stone are the tunes that stick in my mind, but I love the whole album and find myself playing through it again and again. Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece.

  • Tony
    Posted at 07:27h, 10 July 2009 Reply

    where can I purchase masterfleet high on the seas

  • Rhahn Gibbs
    Posted at 21:45h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    i am excited to see that so many people remember me i hope to do something soon on album.

  • Rhahn Gibbs
    Posted at 21:50h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    i am the only survivor of Masterfleet i would love to just do music again it is my life long dream. I s5till play for Doublr Rock Baptist Church in Compton to this day.

  • Rhahn Gibbs
    Posted at 21:52h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    that is i still play for Double Rock………….hahaha typoes……….

  • Rhahn Gibbs
    Posted at 21:56h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    Mr. Bucky Shepard John committed suicide a long time ago. Sterling had a heart attack and has passed and Steven had a stroke.

  • Rhahn Gibbs
    Posted at 19:57h, 23 July 2009 Reply

    I have all the write-ups on Masterfleet; when we were on Sussex Records they had a weekly in house tracker that let us know how the group was doing. I also have the info on our tour with groups like Tower Power, Graham Central Station, etc. Interesting stuff….. I’m getting geared up again.
    Rhahn Gibbs aka Snoopy the original snoop

  • Dee Jackson
    Posted at 05:43h, 11 September 2009 Reply


    I’ve been looking all over for this. I’ve got the LP but it’s scratched beyond repair. THANK YOU!!!

  • brotherpete
    Posted at 01:31h, 30 September 2009 Reply

    thanks pal, this is a great album !!!!!!

    Posted at 10:23h, 16 November 2009 Reply

    Hi, I’m the neice of “John Daniels” and I have been honored to speak on behave of his spirit…I’ve been in contact with his spirit as of 11/09 ok..I had no idea his artist name was “Linus Ceph” I was very young when he was in “Masterfleet”. However I have been in contact with Ron Gibbs at Nordstrom ladies shoes dept…He was always a very STRANGE RUDE MAN!! In my opinion perhaps JEALOUS of my uncles GOD GIVEN talent for music?! My uncle did not commit suicide, however he did pass away in 1993 from sad…But the TRUTH!!! I remember the Whisper Twins at his funeral but Ron Gibbs was not in attendance for sure..Ater reading his blogs I feel like he’s wanting to take credit for other members due credit in this blog..NOT COOL AT ALL!!!

  • flageolette
    Posted at 02:55h, 06 December 2009 Reply

    Many thanks!


  • nygle
    Posted at 15:59h, 03 January 2010 Reply

    i have this album its great it was given to me by a friend who played the the organ on the album he told me some funny stories about the group and how he ended up playing with them

  • nikos
    Posted at 17:40h, 03 January 2010 Reply

    nygle, why don’t you share a few of them with us. I guess we are all curious to know.

  • Anthony Filer
    Posted at 22:01h, 23 March 2010 Reply

    Steven and Sterling are my cousins. Sterling passed away due to a brain aneurysm a few years ago. He was a wonderful person and anybody that knew Sterling knew that you better get ready to laugh and have a great time anytime you were going to spend time with him. And that lovely singing voice!!!!!! Man, I miss Sterling. Steven did have a stroke, but is very much alive and living in Downey, California. Before Masterfleet, Steven and Sterling were the Tarbabes at the School of Champions, Compton Senior High School and they both won the American Bandstand Dance Contest one year after the other. After Masterfleet they were a part of Triple S Connection with Stan Sheppard (they sang) the theme song for the television show Dance Fever), and then they put out an Album called Steven and Sterling, produced by Tito Jackson that has some wonderful songs on it. Masterfleet (they were known as the Sematics before they became Masterfleet) would practice in my mother’s living room, John Daniels was a musical genius, who was before his time, he wore out my mother’s piano creating unbelievable music…John would be a multi millionaire in today’s music world, he could do it all. This album (Masterfleet) is still being played in clubs overseas, and in my car on my CD player.

  • Diva
    Posted at 09:20h, 25 April 2010 Reply


    I would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to Anthony Filer, what kind words you wrote about my uncle John. Whenever I watch President Obama I often get reminded of my uncle John Daniels for sure! It’s the way Obama speaks and carry’s himself such as my uncle did!! Oh! Oh! and John Legend, well when he came out I was like WHAT!!! he’s doing what my uncle did way back in the day!!! LOL All I can say on behalf of his spirit and love of music “THANK YOU”! :0)

  • Joyce Hartf
    Posted at 04:59h, 06 September 2010 Reply

    I grew up with Ronnie Gibbs and sat in many rehearsals with Masterfleet. Ronnie Gibbs is an awesome artist and a phenomenal performer

  • Sasha Rice
    Posted at 11:14h, 23 November 2011 Reply

    Hello Cousin Anthony! This is Steven's daughter…thank you for straightening out the misinformation on here. Now I see what we would've endured rumor-wise had they made it big outside of the industry instead of just inside. Wow. People really do twist the truth. Love you! And thanks to everyone who still keeps their music alive…I told my Dad and he was shocked and thought it really nice that it lives on.

    • Kendra L' Anne Jelks
      Posted at 13:00h, 23 June 2017 Reply

      Not sure if you’re able to read this, but I was Sterlings adopted daughter before he passed. I’m reaching out to you because I would like to know who he really was. I was very young when him and Vikki, who has now gone back to her maiden name, adopted me. My name is Kendra L’ Anne Jelks, used to be Rice years ago. Please contact me…

  • Wayne Gibbs
    Posted at 02:19h, 15 November 2012 Reply

    Ii is with my sadest heart to inform you that Rhahn Gibbs died on 11/14/12 of cancer. My brother so loved music and will be truly missed.

    Posted at 04:20h, 06 February 2013 Reply

    A few months back I was cutting a client’s hair who just happened to collect records I told him about Masterfleet and he said he owed that album! WOW my client was a DJ who said he has sampled some of the music. I shared with him a few stories about my uncle John Daniels, I thought this was pretty cool to share with viewers.

  • Affy
    Posted at 22:31h, 17 April 2016 Reply

    Just heard one of the tracks from this album for the first time on the radio and had to check the band out. Sad news but trust me, the funk lives on! Brilliant tunes, RIP.

  • Topaz Bon
    Posted at 06:54h, 10 August 2016 Reply

    Great to see all these comments from people who knew the band, and what wonderful music! Sussex Records is one of my favourite labels, and this sadly only one album from these guys is a real gem!

  • Topaz Bon
    Posted at 06:59h, 10 August 2016 Reply

    I would also like to add my condolences to the family and friends of Rhahn Gibbs

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