Marvin – Stevie – Sly and War


Marvin Gaye link

Stevie Wonder link

Sly and the Family link

War link

4 Classic albums

These artists and albums are beyond reviews and info’s.

Four of the best records ever recorded.


Still on vacations. I’ll be back in a few days with Jackie Moore and a lot of cool stuff.

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Conversation for album: Marvin – Stevie – Sly and War

  • Oak
    Posted at 23:27h, 31 July 2008 Reply

    Nikos, enjoy your holidays. Thanks for these 4 masterpieces!

  • Paul
    Posted at 23:45h, 31 July 2008 Reply

    Every music lover should own these albums. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” is my favourite. Great rip. Excellent idea!

  • MsMerising
    Posted at 07:19h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Ah yes – definately classics.

    Hope vacation is going well.I am taking one myself in several weeks. And um, I may be moving to Europe in a couple of years 😛 We will definately have to eat some good hummous and debate good music!!

  • nikos1109
    Posted at 10:45h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Paul, It is not easy to choose from such great classics but yes if i had one choice it would be Marvin. “Let’s Get In On” is almost equal to “what’s going on”. That velvet voice………

  • nikos1109
    Posted at 10:52h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    MsMerising, Vacation is going perfect, today we leave Alcace and drive to Luzern, Switzerland! i don’t know if i should wish you to move in Europe but whatever will be, will be…..Much much love babe!!!

  • Jazzy
    Posted at 11:21h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Stevie is my personal fav here, great post niko!! enjoy vacation and relax.

  • Henney
    Posted at 14:27h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    thanks for your uploads

  • Kizza
    Posted at 17:08h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Classics indeed! Great post!
    Lots of people get caught up in trying to get the rare and obscure releases, but it’s pretty darn hard to beat classics like these! They are considered classics for a damn good reason!
    Thanks nikos! Hope this post serves to educate a lot of people!

  • Uma
    Posted at 20:37h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Amazing site! Big up!

  • robert
    Posted at 20:40h, 01 August 2008 Reply

    Lovely idea! Classic stuff! Thank you nikos!

  • Son
    Posted at 00:39h, 02 August 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the gems. Love this blog.

  • cob
    Posted at 01:46h, 02 August 2008 Reply

    unbelievable post! much respect and gratitude to you and your crew!

  • manny
    Posted at 03:13h, 02 August 2008 Reply

    greatest post ever, thanks for sharing

  • frank
    Posted at 17:11h, 02 August 2008 Reply

    Excellent share and great rip.

  • johnny
    Posted at 02:38h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    I love War. With or without Eric Burdon are amazing! Thanks for those gems!

  • johnny
    Posted at 02:43h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    Definately to the top 50 R’n’B albums of all time. Marvin and Stevie are Black Music. Sly invented psychedelic soul and funk. War is one of the best group ever. thanx again.

  • Lionel
    Posted at 02:50h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    incredible work man. congratulations.

  • Ian
    Posted at 11:16h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    You are a shining star in blogsphere! keep it up!

  • BG
    Posted at 11:27h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    Yes this is black music at it’s finest moments. Love this site.

  • T.A.
    Posted at 18:36h, 03 August 2008 Reply

    Great Music. Amazing Blog.

  • Soul is the Music
    Posted at 01:11h, 04 August 2008 Reply

    Brilliant. Just what we needed.

  • boss
    Posted at 11:08h, 04 August 2008 Reply

    love this quality blog. “If i should die tonight” from Marvin makes me cry every time i hear it. Memories……

  • pierre
    Posted at 11:14h, 04 August 2008 Reply

    Fantastic post. u r the best.

  • Jack Flash
    Posted at 14:39h, 04 August 2008 Reply

    Good share….Hope your Vacation was the best…..

  • Doctor Okeh
    Posted at 19:59h, 04 August 2008 Reply

    safe travles Nikos!!!

  • Michael
    Posted at 15:03h, 05 August 2008 Reply

    Thanks for another great share! 4 in one. super!

  • DELL
    Posted at 15:34h, 05 August 2008 Reply

    The whole site is full of masterpieces. Appreciate your tremendous work.

  • Paul S.
    Posted at 19:13h, 05 August 2008 Reply

    Superb! simple as that! War is the one i needed. Thank you.

  • lenny
    Posted at 01:29h, 06 August 2008 Reply

    So grateful for the digital copy of those classic gems!

  • Helen
    Posted at 15:27h, 06 August 2008 Reply

    i love them all but Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye more….looking forward for Jackie Moore post..

  • k02
    Posted at 16:06h, 06 August 2008 Reply

    Thanks Paros amazing

  • Chris
    Posted at 19:11h, 22 November 2008 Reply

    Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Classics that will no doubt stand the test of time. Thanks

    Posted at 16:53h, 29 April 2009 Reply

    great album from mg i,m sure there could have been a lot more to come from the man pity cut down in is prime thanks anyway

  • moggy
    Posted at 18:31h, 18 June 2009 Reply

    not heard much by war….. i will give it a listen. Thanks

  • Geewiz
    Posted at 03:42h, 12 July 2009 Reply

    This is great!!!

  • kacee brown
    Posted at 07:16h, 18 February 2010 Reply

    Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On Album A Slow Jam Masterpiece. Please Stay is classic. Thank you for these hookups.

  • John
    Posted at 06:22h, 17 August 2010 Reply

    Thank you for a nice spread of quality music. Nice to see you hosting this blog. John – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Dave
    Posted at 04:57h, 11 July 2011 Reply

    Let’s Get it on is one of my all-time favorites. It always remains fresh. Praise be to you.

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