Gloria Scott – 1974 – What Am I Gonna Do

A Legentary Soul Album by a lady with a velvet voice.

Another classic from the rare groove days, with originals changing hands for over £100. Produced by Barry White with Tom Brock and Vance Wilson, it includes the soul weekender special “ToMuch Lovemakin” and much sought after title track.



1. What Am I Gonna Do 3.41
2. It’s Better To Have No Love 3.16
3. I Think Of You 4.40
4. Love Me, Love Me, Love Me Or Leave Me, Leave Me Leave Me 4.19
I Just Couldn’t Take A Goodbye 4.31
6. That’s What You Say (Everytime You’re Near Me) 3.18
(A Case Of) Too Much Lovemakin’ 3.51
8. Help Me Get Off This Merry-Go-Round 3.45

The Reviews

Possibly the hottest of the bunch is this gorgeous modern soul affair from Casablanca Records in 1974. Born in Texas Gloria became a member of Ike & Tina Turners backing group The Ikettes, and this release couldn’t be further from that sound. After moving to Holywood her then manager introduced her to Barry White who at that time was just breaking big himself via his own solo career, as well as producing the aforementioned Love Unlimited. White took over the production on Gloria on this album, plus another later in 1974 which have become major collectors items. The opening track which made it to a 45 did very little at the time and one now looks back in total amazement at a missed opportunity for a hit record. The northern soul fraternity always looking for new tunes picked up on her ‘Too Much Lovemakin‘ for their modern scene where this is still very much in demand. A fabulous orchestrated uptempo affair displaying Gloria’s vocal talents to the max, and a song to truly sell this set. The song ‘Help Me Get Off This Merry-Go-Round‘ remains a song I keep returning to which is pure soul that today’s artist can only look to in admiration. A truly exceptional singer – and a truly exceptional album.

One of the greatest soul records of all time and an album that we’d never part with! Gloria Scott only ever recorded this one full LP but that’s more than enough, as the whole thing’s a masterpiece produced by Barry White with the best of his 70s approach, and featuring songs written by lesser known White protege, Tom Brock! Nearly every single cut’s a classic a mixture of deep soul, mellow soul, and slight traces of funk all gliding effortlessly together with White’s stone cold production, and Gloria’s instantly captivating vocals. Titles include “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, or Leave Me, Leave Me, Leave Me”, “I Think Of You”, “That’s What You Say”, and “Too Much Lovemakin” – and the whole thing’s great!

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  • albgardis
    Posted at 17:40h, 23 July 2008 Reply

    Hi, I am saying thanks for my husband,
    who enjoys this album even more than
    I do! But I love it too!

    We had never heard of this singer before,
    and we love to discover “new” (=unknown)
    singers and groups from decades past.

    This is such an example. Really nice!

  • alice
    Posted at 13:50h, 30 November 2008 Reply

    thank you so much for this. she is amazing!

  • Rick
    Posted at 16:05h, 15 December 2008 Reply

    A Northern Soul Classic . (07 (a case of) too much lovemakin’.mp3) was very nice to hear Gloria Scott Again.. and thank you master for all your efforts..

  • Chris
    Posted at 14:07h, 03 January 2009 Reply

    I heard a interview , and a couple of tracks on the craig charles funk and soul show, and have been looking for it since.
    Thanks very much

  • brotherpete
    Posted at 15:39h, 29 September 2009 Reply

    thanks a lot !!!

  • Ricardo
    Posted at 19:15h, 06 March 2010 Reply

    Oops – I nearly missed this gem – thanks guys. I need to pay attention!

  • Funkybass
    Posted at 00:38h, 16 June 2010 Reply

    Memories keep haunting me and all th things used to be…

    is it possible to get the lyrics of this pretty song?

  • michal healy
    Posted at 21:13h, 02 November 2010 Reply

    this is what you call real music such class.they don’t make stuff like this any more…heaven ahhhh

  • Dave
    Posted at 00:57h, 01 August 2011 Reply

    This is a discovery to me. As good as she is, I had never heard of her till I saw your posting. Thanks.

  • bongolampo
    Posted at 14:11h, 24 November 2011 Reply

    thank you

  • Joeboy
    Posted at 11:05h, 01 August 2013 Reply

    I already have this in my collection, just for the “(A Case Of) Too Much Lovemakin’ ” as it was very popular request track, and still is today, awesome album, don’t let this one slip by

  • Lulu
    Posted at 07:36h, 22 January 2014 Reply

    Thanks, much! I heard this years ago but didn’t give it much playtime!

  • nadine
    Posted at 13:08h, 10 May 2016 Reply

    in case you want to learn more about Gloria Scott check out her website

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