Gladys Knight & The Pips – 1973 – All I Need Is Time

Gladys Knight & The Pips – 1973 – All I Need Is Time front

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I do confess that I am listening to music with the heart. And no matter how exquisitely crafted a song might be or how superbly performed, if it’s not capable of making my heart sing along, it’s not my kind of a song. Neither do static or scratches or time-worn quality in a recording annoy me. As long as the magic of both the song and singer still shine through, even a not-mint-at all condition vinyl record will fascinate me. Why do I mention that? Because these are the only negative points I could associate with Gladys Knight and The Pips’ album All I Need Is Time

I’ll Be Here (When You Get Home) 4.03
All I Need Is Time 4.34
Heavy Makes You Happy 3.38
The Only Time You Love Me Is When You’re Losing Me 2.50
Here I Am Again 3.41
There’s a Lesson to Be Learned 3.28
Oh! What a Love I Have Found 4.11
The Singer 3.06
Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin) 4.01  

Gladys Knight & The Pips – 1973 – All I Need Is Time back

No need to state that Gladys’s voice is the most expressive female voice in Soul music. I dare say that her rich, warm, womanly timbre has still to find its match. And I have yet to hear a vocalist emote with more natural grace than she does. Sighing or soaring, her voice never fails to convince. 

But — to give Gladys all the credit for this fantastic album would be very wrong. The Pips provide the flawless canvas on which Gladys applies the full range of her vocal colors, ranging from heavy golden through earthy brown and cool blue to shiny silver. On Here I Am Again,There’s, A Lesson To Be Learned, and the title song All I Need Is Time, Merald “Bubba” Knight, William Guest, and Edward Patten demonstrate how perfect vocal harmonizing ties together orchestra and lead singer. 

By the time All I Need Is Time was released in 1973, the group had recorded for Motown’s SOUL Records for seven years. The SOUL label focused on Motown’s R&B and Soul music instead of its popular crossover sound. Funny enough, however, the title song and my personal favorite Oh What A Love I Have Found have been written by  the Folk/Pop songwriter George “Bud” Renau. This fact only proves that a song doesn’t have to be born as a Soul tune; it acquires its soulfulness through the delivery and interpretation by the artist.  

Not long after the album was released, Gladys Knight and The Pips joined Buddah Records where they were heavily promoted and eventually found their well deserved place in the limelight. While their work with Motown was considered secondary to that of Diana Ross and her Supremes or Marvin Gaye, for example, at Buddah Gladys and her Pips became front runners. 

The album remains relatively neglected, although it is an collection of outstanding songs and finely detailed arrangements. In my opinion,  there are not many albums with a comparably harmonious blend of different instrumentations and genres. It incorporates Soul, Gospel, Funk, Pop and even traces of Swing, providing a well-rounded listening experience. Throughout the album, the strings, I promise, will take you on a emotional journey from exhilaration to agitation while the horn section creates different moods ranging from somber to ecstatic. Add to this palette of perceptions the subtle sound effects of ticking clocks, murmuring brooks, and beating hearts — and you’ll understand that music indeed is “… all of heaven we have below.” (Harold Adamson.)   

Moreover, All I Need Is Time oozes the magic of the early 70’s. All the crackling and hissing of the vinyl copy I am reviewing today can’t diminish that impression. The one most notable characteristic of the album besides the flawless singing is the masterful musical arrangement. The album blends such high impact compositions as Here I Am Again with melancholic-melodic silver-bells-laced tunes as found the title songAll I Need Is Time. Oh What A Love I Have Found, without a doubt, incorporates folk undertones reminiscent of bubbling brooks, drifting white clouds, and soft summer breezes, while the Staple Singers’ classic Heavy Makes you Happy is dominated by some fine percussion work. As a matter of fact, each song on this album has its very own personality. 

All I Need Is Time is a album that will fascinate any music lover who appreciates all facets of the art from lyrics to instrumentation. As one wise guy once said, however, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” So I will leave the final judgement to you. I am very sure, however, that you will come to love the album.

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  • Hellen
    Posted at 12:50h, 12 February 2012 Reply

    These songs makes me feel so good! I wish music would go back to this. 

