Ernie Hines – 1972 – Eletrified

An underground set from early 70s Stax Records – the only set cut back in the day by Ernie Hines – a really great singer who works here with a blend of southern soul and sweet harmony modes! The album’s got a pretty laidback vibe, which is great – almost in the same space as The Temprees, with an undercurrent of super-dope arrangements, and Ernie’s lead vocals right up front in the mix! There’s a bit of strings on the set, and most tracks have some sort of harmony support behind Hines’ lead – a vibe that’s a bit different, and maybe almost more east coast than the usual Stax set. Arrangements are by Wardell Quezquerque, Dale Warren, Lester Snell, and Tom Nixon – and both The Bar Kays and The MGs play on the record.

A1 Electrified Love 4:21
A2 Come On Y’All 4:56
A3 Your Love (Is All I Need) 3:26
A4 What Would I Do 4:47
B1 Sugar Plum (Gimme Some) 2:58
B2 A Better World (For Everyone) 3:27
B3 A Change Is Gonna Come 2:57
B4 Explain It To Her Mama 3:28
B5 Our Generation 3:11

Although Mississippi-born Ernie Hines made his first recordings in Chicago for the USA label, it was when he returned south that he was signed to Stax‘s We Produce label by Al Bell. He recorded this one album for the We Produce label under the supervision of Tom Nixon, who was then producing Rufus Thomas’ big dance hits. The musicians on the record include the MGs, the Bar- Kays, the Malaco Rhythm Section and the Movement, Isaacs Hayes backing band. The album is today sought after for the funky ‘Our Generation‘ which was sampled by Pete Rock on his classic golden era hip hop cut ‘Let’s Straighten It Out‘. This may give a false impression of the album, which overall is a classic of Southern soul, from the outstanding cover of ‘A Change Is Gonna Come‘ to the spine-tingling title track.

It is worth listening here both “Our Generation” by Ernie Hines (original song) and “Straighten It Out” by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (sampling song) and finally….

a new cover of the song by John Legend & The Roots (John Legend is one of my favourite Soul singers of our time and he totally respects the original version, video directed by Spike Lee).

Biography and his latest CD’s here.

Ernie Hines on myspace

Buy original vinyl from cdandlp or Groove collector or Ebay


Great news,  a CD version of this great album scheduled to release
on December 2010
and you can pre order it here. Do not miss it.

…..and here’s the original killer Our Generation“.

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Conversation for album: Ernie Hines – 1972 – Eletrified

  • Hercules
    Posted at 11:26h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    Well, it is a great surprise to me. Never heard of him before. Thanks for the sample and the new cover of this brilliant song.

  • myr
    Posted at 11:38h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    I love it!

  • Andre B
    Posted at 11:59h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    thanks alot for this stax gem! much appreciated!

  • Tony
    Posted at 14:50h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    Another much appreciated rare post. Since I currently can’t afford the ebay price, this is even more welcome. Thanks.

  • Nikos
    Posted at 17:45h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    Tony, You won’t find the vinyl under 80 Euro anywhere! But there’s a great option.. the CD for 12 Usd.

  • Holly
    Posted at 20:06h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    Lovely share, thank you!

  • rich
    Posted at 22:10h, 11 November 2010 Reply

    great stax album nikos

  • jahcisco
    Posted at 02:13h, 12 November 2010 Reply

    Thank you.

  • hooch
    Posted at 02:48h, 12 November 2010 Reply

    Thank you so much..

  • R.South
    Posted at 13:55h, 12 November 2010 Reply

    Extra thanks for this discover.

  • Leonardo
    Posted at 02:57h, 13 November 2010 Reply

    Thanks for the post! This is a super rare jam. Love ‘Electrified Love’ & ‘Our Generation’.

  • Wess
    Posted at 17:06h, 13 November 2010 Reply

    A delightful overlooked gem. FMS rules.

  • myr
    Posted at 18:45h, 13 November 2010 Reply


  • whoknows
    Posted at 21:40h, 13 November 2010 Reply

    WOW! what a gem, thank you!!!

  • cawamor
    Posted at 22:27h, 13 November 2010 Reply

    Many thanks for this one. Super sweet album!

  • Robert
    Posted at 18:09h, 14 November 2010 Reply

    Awesome,thank you for this great discovery!!

  • horstenpeter
    Posted at 03:03h, 15 November 2010 Reply

    thank you.

