Bobby Patterson – 1972 – It’s Just A Matter Of Time

It took me years to find a NM copy of this excellent record. Rare and famous this 1972 disc from overlooked Texas soul man Patterson has a bit of everything, gliding freely between easy soul (“Recipe for Peace”) and down-home funk.

One of our favourite soul LPs including “i get my groove from you“, like a killer soul ballad.
Check out “How Do You Spell Love” though, a cool, mid-tempo groover. Then there’s “Right On Jody“, another , funky soul cut. And then there’s “This Whole Funky World Is a Ghetto” – which isn’t quite as nice as it sounds but vaguely lives up to its potential.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of my original Paula Recors with covers

A1. If You Took a Survey 2.40
A2. I Get My Groove from You 3.25
A3. Make Sure You Can Handle It 2.45
A4. Everything Good to You (Don’t Have to Be Good for You) 2.56
A5. How Do You Spell Love 2.25
A6. Recipe for Peace 3.20
B1. Quiet! Do Not Disturb 2.00
B2. She Don’t Have to See You (To See Through You) 3.25
B3. Right on Jody 3.05
B4. I Just Love You Because I Wanted To 2.25
B5. One Ounce of Prevention 3.00
B6. This While Funky World Is a Ghetto 3.45

Bobby Patterson is similar to many other Dallas-based blues musicians, he is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who continued the soul-blues tradition of people like Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett.

However, unlike some of these other singers, Patterson has worked in all aspects of the blues record business. Patterson is a songwriter, a producer, a promotion man, and a label owner.

In 1957, one of the talent contests led to a trip to California to track a single for Liberty Records, which was never released.Patterson then went on to nearby Arlington College, where one of his classmates was the son of a local record company owner.

In 1962, Patterson recorded ‘You Just Got To Understand’ for Abnak Records. The single wasn’t terribly successful, but it convinced the label’s owner, John Abnak, to start a soul division, called Jetstar Records. Patterson recorded for Jetstar for the next six years, becoming a songwriter, producer and promotion man in the process.

Bobby’s regional hits, all self-penned, on the Jetstar label included ‘Let Them Talk’ (also popularized by Little Willie John) and, with his Mustangs, ‘I’m Leroy, I’ll Take Her,’ ‘Broadway Ain’t Funky No More,’ ‘T.C.B. Or T.Y.A.,’ ‘My Thing Is Your Thing,’ ‘The Good Old Days’ and ‘I’m In Love With You.’

In 1969, after a string of regional hits, Abnak Records folded and Patterson recorded his own self-produced album. Shortly after that, he quit recording under his own name to produce and promote records made by other artists.

As a producer, Patterson has worked with Fontella Bass, Chuck Jackson, Ted Taylor, Shay Holiday, Roscoe Robinson, The Montclairs, Tommie Young and Little Johnny Taylor.

Patterson’s songs have been recorded by Albert King (‘That’s What The Blues Is All About’) and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, who recorded and had success with his ‘How Do You Spell Love?’.

More recently, Patterson has been back on the comeback trail, recording and releasing an album, ‘Second Coming’, in 1996 on his own Dallas-based Proud Records.


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