Calvin Scott – 1972 – I΄m Not Blind, I Just Can’t See

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An amazing rare record on Stax

Best known for his longtime collaboration with R&B great Clarence Carter, Calvin Scott turned up on Stax just long enough for this awkward spiritual soul session, a shameless and wan stab to capture the sound and schtick of Ray Charles. The uncomfortably titled I’m Not Blind, I Just Can’t See bears few of the classic Stax hallmarks, with backing unit the Jazz Crusaders settling for a half-baked deep-fried soul sensibility that fails to complement Scott’s gritty vocals.

a1 Sadness For Things 3.26
a2 Shame On The Family Name 2.50
a3 I’ve Made A Reservation 3.14
a4 Goodness Gracious 3.15
a5 Sweet Sixteen 6.20
b1 Goin’ Back To Eden 3.30
b2 Can I Get a Witness 2.53
b3 Will you go with Me  3.36
b4 Never Found A Girl  2.39
b5 Gonna Make It This Time 3.44
b6 Whirlpool 3.09


Clarence & Calvin – Thread The Needle
Clarence & Calvin – Rooster Knees & Rice
Clarence & Calvin – I Don’t Know (School Girl)
Clarence & Calvin – Somebody Better Get Here Quick

Soul singer and pianist Calvin Scott started out as a partner of Clarence Carter before moving to record as a solo artist for Stax. Born in Tuskegee, AL, on January 6, 1938, Scott began playing the piano at age five, and first met Carter while attending a school for the blind in Talladega. Scott played several instruments in the school band, and formed a partnership with Carter. With the help of some older friends they’d impressed, the two got a record deal with Fairlane in 1961, but soon moved on to Duke. In 1965, recording under the name Clarence & Calvin, the duo cut several songs at the famed Muscle Shoals studios, one of which — the ballad “Step by Step” — was given a wider national release by Atlantic. The two assembled a small backing band and played regularly in Birmingham in 1966, but unfortunately, their partnership soon ended. Scott was seriously injured in a car accident after a gig one night, and wound up taking Carter to court for help paying his medical bills. Upon his recovery, Scott switched to the organ, formed his own band, and gigged around the South. He landed a solo deal with Atlantic, recording four songs over 1968-1969, and in 1971 he switched over to Stax. The following year, he recorded his first and only full-length album, I’m Not Blind, I Just Can’t See, with Clarence Paul (Stevie Wonder, etc.) producing and members of the Jazz Crusaders supplying studio backing. Discouraged by the lack of promotion for the attendant singles “Shame on the Family Name” and “A Sadness for Things,” Scott quit the music business and returned to Alabama, where he took a job with the state government and continued to perform on a local basis. Scott’s son, Calvin Scott Jr., went on to become a smooth jazz saxophonist.

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  • John Adams
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    Super. Never seen it before. Wonderful Stax.

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    Thank you for all the songs, I love your blog and respect your work.

    From Catalonia -not spain- thank you for your time.

  • good music lover
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    Thanks again nikos! Beautiful tracks!
    However, I’m I the only one with issues playing track #7?

  • josé neves
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    Great discovery, this blog of yours!

    many thanks

  • rich
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  • rich
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    never heard of him but being on stax label must be good. cant wait to hear thanx nikos

  • Dan
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    Thanks for this one, although the faint recommendation made me hesitate for a minute to give it a spin. Love your blog, though — you’ve expanded my musical universe incredibly over the past couple of years.

  • Rodney
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  • Brotherpete
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    Why no Rapidshare links anymore ? 🙁 🙁 I cannot download this…. Could you maybe at least post multilinks?

  • E-mile
    Posted at 18:18h, 13 January 2012 Reply

    great stuff! and, yes track 7 Can I Get A Witness is pretty fu*ked up (can’t play it either) Thanks and maybe a rerip for track 7?
    peace, E-mile

  • Nikos
    Posted at 20:15h, 13 January 2012 Reply

    File (with track 7) is fine now! Enjoy!

  • W
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    A real rarity! Great stuff. Thx. W.

  • petey green
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    Thanks for another rare gem.

  • jenny
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    Many thanks. I love the finger poppin’ Stax period.
    A few albums have eluded me though. like
    Temprees – Love maze & 3/Eddie Floyd – You’ve got to have Eddie/Israel Tolbert – popper Stopper/The john Kasandra albums…
    Any chance for uploads?

  • Lee
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    This site is an inspiration! Thank you for your numerous posts of life-giving music!!

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    “Vielen Dank” from Germany!!

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    A well hidden Stax gem. Thank you for introducing.

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    Posted at 06:35h, 16 January 2012 Reply

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    Posted at 06:35h, 16 January 2012 Reply

    First time poster! Glad you guys are back.

    Great tunes and what an awesome album cover!

  • Cole
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    Thanks so much. I thought you’d never posted it.

  • Danny Boy
    Posted at 19:49h, 16 January 2012 Reply

    Your blog became some kinda discovery channel for me. Thank for sharing all this.
    It might be the right place for requests … What about Billy Butler & infinity or his Okeh album ?
    So many goodies in here that i don’t what to recomend…
    Pay attention to Tim Maia’s “Racional” albums, good soul from brazil.

  • Nikos
    Posted at 20:00h, 16 January 2012 Reply

    It’s nice to know what you want me to post! Tim Maia is on my mind lately and will try to post Billy Butler too.

  • William
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    Awesome post …

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