D.J. Rogers – 1976 – On The Road Again

A classic.

I had it only on mp3 but today i received the vinyl from USA.

In 2001, it was included in the best 100 soul albums of all time by Mojo Magazine.

A1. On The Road Again 3.27
A2. One More Day 4.14
A3. Love Can Be Found 2.58
A4. Let My Life Shine pt1 2.09
A5. Let My Life Shine 4.10
B1. Secret Lady 3.33
B2. Holding On to Love2.57
B3. Girl I Love You 3.53
B4. Only While It Lasts3.36
B5. Say You Love Me, One More Time 2.19

Classic work from the great DJ Rogers with a soaring, sweeping, righteous soul feel that reminds us of Rance Allen at his best, or of some of the smooth work of Lamont Dozier from the same time. DJ wrote, arranged, and produced all the tracks on this album, and the cuts have a slight nod towards spiritual gospel, with excellent jazzy touches that keep things in a modern vein

D.J. Rogers’ LP On the Road Again featured the single “Let My Life Shine“. With a dazzling arrangement by Jerry Peters, the single managed to chart RB in the fall of 1976, as it lyrically touched on the theme of the gospel standard “This Little Light of Mine“. Other standouts are “One More Day“, “Love Can Be Found“, “Secret Lady“,”Holding On” and “Only While It Lasts“.

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Conversation for album: D.J. Rogers – 1976 – On The Road Again

  • Justice
    Posted at 07:14h, 13 July 2008 Reply

    DJ is pretty great. I still enjoy his self titled album!

  • soti
    Posted at 20:42h, 07 October 2008 Reply

    kalispera nikola, thanx gia to album kai alla polla. mipws exeis kai to prwto tou dj rogers tou 1973? exeis kanei tromeri douleia…..!!!!!

  • invisiblenigma
    Posted at 20:02h, 25 November 2008 Reply

    Wow! I must’ve missed this one! Thanks!!

  • Jaguar
    Posted at 16:36h, 29 November 2008 Reply

    Great LP.

    Many thanks.

  • liam
    Posted at 04:26h, 09 January 2009 Reply

    Tried the 1973 album first based on your recommendation (never heard of him before) and you’re right, he’s good so I’m back for more.


  • Mr sam
    Posted at 21:54h, 10 March 2009 Reply

    So Good! Thanks so much!

  • brotherpete
    Posted at 15:51h, 29 September 2009 Reply

    thanks a lot !!!

  • Peter Mosselveld
    Posted at 19:35h, 23 January 2010 Reply

    Thanks, for the advice. It’s really a great album, did not known this artist. What a voice, sounds a bit like Donny Hathaway.
    Especially the B side is very good.
    Just bought this album by second hand trade…just for 1 euro.

  • SPC
    Posted at 02:39h, 20 February 2010 Reply

    Thanks for posting this – I loved this LP, every single track, but especially the title track, ‘One More Day’ and ‘Secret Lady’. I liked it so much that I went and searched out all of DJ’s other records as well and I cannot tell you how much pleasure they’ve given me. Thankyou once again!

  • Andrew Brown
    Posted at 03:36h, 05 June 2010 Reply

    Words cannot express the joy it brings to see someone make available an album so full of joy, by a truly underrated artist. I’ve been following DJ Rogers from the beginning. His obscure gospel albums are a rarity (Hope Songs), but if found, would really be a musical experience beyond belief.
    Many thanks for this.

  • Dave
    Posted at 18:58h, 30 July 2011 Reply

    Great. Thank.

  • Bri
    Posted at 05:11h, 04 August 2011 Reply

    Love DJ. Thanx!

  • M
    Posted at 05:38h, 13 August 2011 Reply

    Thanks NIkos! Soo good!

  • stephphs
    Posted at 00:10h, 10 December 2012 Reply

    waou !!!

  • Eddie
    Posted at 01:08h, 18 March 2014 Reply

    Thanks once again!

  • rich
    Posted at 23:12h, 16 September 2016 Reply

    thank you nikos

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