Commodores – 1974 – Gun Machine

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commodores machine gun front

This album really is quite funky. Exceptionally, funky in fact. Quite different from the soul/pop of The Commodores more well known hits. Right from the opening track you can tell you’re in for something of a treat, the musicianship is fantastic throughout, as are the funk grooves consistently dirty and in your face. The singing is great, as anyone already aware of The Commodores would expect it to be. This is an album which really doesn’t let up. Everyone knows that, deep down, they long to get into funk music, and this is a great place to start. If you’re already into funk, then you have no right not to own this record. It’s also one of the greatest party albums I own.

An absolute gem.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Motown LP including covers.

A1 Machine Gun 2:41
A2 Young Girls Are My Weakness 3:03
A3 Feel Sanctified 3:46
A4 The Bump 4:11
A5 Rapid Fire 3:04
B1 The Assembly Line 5:12
B2 The Zoo (The Human Zoo) 3:08
B3 Gonna Blow Your Mind 5:43
B4 There’s a Song in My Heart 2:43

B5 Superman 2:38

commodores machine gun back

Review by The Fancy One “blackprincess”

During the early to mid-’70s, funk bands ruled the R&B world. This was not lost on Motown, and they wanted an act that covered the down and dirty funk/R&B bases like Maurice White’s Earth, Wind and Fire, the Ohio Players and Funkadelic did. They discovered the Commodores, a sextet straight out of the Dirty South (Tuskegee, Alabama) in a New York City nightclub, and they found their answer.

MACHINE GUN was the group’s second album on Motown (their first one was recorded in ’72 but never released), and signaled that this group was an important force to be reckoned with. Featuring the amazing keyboard wizardry of Milan Williams, this album kicks off with the title cut and grabs you from start to finish! The three lead vocalists’ voices (that’s right, not just Lionel’s) are wonderfully soulful and earthy, especially drummer Walter “Clyde” Orange’s voice!! That brotha, all 5’4″ of him, is SOUL PERSONIFIED!! Lionel did go on to become the most famous of all the Commodores, but Clyde was the FUNKIEST by far.

I especially loved “Gonna Blow Your Mind“, “The Bump“, “Young Girls Are My Weakness“, “I Feel Sanctified” and “The Assembly Line” (the last of which has been sampled by hip-hoppers time and time again, and musically similar to a later tune that Lionel Richie wrote on his own, the popular “This Is Your Life”). Lots of syntheziers and horns (courtesy of Lionel on alto sax and William King on trumpet) drive this CD and you’d never guess back then that these guys could come funkier than this…but they did, even more so because their follow up album to this, CAUGHT IN THE ACT, is even better!

commodores machine gun label

The only weak spot on this LP is the Richie-penned “Superman” – this was technically the first recorded tune Lionel Richie wrote by himself, and the music is good. But the lyrics – well, the nicest thing I could possibly say about them is that THANK GOD Richie got better as the years went on.

Pick this up today and believe me when I say, the mighty, mighty Commodores existed long before “Brick House”, “Three Times A Lady” and “Still” and why they will always be a funk band first and foremost in my book. This LP is living proof! Get it!


The album voted in the 12th place of the 70 best soul albums of the 70’s by Mojo Magazine. See the listΒ Β here.

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Conversation for album: Commodores – 1974 – Gun Machine

  • Unclefester
    Posted at 01:34h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    I’m looking forward listening to this gem. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Simon666
    Posted at 02:42h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    Got this when I was 12 yo, love it still πŸ™‚

  • A Reader!
    Posted at 10:27h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    Thanks for this classic!

  • Big Jake
    Posted at 10:43h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    love itο»Ώ in the 70s and still do, great posting

  • rich
    Posted at 21:19h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    great album nikos

  • Trakbuv
    Posted at 23:23h, 21 September 2010 Reply

    I loved “Superman” when it came out ! Also “The Bump” and “Young girls” – all showing the more tuneful side of things to come. But “Machine Gun” holds a special place in my heart as one of the first funk sides I ever got into (as was AWB’s “Pick up the pieces”). Who would have guessed that they would become more famous for their ballads many albums later.

  • Hector
    Posted at 11:27h, 22 September 2010 Reply

    Super funky. Love it.

