Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers – 1979 – Bustin’ Loose

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No group ever defined a city and sound as Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers did Washington, DC and go-go music. This is the album that launched their musical movement and established Chuck Brown as the “Godfather of Go-Go.” When it was released in early 1979, the title track, “Bustin’ Loose” topped the Billboard R&B Singles Chart and is one of the all-time greatest party/funk jams. This is the original album, recorded at Sigma Sound in Philly. After all, Sigma Sound is where the O’Jays, the Intruders, Blue Magic, Teddy Pendergrass, the Stylistics, Billy Paul, and countless others recorded their biggest hits. Most of Bustin’ Loose, however, isn’t typical of recordings made at Sigma; the majority of the material is pure go-go, and Bustin’ Loose went down in history as one of go-go’s most essential releases.

A1 Bustin Loose 7:42
A2 Never Give You Up 5:43
A3 If It Ain’t Funky 6:00
B1 I Gotcha Now 5:02
B2 Could It Be Love 5:22
B3 Game Seven 6:12
B4 Berro E Sombaro 3:11

soul searchers back

By Eddie Landsberg

Anyone who knows anything about D.C. knows that D.C. is not only the nation’s capital but the funk capital of the world, and in the town where people not only like funk, but like it so much they created their own percussion, horn and slap bass variety of it, there are two kings… George Clinton & Chuck Brown… and this is one of the albums that started it all. Recorded in an era were funk had all but been watered down by pop disco, this in your face horn driven funk fest soared to #4 on the R & B charts and has since been a classic and collectible party album with its mixture of (early) Kool & The Gang type party funky grooves, James Brown type horn vamps, and of course the king of it all, Chuck Brown, The Godfather of Go Go.

Now a legend at the healm of one of the world’s tightest go go funk ensembles (often aided by the presence of the P-Funk Horns), Chuck Brown may not be the most commercially succesful funkateer in the world, but he is the king – – unfortunately, with the exception of this album, there’s really only one true way to listen to Chuck… and that’s live in person – – and perhaps that’s the reason why this album is one of his only commercial successes… because it was one of the few times he was able to carry the energy of his live performances over to a studio situation. Most of his live grooves are way too long for airplay so many of his other recordings just don’t give you the real picture… his sets are non-stop melodies of rap, funk and Jazz – – in fact that’s where the term go go came from… so people wouldn’t leave the dancefloor between tunes, instead of stopping, he’d just have the rhythm seciton cut into a break beat while he’d make announcements, rap, and fire up the house… and that’s how he’s still doing it today !

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    Excelente álbum, dancei demais está música em meados dos anos 80, grande banda, obrigado pela postagem.

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    What a great classic this is…….

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    wonderful album post nikos

  • Belvin
    Posted at 21:58h, 31 August 2016 Reply

    We need to keep this music alive…These are classic jams that were fun and you could dance all night long to them… Thank you for posting this.

  • Grumpy!
    Posted at 14:18h, 28 December 2016 Reply

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