  • All Gone
    Posted at 11:58h, 15 November 2010 Reply

    Nίκο είναι μεγάλη μου τιμή το comment σου. Πρέπει να σου πω ότι παρακολουθώ το blog σου πολύ καιρό (είναι αγαπημένο bookmark) και με έχει εντυπωσιάσει πέρα από την ακρίβεια, τη λεπτομέρεια, την σχολαστική δουλειά, το ΠΑΘΟΣ σου. Σε αυτό κινούμαστε στο ίδιο μήκος. Είμαι στη διάθεσή σου για οτιδήποτε θελήσεις (η soul funk δισκοθήκη μου είναι αξιοπρεπέστατη σε ποσότητα και ποιότητα, αλλά έχω και μία πρόσθετη αγάπη στην disco – με αιχμές του δόρατος συγκεκριμένες σχολές της, του Patrick Adams, του Boris Midney, της Elite Records, του disco funk, του 80’s boogie…). Ευχαριστώ που υπάρχεις και συνεχίζεις να αξιοποιείς αυτόν τον πραγματικό πολιτισμικό πλούτο.

    Keep on keepin’ on, bro.

  • Nikos
    Posted at 13:18h, 15 November 2010 Reply

    Από αυτά που είδα και στο δικό σου blog κινούμαστε στο ίδιο μήκος κύματος. Με αγάπη και πάθος για πολλά είδη της Μουσικής. Θα ήθελα να επικοινωνήσουμε μέσο μειλ και θα να σκεφτείς την πιθανότητα να συμμετέχεις στο blog έστω σποραδικά με όποιο αλμπουμ εσύ θεωρείς ότι ταιριάζει στην θεματολογία μας. Έχεις την γνώση που απαιτείται με το παραπάνω. Οι συγκεκριμένες ας πούμε σχολές που αναφέρεις – ιδιαίτερα αγαπημένες – δεν έχουν μέχρι τώρα παρουσιαστεί όπως πρέπει και αξίζουν να παρουσιαστούν περισσότερο. Ελπίζω να τα πούμε σύντομα.

  • Tommy C
    Posted at 00:15h, 16 November 2010 Reply

    This Ernie Hines is great! I thought that I knew Stax but I wasn’t familiar with Ernie so thanks for turning me on to him. Also, maybe you can help me – I’m looking for a record by Ray Charles called Doing His Thing. Do you have it? Thanks again.

  • Joe Button
    Posted at 12:55h, 16 November 2010 Reply

    Totally new to me. Brilliant so far.

  • pedro
    Posted at 16:53h, 16 November 2010 Reply

    great lp this one thanks for a another unsung soul hero

  • Dr.Sean
    Posted at 03:26h, 17 November 2010 Reply

    This is new to me but looks great!!!
    Many thanks for sharing.

  • Freitas
    Posted at 22:41h, 17 November 2010 Reply

    New one for me,never heard of him.
    Thanks Nikos,can’t wait to hear it,straight onto the Ipod.

  • Robel
    Posted at 01:38h, 19 November 2010 Reply

    Hey, I just wanted to make a suggestion. Since you post so many rare albums, is it perhaps not better to do lossless rips? I mean, you want this music to be preserved in optimum quality, because you never know what’s gonna happen to the vinyl or cd you ripped it from.

  • Nikos
    Posted at 01:49h, 19 November 2010 Reply

    I will have to consider a lot of things about the blog in the next days. I do not even know if we continue.. but everything is under consideration.. so this suggestion too. Thanks a lot.

  • albgardis
    Posted at 21:14h, 19 November 2010 Reply

    hmmmmm, lossless? Not everybody is equipped (or even willing) to upgrade to flac files. Mp3s can be played by most everybody nowadays, but putting the music into flac files will make it a very exclusive club thing. Is that really what the purpose is?

    I, for example, have no possibility to open or play flacs, and I am not even thinking of getting into that. This is a generation thing maybe.

    Reminds me of my Grandmother who never understood fax. I bought one machine in 1997, and she didn’t understand the concept. She had an answering machine though, and THAT was the most developped technical revolutionary thing she got in her life.

    I got into mp3s and it changed my life, I am very happy with it, and I will stick to them. Just like I have never had any cell phone, never understood them, I will not start to learn about flacs and how to install a new system or so. I will not join that club. I do usually like exclusive things, but not in this subject. So if the albums would come out as flac files, I would no longer be able to collect them.

    I am aware that my humble opinion doesn’t mean anything, I only wanted to give my perspective.

