Earth, Wind & Fire ‎- 1975 – That’s The Way Of The World

One of the great LP’s from the 70’s and indeed any era.

A seamless blend of soul,funk and jazz all lovingly produced by the masters,namley Maurice White and Charles Stepney. As if that were not enough the songwriting is of the highest order with not one weak point.

This record still sounds as fresh to day as upon its release in 1975. It opens with two of the best songs of all time from the genre with the title track being an especial high. The band are also tight as hell and sound like they have played together forever. As with all work that features Charles Stepney there are lots of wonderful string arrangements ( as well as intricate backing vocal work) in the background that fill out the sound and add an extra dimension. This really is essential listening for anyone that has a passing interest in soul or funk.

A1 Shining Star 2:50
A2 That’s the Way of the World 5:45
A3 Happy Feelin’ 3:16
A4 All About Love 5:30
B1 Yearnin’ Learnin’ 3:41
B2 Reasons 4:53
B3 Africano 5:10
B4 See the Light 5:30

The essential earth, wind and fire album!  Here is what got the ball rolling for the group in 1975. 

The title track for this is magnificent, epochal stuff; utopian, luxurious, sublime to an unbelievable degree… what’s more it establishes the tone for this magnificent album; shifting from the excellently avid, funk-pop of “Shining Star” into a more elevated vein. Superbly careful and placed instrumentation; harps, synths and more… “That’s the Way of the World” blows you away, and elevates you with its sound and lyrics.

All About Love” is a wonderful ballad – this band’s balladic side can be underrated next to the corruscating funk. Sweet as a loving smile; distinguished particularly by the great spoken passages, backed by angelic harmonies and Bacharach horns. It’s all the more majestic as it runs past 6 minutes; like the title track, a sense of the benign, luxuriant epic is created. “Happy Feelin‘” and “Yearnin’ Learnin‘” are very good; upbeat songs that don’t quite capture me so much as things like “Reasons“: forceful, orchestrally flourishing balladry.

Fluttering flutes announce “Africano“; a funk instrumental and effectual breather. “See the Light” has a jazz style time signature and use of brass; with verdant, hovering Whitfield-esque strings punctuating. It settles into being rather more stripped-down after the first, splendid chorus. That moog synthesizer that tentatively elides into the piece, played by Larry Dunn, is so wonderfully mid-1970s and evocative of the time. It starts to become devotional, spiritual in the building of percussion and increasing prominence of mantra-like harmonies; “Help them see the li-iight”. Adding yet more is the tribal outro.

Overall, it’s curious to think of this truly as a film soundtrack; it seems much like a regular record – and a great one.  A wonderfully utopian, spellbinding record; wonderful sound, with Maurice White one of the great 70s soul producers.

This is great stuff.

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Conversation for album: Earth, Wind & Fire ‎- 1975 – That’s The Way Of The World

  • huk
    Posted at 01:09h, 10 January 2020 Reply

    Soundtrack of my youth! Love ❤️ EWF

  • Barry
    Posted at 11:47h, 10 January 2020 Reply

    R.I.P. Maurice & thanks for the enjoyment you brought me and millions of other music lovers.

  • Ramon80
    Posted at 11:48h, 10 January 2020 Reply

    One of the BEST BANDS EVER

  • Tim
    Posted at 18:30h, 10 January 2020 Reply

    Best of the best

  • angus kaplan
    Posted at 20:22h, 10 January 2020 Reply

    This is as good as it gets! Fantastic music!!!!!!!!!

  • Caleb
    Posted at 16:09h, 11 January 2020 Reply

    What a beautiful sound from such a beautiful and positive group of people.

  • Joel
    Posted at 16:38h, 11 January 2020 Reply

    This is One of The Baddest Albums Ever Written.

  • Roy
    Posted at 21:56h, 11 January 2020 Reply

    It just brought so much joy to me

  • Antoine
    Posted at 23:56h, 11 January 2020 Reply

    Killer love it so much. thank you .

  • Eduardo
    Posted at 21:57h, 12 January 2020 Reply

    Such brilliant music – such class, style and depth! Magical and timeless!!

  • Reggie
    Posted at 23:39h, 12 January 2020 Reply

    still fabulous!!!!!!

  • Paolo
    Posted at 23:33h, 13 January 2020 Reply

    Maurice & Phil are legendary. Overall an amazing band.

  • Jacob
    Posted at 23:36h, 13 January 2020 Reply

    I think that maybe this album was the height of their career. Anyway a master work.

  • Miguel
    Posted at 20:21h, 15 January 2020 Reply

    These guys were the best! They Jamming.

  • lucas
    Posted at 01:28h, 16 January 2020 Reply

    Dedicated to my grandad

  • Ma
    Posted at 01:32h, 16 January 2020 Reply

    i love
    saludos desde Colombia

  • Rollo
    Posted at 12:46h, 16 January 2020 Reply

    Earth, Wind, and Fire will always be ahead of time. What an album.

  • Mick Baron
    Posted at 00:10h, 18 January 2020 Reply

    One of the most beautiful music I heard in the last years. Thanks for sharing the treasure.

  • Ginger
    Posted at 00:53h, 19 January 2020 Reply

    They are timeless! I grew up listening to their masterpieces.

  • M. Lima
    Posted at 22:37h, 22 January 2020 Reply

    Espectacular , la esencia de la música elegante

  • Merl Brown
    Posted at 18:47h, 23 January 2020 Reply

    This is one of my all time favorites. It never gets old.
    Seems as if it sounds better every time I hear.
    Cruising the blvd and the avenues back in the late 70’s.

  • Paolino77
    Posted at 00:45h, 24 January 2020 Reply

    such a timeless music, lyrically and especially musically

  • Haiko
    Posted at 06:37h, 03 February 2020 Reply

    Hi, the link does not work anymore. Please reupload.

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