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Kashif burst onto the music scene with his Billboard R&B single “I Just Gotta Have You“. His urgent delivery oozes with vibrancy accompanied by a poppin’ rhythm arrangement and some solid change-ups. It peaked at number five after 20 weeks. “Stone Love” commissions a funky bassline and seductive background vocals which contrast Kashif’s zealous intonations.

The single topped off at 22. With its moderately aggressive rhythm, “Help Yourself to My Love” finds the Brooklyn native patiently cradling the lyric. This album has one good composition after another. Kashif’s adamant deliveries are poisely contrasted by cooing background. Though there are no authentic string and horn ensemble, the fomerB.T. Express member gets optimal use of his sythnesizers and keybaords. This is an excellent debut.

A1 Don’t Stop My Love 4:32
A2 Stone Love 5:26
A3 I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) 5:48
A4 Help Yourself To My Love 4:02
B1 Rumors 4:16
B2 Say Somethin’ Love 5:08
B3 The Mood 4:10
B4 All 4:10

kashif back

A monumental bit of 80s soul – the first solo album from Kashif, issued hot on the heels of a few years spent penning and producing work for a range of bigger artists! Given his experience with the pros, Kashif’s emerging here as a very fully-formed talent in soul – a singer with a way of keeping things real, even when the tunes are catchy – and a producer with a great ear for the changing styles of soul at the time. The grooves are often nicely spare and stripped down, yet never without a good sense of feeling. 

Much like Leon Sylvers and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Kashif was the most in demand producer in black music throughout the 1980s and the #1 and top 10 R&B hit singles from The Tavares, Evelyn “Champaigne” King, and Melba Moore made it happened. Although he is said to have been Arista Records’ attempt to respond to Warner Bros, Records’ Prince, his production style was more like Leon Sylvers, but was more excelled with the use of the sythesizers and other electronic instruments.

With some help from Paul Laurence Jones and Morrie Brown (Kashif’s Mighty M associates), his 1983 self titled debut ushered the hit singles “Lover Come Turn Me On“, “Stone Love” and the smooth “Help Yourself To My Love“. Those were well picked singles and stay play on my ipod. “All” was a strong ballad that was a stepping stone to many of his signature quiet storms such as “Are You The Woman” (from his second lp, Send Me Your Love), “Love Changes” (with Mel’issa Morgan), and Whitney Houston’s first hit, “You Give Good Love“. Although it was’nt a single, the ballad is a extremely hidden gem that should be found and listen to quite often. “Rumors” is one of my favorite cuts as well as my favorite song by Kashif, much simular to Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” (being that its funky at the same time as consisting a paranoia theme, but to a lesser extent than Michael’s song). “The Mood” was a very memorable jazzy instrumental (Grammy nomination), while “Don’t Stop Your Love” is a warm up jam for the rest of the album.

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    Thanks for this one! Your range is out of sight, niko! i’m still catching up on these lush and beautiful records from late 60s-mid 70s you’ve been posting and you hit us with a mid 80s gem! The only Kashif song I know is “Rumors” and it’s one of my favorite 80s funk songs. Can’t wait to hear this, eternal thanks to you, nikos!

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    Never heard of this one. Looks interesting, though. Thanks for sharing!

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