Ike & Tina Turner – 1966 – River Deep Mountain High

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Ike & Tina Turner - 1966 - River Deep Mountain High

Ike & Tina Turner – 1966 – River Deep Mountain High

Phil Spectors‘ wall of sound meets Tina Turners’ wall of voice.

Tina is excellent as always but I enjoy the rawer sounds of the Ike and Tina Turner band than the Phil Specter treatment.  He turned a great soul band into a pop band although the title track is great and works as either. These sessions, recorded in 1966, were produced by Phil Spector. Spector’s production chops and Tina Turner’s voice were a match made in heaven. Turner possesses one of the strongest voices ever committed to wax; Spector envelops it in the grandest version of his Wall of Sound that he ever conceived. Besides the title track, Spector cut Ike & Tina redoing their first three chart hits, “A Fool in Love“, “I Idolize You” and “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine“. Although it’s a sacrilege to say so, these versions are better than the originals. Finally, Ike & Tina’s performance of the obscure Holland-Dozier-Holland ditty “A Love Like Yours” is another phenomenal highlight.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the reissue A&M Records LP including covers.

A1   River Deep – Mountain High (3:39)
A2  I Idolize You (3:03)
A3   A Love Like Yours (3:06)
A4   A Fool In Love (3:13)
A5   Make ‘Em Wait (2:22)
A6   Hold On Baby (2:59)
B1   I’ll Never Need More Than This (3:34)
B2   Save The Last Dance For Me (3:47)
B3  Oh Baby! (2:46)
B4   Every Day I Have To Cry (2:41)
B5   Such A Fool For You (2:48)
B6   It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (3:14)

Seems that European listeners listened more carefully, as this album became huge hit in UK and it began a decades-long love affair between Tina and her European fans. Half “Wagnerian”,undescribable symphonic sound of Phil Spector, half Ike’s gutsy R&B, this album was monumental achievement of 1960’s music and still sounds great today. As we all know,Ike was NOT close to studio on Spector’s sessions,but still his name is one the cover of the album. At this stage of her life (27 years old) Tina was not a Goddes-in-making, but a wild Queen of Amazon woman warriors – her singing,passion and attitude are simply out of this world:numerous British rock stars were hugely impressed after hearing this album (Rod Stewart:”I wanted to BE Tina Turner”) and Rolling Stones invited them on a UK tour immediately. Never mind commercial flop in USA, Brian Wilson from Beach Boys still list this album as one of his all-time favourites.

One has also to remeber it was a girl-group age when girls sounded sweet, so Tina’s wild vocals were completely different from the rest of the competition,she was obviously more inspired by screaming,hot soul male singers like James Brown than say,Motown girls. I remeber reading interviews with her, where she never mentioned any female singer as her influence and its clear why – this woman had her own sound that was not “feminine” in conventional way,her voice at that time was more raw & primitive than anything you could hear in 1960’s – almost like Stone Age woman clawing her way out of the Cave,with arrow in her hands. Ike was obviously not impressed with Spector’s masterpiece,as it shows on “Kent Years” compilation which follows the period shortly afterwards:he just kept on touring and recording his less-than-inspired R&B that mostly copied his own style from early 1960’s.Tina had bigger commercial succes in 1980’s and I enjoyed the fact that world finally recognised her importance,but this was a moment of her immortality,the reason why she is always listed in every Rock-antholgy. (By the way, Darlene Love – Spector’s faithfull background singer who did most of his classic work – pleaded Spector to give her “River Deep” but he always refused, saying its made for Tina, after he was blown away with her live performance)

Listen live “River Deep Mountain High”



Ike & Tina turner – 1972 – Workin’ Together

Workin’ Together is a top notch album and is certainly one of Ike & Tina’s best. The title track is an amazing song that surprisingly enough isn’t about lovin’ a man who’s cheating on you even though it was written by Ike under his alias Eki Renrut. Don’t be slow to notice that the alias is simply his name backwards. But anyway, I prefer side two over side one because all of the songs can stand on their own, especially Goodbye, So Long and the famous Proud Mary.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Liberty LP including covers.

A1   Workin’ Together (3:36)
A2   (As Long As I Can) Get You When I Want You (2:25)
A3   Get Back (3:15)
A4   The Way You Love Me (2:38)
A5   You Can Have It (3:28)
A6   Game Of Love (2:47)
B1   Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter (2:40)
B2   Ohh Poo Pah Doo (3:35)
B3   Proud Mary (4:48)
B4   Goodbye, So Long (1:56)
B5   Let It Be (3:15)

Workin Together was Ike & Tina’s second album for their new label Liberty after bouncing around on several others. It proved to be their biggest seller ever spending 38 weeks on the charts. When you listen to it you can hear why. Workin’ Together is an album with one of the finest ‘peace’ anthems of the 70’s. The title song is a song that is very relevant today, the sound is fresh and very well performed by the famed duo. It especially shows Tina’s turn toward the rock music that would support her career for decades. This album also has the electrifying ” Get Back “. Tina makes a song all her own like no other. And as far as making a song all her own Tina made history by recording ” Proud Mary “. This track shines on this album, it is as hot as ever. The b-side to Proud Mary was a New York club hit “Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter“. This brilliantly fun track was an underground hit written by Tina’s sister Ailline Bullock. There is still the raw sounds of early Ike & Tina, but the change was on it’s way for the leading lady, and it shows. They end the album with a mighty plea for peace and ask us to “Let It Be“. Another great turn for Ms. Turner. It is by far one of the finest recordings of the duo. It mostly showcases Tina’s love for all music. I can’t say enough about this brilliant album. Buy it today.

Download link

Listen the amazing live performance of “Proud Mary”

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  • Roll'n'Soul
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    She is so hot!!!!!! A female James Brown!!!

  • Dimitris
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    Another great post! and those legs………..

  • Jack Flash
    Posted at 16:15h, 03 December 2008 Reply

    Thanks Nikos…I bought this album when it first came out…but, have since lost it…thanks for sharing.

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  • Rudy
    Posted at 22:09h, 03 December 2008 Reply

    WOW Tina has one heck of a voice! pure soul.

  • Vip
    Posted at 23:30h, 03 December 2008 Reply

    She’s so gorgeous in this video. What a woman! I like how she moves and sings!

  • avocado kid
    Posted at 22:42h, 03 December 2008 Reply

    HOt damn! this is some serious soul.

  • Mick
    Posted at 01:30h, 04 December 2008 Reply

    pure fire.
    HELL YEAH!!!!!
    thanks for posting Nikos.

  • robert
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    Awesome post! Two teriffic, classic records.


  • Doctor Okeh
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    Many thanks.

  • Darius
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    One of the most soulful and sexiest woman ever! I prefer Workin’ Together album.

  • gea
    Posted at 10:42h, 04 December 2008 Reply

    The Queen of rock and roll’. she was a great entertainer and still is today.

  • jeremy
    Posted at 14:05h, 04 December 2008 Reply

    god she is beautiful, through the abuse, she looks like a queen on stage. very strong woman, God bless her.

  • snowmonkey
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    Thanks for the great music, and all that goes into making the blog happen.

    RIP Odetta

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  • Andrew
    Posted at 06:18h, 11 December 2008 Reply

    Thanks for this! Been wanting to hear “funkier than a mosqita’s tweeter” for a while now. Vinyl rips are great

  • fendimane
    Posted at 22:32h, 18 December 2008 Reply

    Appreciate the Ike and Tina albums…thank you

  • Patrick
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    Thank you, thank thank you!! I was all out giddy when I saw this today

  • samantha
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