Lamont Dozier – 1973 – Out Here On My Own

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A wonderful collection of tunes, Lamont’s debut album for ABC, a classic of 70s soul! The album has a quality that’s impossible to describe accurately – kind of a post-Motown full-on approach to soul that mixes strings, piano, and that wall of sound groove that was one of Dozier’s biggest contributions to the Motor City. The songwriting is impeccable – and nearly every track is an instant classic – with a depth of lyricism and vocal expression you’d be hard pressed to find from any of Dozier’s contemporaries.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original ABC Records LP including covers.

A1       Breaking Out All Over (5:02)
A2      Don’t Want Nobody To Come Between Us (4:20)
A3     Let Me Make Love To You (5:53)
A4     Fish Ain’t Bitin (4:21)
B1     Interlude (1:29)
B2     Trying To Hold On To My Woman (6:37)
B3     Take Off Your Make Up (5:07)
B4     Out Here On My Own (4:53)

Review by Trakbuv

First time I heard Lamont singing was in 1975 – ‘Why can’t we be lovers’ subsequently became another enforced anthem in our household.  A year or so later, I was scouting the local record shop (dear old Downtown Records, RIP), a small enterprise primarily carrying the latest pop sensations.  However, they did have a few boxes of deletions where I managed to find some treasures in my early teens.  But none lit up my eager, yet non-expectant face more than the day I found ‘Out here on my own’ nestling in a half-hidden, crumpled container beneath the crate tables. A discarded, forgotten child in bedraggled clothes – it didn’t even have a cardboard cover – I fortunately had the alertness to pull it out into the light to examine the vinyl itself through the shabby plastic dressing.  A white cream label flickered its adjusting eyes at me – Lamont Dozier slowly came into focus – and my heart thumped with anticipation.  Unfortunately no ‘Why can’t we be lovers’, but a WHOLE LP of songs I’d never heard of !!!  I grabbed the groceries off my mother and ran all the way home.  I lifted the poor thing out, and gave it a wipe down – its perfect skin once again restored.  I gently held its edges in the palms of my hands and examined the A-side label one last time to get an idea of the track titles.  Then carefully lay its gentle, half-asleep self on the turntable.

A scaling piano, the mild chatter of a guitar, some stabbing horns, drums and then ‘woahhhhhhh’ – Lamont introduces his first LP in triumphant style – the exaltation of Breaking out all over’seemingly related to his new found freedom as a solo artist.  A glorious way to open a career.  The introductory rap on ‘Don’t want nobody to come between us is very sweet and greets a meaty, thumping sound reminiscent of his Motown era.  The sexy ballad-with-a-beat ‘Let me make love to you is a wonderful success by all concerned with hints of a Lamont Dozier to come.  And then I realise I had heard one track before, the incredibly catchy chorus (geddit !) of ‘Fish ain’t bitin, whose verse I have always found to be a little flat in comparison.  Still a great track though.

I watch the pick-up arm move slowly back to its rest position, and am reassured by the crackle-pop of the static from a new LP as I lift the disc from the turntable. Side 2 shows off McKinley Jackson’s symphonic inclinations, the interlude to Trying to hold on to my woman’ being a wonderful exercise in the Barry White’s, before breaking it all the way down to Bluestown to reveal Lamont’s best vocal performance.  He wrings and rings out every drop of emotion in this pleader, reminding me a lot of another stellar singer/songwriter, Sam Dees.  Lamont’s future as a singer was well and truly sealed after this interpretation.  Probably my two favourite cuts follow, ‘Take off your make-up’ is another ballad-with-a-beat that works so well.  So many hooks crammed into one song, and sounding so much like something the man could’ve written himself.  And the killer title track to bow out – what a fine, fine record.  Love this record to death: brilliant lyrics, brilliant production, brilliant hooks, brilliant singing, brilliant outro – simply put, brilliant.

McKinley Jackson had a major input in launching Lamont’s career as a solo act – he produced and co-wrote all the material on the album –   the extravagant, lush arrangements coming courtesy of the masters of the art – Gene Page, HB Barnum and Paul Riser.  They also all went on to ably assist him with his follow-up album, ‘Black Bach’, which allowed Lamont to stretch out with his song writing expertise.  Apart from unveiling a major soul phenomenon as a singer (the Invictus recordings notwithstanding), it is one of his most consistent LPs with no weaknesses and plenty of strengths.  Of course, Lamont went on to record many of his greatest moments by his own pen, but this is the album that took him from ‘standing in the shadows’ to ‘a different world, a world I never knew’.


Since there’s no CD reissue, buy the vinyl in a decent price on ebay and listen up the wonderful “Breaking Out All Over”

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    Thanks for this. I had a copy that got cracked on my way to the studio one day. Finances preclude me from copping another copy, soon I hope.