  • Nuno
    Posted at 13:31h, 12 February 2012 Reply

    Nice! I’ve always loved Gladys Knight.

  • Dreamer456
    Posted at 16:24h, 12 February 2012 Reply

    Great post. Thanks so much.

  • Richard
    Posted at 08:30h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    thank you so much for this post, their version of “Heavy makes you Happy” is amazing.

  • Jamie
    Posted at 10:49h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    There will never be another like her. She is AWESOME!!!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 10:56h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    Real Singing! Thank You.

  • Grumpy
    Posted at 17:16h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    Thank you once again!

  • Monica
    Posted at 19:50h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    The Best female soul singer that ever lived right here!!!

  • Brian
    Posted at 19:54h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    I adore that voice!!!! She sings effortlessly.

  • rich
    Posted at 21:48h, 13 February 2012 Reply

    i havent heard this album many thanx nikos

  • Lucas Olson
    Posted at 01:30h, 14 February 2012 Reply

    Thank you so much for this one! I love you.

  • Peter
    Posted at 10:26h, 14 February 2012 Reply

    fantastic voice and a touching interpretation! I love this lady!!

  • Messiah of Soul Power Music Group
    Posted at 15:23h, 14 February 2012 Reply

    Excellent write up! Amazing album! This type of music is so needed right now

  • Martin
    Posted at 11:00h, 15 February 2012 Reply

    what a true soul legend and a lady too, she oozes class and style not like the pretenders we have today.

  • Lev
    Posted at 22:13h, 15 February 2012 Reply

    I’ll never get tired of hearing these songs. Beautiful.

  • Chips
    Posted at 00:03h, 16 February 2012 Reply

    Splendid album! Gladys Knight is amazing!

  • bowlisha1
    Posted at 08:16h, 16 February 2012 Reply

    What a totally mouth watering review. If that didn’t make one want to explore this title don’t know what will!
    Thank you once again Nikos for this great post. Superb as always.

  • Angel
    Posted at 10:12h, 16 February 2012 Reply

    Superb! Review and album!

  • Frankie T
    Posted at 10:51h, 16 February 2012 Reply

    Yet again you provide us with a real knockout. Thank you so much guys!

  • mark mathew
    Posted at 21:37h, 16 February 2012 Reply

    another great soul gem to enjoy – you do knock out great stuff for us to listen too – thanks guys – very much appreciated.

  • Kora
    Posted at 10:06h, 17 February 2012 Reply

    No body can sing like this woman! She is absolutely the best!!

  • Amanda
    Posted at 19:55h, 17 February 2012 Reply

    Heartfelt songs that takes me back to my younger years so awesome.

  • Sofia
    Posted at 12:21h, 19 February 2012 Reply

    Thank You mom for playing this awesome album back in the day.

  • pedro
    Posted at 14:15h, 19 February 2012 Reply

    Another gem from miss glad what a voice Thanks Pedro

  • Louis
    Posted at 12:53h, 20 February 2012 Reply

    I adore Gladys Knight.

  • Ben
    Posted at 10:06h, 21 February 2012 Reply

    Wonderful magic !! Awesome flashback when times had meaning, and songs as this were elevated to greatness. Simple, yet complex vocals that are timeless.
    A classic and memorable journey into the past.

  • Julie
    Posted at 10:07h, 23 February 2012 Reply

    Her voice is Magic.

  • Mafu
    Posted at 19:07h, 25 February 2012 Reply

    this is cool i thought i’d heard most of gladys knight but somehow i missed this one thanks for sharing

  • cleffdeadly
    Posted at 12:05h, 06 March 2012 Reply

    quality! thank you.

  • Visiting Stranger
    Posted at 04:22h, 10 March 2012 Reply

    Thanks very much, it’s excellent.

  • Slowdevine
    Posted at 17:16h, 12 April 2012 Reply

    Thx for introduce this album to me. it’s very sentimental and lovely album. GOAT .

  • Curtis
    Posted at 20:15h, 16 April 2012 Reply

    With many thanx !!!

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