    Considering the recording technicalities of the posted albums, I don’t think it would really do them a favour (the albums) to make them lossless. They were not meant to be heard that way! They were recorded for vinyl players, for analog listening!

    Remember when the silver discs came out and every old vinyl was then transferred onto CDs? It took them many years to figure out how to do that well, and many CDs of the late 80s and early 90s are horrible! The LPs with the same tracks are charming at the same time. So a new format does not necessarily mean the new sound will really improve the listening experience!

  • Joel
    Posted at 00:11h, 20 November 2010 Reply

    Ohh man this is awesome! Grew up on hip-hop and now finding out that soul and funk music if the foundation, and in my opinion still stronger music than the tracks made by sampling. Thanks a million this site rules!

  • Bearwil
    Posted at 00:24h, 20 November 2010 Reply

    Thx for great posts of almost forgotten gems.

  • Barry
    Posted at 02:10h, 20 November 2010 Reply

    Very exited to finally hear this, thanks!

  • Amesoul
    Posted at 00:03h, 23 November 2010 Reply

    Thanks for your work ! I was looking for this LP for while now… I knew “Our Generation” and “what would I Do”, 2 groovy tunes. Cheers from France.

  • gravedohl
    Posted at 18:39h, 23 November 2010 Reply

    you’re right, I must admit I’m a longtime follower of this site and only commented here and there… but shit is awesome! many, many thanks! I remember looking for it [Our Generation] when the Pete Rock & C.L. joint dropped and was instantly amazed at this guy…
    I love the 320 rips, works well with Itch and the NS7. please keep the soul and funk coming!!

  • W
    Posted at 04:40h, 25 November 2010 Reply

    Very cool. I didn’t even know he’d an album – I just had heard the great songs on the Stax singles comp. Thanks! W.

  • Rod tha Bod Water
    Posted at 21:05h, 25 November 2010 Reply

    I love “our generation”. relevant then, relevant now.

  • Funkypoodle
    Posted at 15:14h, 27 November 2010 Reply

    Guilty as charged! You run THE greatest music blog around! Thanks a million!

  • Nico
    Posted at 22:25h, 29 November 2010 Reply

    Thank you very much! Greetings from Argentina!

  • mantourni
    Posted at 14:05h, 05 December 2010 Reply

    Many thanks to funk my soul!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:16h, 07 December 2010 Reply

    thanks a lot. i really dig your selections and write ups.

  • add.lips
    Posted at 15:18h, 11 December 2010 Reply

    Thank you very much. I liked the Song “electrified love”, which i found on a compilation and now I’m happy to hear more from Ernie. I like your Site!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 22:20h, 21 December 2010 Reply

    Awesoooooooome….That´s soooooooooooo great. Thank you very much for your work

  • ambassa
    Posted at 01:31h, 23 December 2010 Reply

    Never heard about him before, thank you for ripping the LP, it’s a mileston indeed, not just becouse of the cover by JL &TR !!! I really would like to have the original in my hands 🙂

  • J Frost
    Posted at 02:13h, 01 January 2011 Reply

    God bless you guys, trust me… you are appreciated more than you know

  • pier
    Posted at 12:19h, 06 January 2011 Reply

    great post, I like this sound

  • Don Audet
    Posted at 22:40h, 08 January 2011 Reply

    Thanks so much for your excellent blog! Downloading Anita Baker and looking forward to hearing it for the first time. Again thanks for all your efforts!

  • Bran
    Posted at 13:22h, 12 January 2011 Reply

    That’s what i’m talkin about.

  • Optik
    Posted at 01:39h, 14 January 2011 Reply

    Such a dope LP! I had a copy of this but traded it off a few years back, been a bitch trying to track down another one. You easily have one of the best blogs out, it’s an inspiration for me to step my diggin game back up!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:54h, 17 January 2011 Reply

    Great music great blog, thank you…

  • Alberto
    Posted at 01:06h, 25 January 2011 Reply

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Lester
    Posted at 23:15h, 01 February 2011 Reply

    Fantastic funk stuff. Thanks so much!

  • jerome green
    Posted at 13:13h, 05 April 2011 Reply

    Hi Nikos,

    Lovely stuff; i will never get enough. Thank you truly!

    Peace, jerome

  • Gipson Shoemaker
    Posted at 04:48h, 31 July 2013 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this. A friend of mine was desperate to find a copy ever since he stumbled upon one of the album’s singles on a 45. Thank you for ending his pain. lol.

  • Eddie
    Posted at 00:11h, 09 March 2014 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Great album!

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