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Diana Ross 1976 lp

Two of Miss Ross’s staples are here: The Theme from Mahoganyand Love Hangover. The former is one of her best ballads while the latter is one of the seminal dance tracks of the disco ’70’s.
it’s still an essential of her discography.

This is probably Dianas’ best album…Dianamite…She was at her best, her height of Stardom..A fabulous cover..Diana Ross and Barry Gordy made a great team and knew how to provide hit records…I played this LP over and over again..A wonderful time capsule of the talented Star Diana…



1 Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To) (3:22)
2 I Thought It Took a Little Time (But Today I Fell in Love) (3:19)
3 Love Hangover (7:49)
4 Kiss Me Now (2:42)
5 You’re Good My Child (3:35)
6 One Love in My Lifetime (3:37)
7 Ain’t Nothin’ But a Maybe (3:35)
8 After You (4:06)
9 Smile (2:55)

Diana Ross 1976 lp back cover

The Reviews


What a guilty pleasure is to hear Diana Ross voice, she’s has the sweetest voice in the business. Her self titled album of 1976 was a definition between her adult contemporary ballads of 1973’s Touch Me In The Morning, 1974’s Last Time I Saw Him and the disco beats of 1979’s The Boss, 1980’s diana, “Love Hangover” was the first attempt for miss Ross to conquer the world of disco, and my oh my!, this is so good, more than 7 minutes of sweetly moaning and singing by Ross, a total dance classic!, “The theme from Mahogany” is one of the most mellow slowly and sweetly ballads that Diana deliver, not a personal favorite but still a classic, the delivery of two perfect pop gems like “I Thought It Took A Little Time” and “One Love In MY Lifetime” where kind and generous but didn’t achieve that success that Diana deserve simply because the world was in love with Disco, I’m my humble description I must say that the other tracks that didn’t became singles where jazzy ballads, a reminder of Lady Sings The Blues, that will satisfy any ballad lover in the world, overall this is an amazing masterpiece by Miss Ross, that tried to fall in the peoples taste of those years by adding a Disco track between delicious crafted pop contemporary gems

This album represents a definite change in direction for Ross both as a popular singer and as an adult who was showing more depth in her work. After the success of Lady four years earlier, the singer/actress had established herself as the most recognizable voice of American popular music. When this collection was released, the world was moving from rock and country-rock into disco, and Diana’s number one single “Love Hangover” became one of the biggest dance club hits of the year. The record also spurred other notable single releases such as “One Love In A Lifetime ” and “Theme From Mahogany” the latter being about the brightest spot in a somewhat dull 1975 motion picture. Sales were brisk for this collection of Ross songs, and with “Theme…” receiving an Academy Award nomination for “Best Song” and Ross’s increasingly high profile in live tours, the album became very successful for the diva. This is one of the best Ross efforts from the 1970’s…if you wanted a recognizable collection of her contributions to that decade, it would be easy to recommend this album along with The Boss, Touch Me In The Morning, Lady Sings The Blues, and Diana Ross (her debut album).*** a special note. I lived for awhile with two young students, both of whom were barely born when Diana Ross had scored her last number one record. One night we were sitting outside on the large patio, and they decided to let me play them some of my older music. They were not only surprised but amazed at the quality and clearness of Ross’s voice on “Touch Me In The Morning” and on this album. They had never heard much of her beyond old Supremes efforts and the later material. For a few brief musical cuts, they suddenly were exposed to what made Diana Ross the legend beyond a glittering pop star.

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    Thank you…..

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    thanks a lot !!!

  • Romer
    Posted at 20:29h, 08 November 2011 Reply

    This album takes me right back to the long, hot summer of '76 – must have nearly wore the needle out playing it so much!
    Thanks for sharing your passion, guys!

  • TheJazzHoppa
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    Thank You

  • alpha159
    Posted at 11:42h, 04 August 2013 Reply

    Même en Europe on adorait déjà Diana, et pour moi plus particuliérement “one love in my lifetime”, merci à l’Amérique pour tous ces tubes des 70s

  • zima
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