Cameo – 1977- Cardiac Arrest

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This album is one of the funniest and most funkiest of albums that have graced my turntable. Even though “find my way” and “rigor mortis” are danceable and funky, respectively, the ‘piece de resistance’ on this lp is the magnificently funky “funk funk”! what a concept! the first 30 seconds of this cut do not prepare you for what you’ll hear for the rest of the track, for it is pure funny funk from larry blackmon and gregory johnson on funky vocals.


Always in every list of the 25 funk albums of all time, heavily influenced by p funk and kool and the gang “funk funk” sounds like george clinton gave them one of his left overs that song reaaly sounds like p funk 4real “rigor mortis” was a mutha and also one of the most sampled funk jams of all time.


This is a @320 vinyl rip of my original Casablanca record with covers.

A1 Still Feels Good (4:14)
A2 Post Mortem (4:17)
A3 Smile (3:48)
A4 Funk Funk (4:44)
B1 Find My Way (3:23)
B2 Rigor Mortis (5:18)
B3 Good Times (4:59)
B4 Stay By My Side (4:23)


Ugly Ego 1978 LP

This Cameo debut was to me the best work they as a group have ever recorded. Just as equal to me as any P Funk albums. Back in the day I had never heard of Cameo until I bought this mix tape(8 track) from the record shop, which had 3 Cameo cuts on it Funk Funk, Rigor Mortis and Post Mortem(classics material baby)
After copping the vinyl I could tell that they were not a one hit wonder They set a standard that is not defined by radio program directors who refused to play them.(Thanks club Dj’s) Smile and Find My Way(later remixed) show that these guys can bring the noise and rock a slow jam.

I don’t think it can be stated enough that for fans of the mid 1980’s Word Up! period are in for a huge shock with ‘Cardiac Arrest’, the band’s debut presenting a 13 member line up(including a horn section) that play hardcore 70’s funk. The emphasis in this period of Cameo’s career is on the rhythm section with electronics pushed to the wayside as is typical of most funk bands in the mid 70’s.And there’s plenty of that here with “Still Feels Good“,”Good Times” and the stomping “Post Mortem“. There are two undisputable funk classics here-the hit “Rigor Mortis” (which we all pretty much know) and “Funk Funk“-the undeniable Star Trek parody which, because of its rapped lyrics and crazy rhythm bought up the P-Funk comparisons. And this album also contains two great ballads in “Smile” and “Stay By My Side“, especially since Cameo were obviously not trying for ballads. This was the sound that Cameo would progress and evolve from in the next decade. A more individual style would later developed but Cameo already stood up even from the beginning.

In 1977, one of funk’s most promising debuts came from Cameo, whose first album, Cardiac Arrest, made it crystal clear that Larry Blackmon‘s outfit was a force to be reckoned with. If you were into hard, tough funk in 1977, it was impossible not to be excited by Cameo’s debut. This excellent LP contains a romantic soul ballad (“Stay By My Side“) as well as the original version of “Find My Way,” which is the sort of smooth yet funky disco-soul that groups like the Trammps and Double Exposure were known for in the late ’70s. But for the most part, this is an album of aggressive, unapologetically gritty funk. On classics like “Rigor Mortis,” “Funk, Funk,” and “Post Mortem,” one can pinpoint Cameo’s influences — namely, Parliament/Funkadelic, the Ohio Players, and the Bar-Kays. But at the same time, these gems demonstrate that even in 1977, Cameo had a recognizable sound of its own. And ultimately, Cameo would become quite influential itself. For funk lovers, Cardiac Arrest is essential listening.

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Conversation for album: Cameo – 1977- Cardiac Arrest

  • jerome green
    Posted at 21:57h, 31 May 2008 Reply

    Hi Nikos,

    Thank you for the Cameo!!! One can never have enough Cameo, another gold link in the chain of funk. I grew up listening to them on the radio.

    Peace as always,

  • jean
    Posted at 21:34h, 31 October 2008 Reply

    yessssss back in the club with rigor mortis….so funk thks dude

  • Aaahlex
    Posted at 15:45h, 04 July 2009 Reply

    The tightest funk on the planet and always on the one. Thats what Cameo is. I always thought “we all know who we are” was their first, because it sounds different. My favourite: On the one, from Cameosis.

  • Michele
    Posted at 23:12h, 28 October 2010 Reply

    a classic from the golden age!
    thanks for your wonderful blog

  • nik
    Posted at 05:04h, 02 July 2015 Reply

    thanks a bunch, looking forward to this 1

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