Damn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation – 1970

Rare, rare, RARE hard funky soul from early 70s titans Damn Sam The Miracle Man – and some of the rawest, fiercest funk we’ve ever heard! Damn Sam is actually a group – spearheaded by vocalist OC Tolbert – a man with a roaring voice and righteous delivery that could tear through brick – and producer Jack Taylor. If not for the amazing funky 45 tracks “Damn Sam The Miracle Man”, “Smash” and “BJ” – all of which appear on this long lost LP — they may have been obscure to even the most diligent crate diggers, an argument in favour of that format if there ever was one. The group is a real killer, with absolutely pummelling funky drums and snapping electric congas & bongo work on just about every track – plus soaring trumpet and sax work that counterbalance the fury of  Tolbert’s vocals nicely. Tolbert’s history with gospel lends a genuine spiritual aspect to the frenzy, too – one of the sweetest raw funk tornadoes you could every hope to get swept up by!

A1 Give Me Another Joint 4:10
A2 Let Me Be Your Only Man 4:40
A3 L. A. 26000 3:05
A4 Poor Mary 3:55
A5 Damn Sam The Miracle Man 3:43
B1 Smash 3:47
B2 Music Makes You Feel All Right 3.30
B3 B. J. 3:10
B4 Rainy Night In Georgia 5:10
B5 Sonny B. 3:30


First, let’s straighten out this mysterious band “Damn Sam Miracle Man and The Soul congregation“?

The man is O.C. “Arthur Cleveland” Tolbert, also known like « The Miracle Man » or tolbert or damn sam the miracle man and the soul congregation or rev. o.c. tolbert and the blues congregation or king diamond or “The Tolbert Family Singers featuring Brother O C Tolbert” !!!
Don’t mistake O.C. Tolbert for other soul funk artists such as israel tolbert or « Joni Tolbert”, the female singer of CJ & Co.

The hereunder records hasn’t pretend to list the full discography of O.C. Tolbert. However, you could listen to different samples of his music ranging from the raw Gospel Funk to the Mellow Soul. Besides, if you have further information about this artist, feel free to give it us !

As Marvin Gaye, his father was a roving preacher and he went from church to church preaching the word in Alabama, and he always had our boy by his side. When O.C. was ten he was singer enough to lead the choirs at the churches where his father would preach.

O.C. had a natural talent for singing, but he found that, like his father, he had the talent of getting people to join in and participate in the festivities. He sang and played gospel music at a nursing home for a period of time in Selma, Alabama (where he was born) at the same time appearing on TV every Sunday. He developed the residents of the nursing home into such a good choir that they appeared on TV with him every other Sunday.

O.C. was a man determined to conquer all worlds, so, in 1966, he decided to start singing rhythm and blues. In 1967, he went to Detroit to find fame. He was told by a well known large record company to come for an audition a year later. He immediately disliked large record companies and went to a small one, and recorded, but…

Then he met a mover, who was very much like himself. The man? Jack Taylor, of course! And other movers joined their effort, (which was to bring you this album), and pretty soon they had a congregation. Oh! There was Jack Taylor producing; Ben Littles directing music; Love Star Music, writing lyrics; O.C., A.J. Branham and Rudy Thompson on vocals; Dave Newton, drums; Greg Whitfield, electric congos/bongos; Tony Trice, bass; Tobby Childs, guitar; Johnathan Scott, lead guitar; Ben James; keyboards Good Sister, tambourine; Ben Littles, trombone/trumpet; Lewellen Sutherland, tenor sax; and Richard “Sonny Bobby” Dilligard, trumpet.
This congregation of movers went into the studio and Damn Sam The Miracle Man was Born. Yes, we know.

O.C. and Jack Taylor released many recordings on different label out of Detroit or NYC among which Jack’s labels such as « Tay-ster », « Rolyat Production », « Power house », « New Day » et « Rojac Records », and most likely other ones like Kent (UK), …

Regarding the OC Tolbert‘s discography, we can identify 2 main periods, on the one hand from the 70s with his raw funk sound like on his album Damn sam the miracle man and the soul congregation and on the other hand, from the 80s with his pure modern soul singles on « Rojac Records» among which his ultra rare single « I’ve got it » that it has already sold at more than US$ 4,000 !!!

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