  • whoknows
    Posted at 03:50h, 23 September 2010 Reply

    oooooh weee thats that funk! thanks!!! : )

  • Antonio
    Posted at 19:19h, 23 September 2010 Reply

    Molto bello

  • k02
    Posted at 03:39h, 24 September 2010 Reply

    Appreciate it Nikos a VERY VERY FUNKY album

  • Roy
    Posted at 09:14h, 24 September 2010 Reply

    Excellent! This one I’ve never heard but I’ve heard a lot about it. Looking forward to this. Thanks a Lot!

  • Zezette
    Posted at 11:24h, 25 September 2010 Reply

    Merci !

  • Brad
    Posted at 12:19h, 25 September 2010 Reply

    great album in excellent quality, thanks

  • Sergey
    Posted at 17:00h, 25 September 2010 Reply

    Nice funky album.I have the original vinyl for years.Thanks for this cd version, with all the great artwork.

  • XX
    Posted at 12:25h, 26 September 2010 Reply

    Commodores was a fav of mine, later days. I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • Sucio
    Posted at 05:24h, 27 September 2010 Reply

    This album rocks…Thanks!! Lionel Richie is my dude…

  • Yiannis
    Posted at 13:24h, 27 September 2010 Reply

    A much loving album. Thanks…

  • Don
    Posted at 13:47h, 28 September 2010 Reply

    Thanks for putting this up…. what a great LP fromο»Ώ early 70s!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 11:45h, 29 September 2010 Reply

    Love it! It’s been a while . . .

  • Rainman
    Posted at 12:11h, 29 September 2010 Reply

    Once owned this on vinyl but sadly no longer. Thank u.

  • Mod
    Posted at 16:30h, 04 October 2010 Reply

    Classic stuff! Thanks for remind it. I had it on tape!!!!ha!

  • Nina
    Posted at 00:12h, 05 October 2010 Reply

    now this is music n i’mο»Ώ feeling goood

  • Dion
    Posted at 00:52h, 09 October 2010 Reply

    Thanks, once again for all the good stuff you provided!

  • Boss
    Posted at 16:58h, 11 October 2010 Reply

    Thank you, I love funk records and bands.

  • Anastazia
    Posted at 16:55h, 12 October 2010 Reply

    Before their commercial success a few years later(which I like too), Commodores had this bomb. A funk experience, I like to dance to..

    Nick,thank you 4 sharing.

  • Father Jah
    Posted at 19:23h, 14 October 2010 Reply

    good lookin!!!!! can’t loose wid young Lionel!!!-THE FATHER HAS SPOKEN (hahahahahahaha!!)

  • Da Man
    Posted at 18:10h, 20 October 2010 Reply

    This one is an old favorite. Thanks.

  • Jake Purple
    Posted at 17:42h, 23 October 2010 Reply

    Awesome, thank you for this! Love the Commodores

  • Scratch
    Posted at 23:05h, 07 November 2011 Reply

    Thanks so very much for your kindness sharing this classic album with us ALL !
    Cheers muchly πŸ™‚

  • bongolampo
    Posted at 10:06h, 11 November 2011 Reply

    Thank you faster!

  • Robbie
    Posted at 20:58h, 27 November 2011 Reply

    I have a few Commodores albums but am not familar with this one. Thanks for this great blog!

  • Joeboy
    Posted at 14:38h, 23 July 2013 Reply

    Thanks, great album
    I purchased this on it’s first release, just for “The Zoo (The Human Zoo) wow what a shock! Every track is brilliant, Just one of those albums, you can’t stop playing
    Once again thanks

  • thegroove
    Posted at 14:37h, 21 November 2013 Reply

    A little less rare but no less funky! I’ve trawled throught your backpages and discovered some delights. I don’t think i’d be all to keen on the mighty Commadores without all the context you’ve provided on this site. Just 3 years behind now – see you on the front page in a couple of weeks! I’ll also try to comment on albums as I fully listen to them, fwiw.

    Also, much, much respect for keeping the links alive. This is now the internet should be.

  • thegroove
    Posted at 14:39h, 21 November 2013 Reply

    I’d best repect these artists and correct Commodores – not coma doors or anything else.

  • rhys
    Posted at 09:30h, 10 December 2013 Reply

    I saw this on your site and figured that if it was good enough for you to recommend so highly i might have to reconsider my opinion of the commodores who struck me as soft, much like the temps post whitfield. V good album and a find I wouldnt have made on my own, thanks !

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