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    Posted at 03:48h, 12 June 2009 Reply

    I just heard “trying to hold onto my woman” about 3 months ago. Wow, I thought who is this? Glad I was able to discover the songs on this great album, thanks for the review!

  • W
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  • J.B.
    Posted at 20:45h, 12 June 2009 Reply

    I remember “Trying To Hold On To My Woman”, one of his biggest hits. it reached number 15 on the U.S. charts. I never thought the whole album was so good. Great work folks.

  • mellowgangsta
    Posted at 21:21h, 12 June 2009 Reply

    All Killer, No Filler on this album. Horns, Strings, Voice, Soul, sex, Funk. Everything that beams you up! like your postings Nikos and your reviews Trakbuv. Thanx a lot.

  • Andre
    Posted at 22:19h, 12 June 2009 Reply

    thanks a million! Lamont is one of my favorites and i’ve been lookin’ for this one. much appreciated!

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    anotha gem (a classic..musthave)as usual great job nikos …and of course Soul Bible aka Trakbuv always a pleasure to read ur doubt thanks for ur knowledge..good work Bros

  • Soul is the Music
    Posted at 22:44h, 12 June 2009 Reply

    “Trying To Hold..” & “Fish Ain’t Bitin” were number 4 R&B hits. I will also like to remind to the new generation that in 1977 Lamont Dozier sang the original 10 minutes “Going Back To My Roots” (A Killer Jam) later covered and became a 1981 disco hit for RCA Records group Odyssey!
    check it hear :

  • high priest of good times
    Posted at 01:26h, 13 June 2009 Reply

    this has got it all!!

  • whoknows
    Posted at 04:18h, 13 June 2009 Reply

    WOW! i havent even downloaded it yet and i love it from the ‘breaking out all over’ track you posted! such amazing energy…the piano, the strings, the man’s voice!!! Thanks Trakbuv for a great little review, i was right there with you as you put it on the plate and let it rotate, that must’ve been some experience…and i can’t believe you actually remember that! awesome…thanks to you and Nikos for another gem that I can’t wait to share with friends and any eager souls/ears.

  • invisiblenigma
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    Thanks this blog sets the standard.

  • Trakbuv
    Posted at 03:48h, 14 June 2009 Reply

    Thanks again everyone for your kind words and impeccable taste. We try and sift the gold from the glitter for you at FMS, and it heartens us to the bone when we appear to not be alone in our appreciation and love of this stuff.

    Bless you.

  • Ionas
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    Many thanks for dropping another amazing record to us.

  • music monk
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    Sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to listen to the whole record. Thank you for your great work.

  • Groovy Emmanuel
    Posted at 09:37h, 15 June 2009 Reply

    Far and beyond the Mo-Town sound, Lamont’s debut stands as a strong reminder that music is a never ending story, digging a starting point somewhere someplace and following the inner paths of searching continuously… It’s the journey that counts, not just the destination. Excellent reference to McKinley Jackson (remember the Politicians?…) and to the masters of art (Gene Page, HB Barnum and Paul Riser), and finally to Sam Dees, a reminiscent that music is the one…

  • Rainman
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    I do agree this album is a very very good listen all the way through. Excellent post.

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    This album is hot; then again, most all of his albums are. You could have kept posting all (hint, hint:) of his albums!!! Thanks and keep up the great work. Peace

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    Thanks for that album. I’m a great fan of “why can’t we be lovers”and this one is a great add to the Holland-Dozier-Holland canon. Cheers, Philip

  • Martin
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    Wow! The first time you play it- it hits hard! Good work for posting this lp.

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  • Hawk43
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    Great write up. I’ve been a fan of Lamont Dozier for 30 years. You were able to put to words what I have been feeling.

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    I’ve been searching for this LP for ages, no where is it to be found and is definitely on my lost soul hits, as was the young hearts once – this is a great and rare piece of music, thank you a million times squared

    “living aint easy, when your black and greasy, I’m out here on my own”

  • Martini
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    dope album. big thanks for this 1! peace

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    I really enjoyed reading your article,

    I found this LP and the Show Must Go on create digging. I know the feeling you refer to


  • Hawk43
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    Wonderful writeup! You crystalized what I had been feeling about this marvelous work by Black Bach himself!

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  • Mystic Melvin
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    Many thanks for this album, somebody reminded me that when i worked at a local club in the 70’s i often finished with Take Off Your Make Up, but i can’t find my copy of this album and it’s not on my double best of cd, so thanks again.

  • Soulboy1978
    Posted at 20:38h, 06 September 2012 Reply

    Great LP and one of my all the favourite soul albums!
    For people looking for this on CD – both this album and Black Bach in full can be found on the Universal CD The Legendary Soulmaster Lamont Dozier, you can pick up a copy dirt cheap on Amazon!

    You can also easily get the LP on eBay, usually for under £10, it´s not a rare LP at all, easy to track down.

    Great blog, keep up the good work!

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