Joe Tex – 1966 – The Love You Save

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Joe Tex was at the top of his game as the down-home philosopher of Southern soul when he cut “The Love You Save”, one of three (!) albums Tex would release in 1966. Tex’s warm and passionate tenor is in superb form on these tunes, and his songs, which offer plenty of advice on keeping your relationship in good shape (” “Build Your Love (On a Solid Foundation)”), keeping up with the Joneses (“Funny Bone”), understanding what you want out of life (” “I’m a Man”), and various other topics of importance, are solid, funny, and bear the sing of truth. Buddy Killen‘s production is the perfect marriage of deep South vibe and East coast polish, and all 12 songs hit the bullseye (including an idiosyncratic but beautifully executed cover of “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Great stuff that any fan of Southern soul should have on their want list.

A1 The Love You Save 3:02
A2 Live for Yourself 2:15
A3 Build Your Love 2:18
A4 I Don’t Trust Myself Around You 2:48
A5 Funny Bone 2:11
A6 A Sweet Woman Like You 2:39
B1 I’m a Man 2:30
B2 You Better Believe It 3:02
B3 Close the Door 3:06
B4 If Sugar Was As Sweet As You 2:42
B5 Heartbreak Hotel 2:00
B6 Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know (What Your Right Hand Is Doing) 2:17

The inimitable Joe Tex burst on the scene in 1964 with the first Southern Soul gem to ‘cross over’, when “Hold What You Got” made the Pop charts. Releasing two LPs in 1965 – the solid, mainly humoristical ‘Hold What You Got‘ and the more country oriented ‘The New Boss‘ – he was fast becoming a soul superstar on the back of his sermonizing soul jams and his unique, raspy, gruffy voice.

With ‘The Love You Save‘ Tex released his first bona fide, all-the-way through Soul album. Titled after the moody, low-fi, bone chillingly rueful ballad that made it to #2 on the R&B charts, Joe serves up a brilliant palet of hard socking floorshakers, folksy, anthemic nuggets full of downhome wisdom and more passionate love songs here.

The #1 R&B smash “A Sweet Woman Like You” bounces gently along, with that jangling country soul guitar adding in some delicious fills while a Hammond keeps purring in the back. Sizzling Texas-styled funky stompin’ comes in the guise of the horn-laden message tune “Live For Yourself” and the groove monster “If Sugar Was As Sweet As You“.

Tex’s renowned humor shines through on the quirky “I’m a Man“, a nice l’il bluesy romp that name checks B.B. King, Rufus Thomas, The Rolling Stones and his biggest rival James Brown. It’s there as well on the self-explanatory “Funny Bone“, which despite its tongue-in-cheekiness contains another strong piece of advice: jealousy leads to nothing, so get up and do your own thing!

Speaking of the Stones, Joe musta liked their “Satisfaction“, putting a similary styled crackeling guitar intro and ‘whoomp-whoomp-whoomp’ drum pattern to good use on the LP’s hardest jam, “You Better Believe It, Baby“.

Build Your Love (On a Solid Foundation)” has a great, loping beat typical of Lee Dorsey’s contemporary output and Tex goes for a long drawn-out spoken intro on the rockin’ “I Don’t Trust Myself Around You“. Maybe he refers to himself on the chunkin’ “Close The Door“, imploring his woman to keep out all the mens ‘he don’t trust’ while he’s gone. Incredible, wailing bits of brass here as well.

Tex’s rendition of Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel” is the only one you’ll ever need to hear, smothering it in deep dirty blues belting, after which the album closes with an uptempo, frenzied last piece of Joe’s wisdom set to music on “Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know (What Your Right Hand Is Doing)“.

A brilliant, downhome, fatback, gutbucket slab of divine Southern Soul by one of its originators.

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