Black Magic – 1970 – Where Love Is

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Here is a very obscure LP from the turn of the seventies – a reminder of the invention and freedom that Black music embraced during this period – the theatrical stylings of bands like Rotary Connection and the complex arrangements of Charles Stepney. Black Magic served as rhythm section to Sonny & Cher both on record and stage, and exude a spirited exhuberance, curling their youthful hands round a Friends Of Distinction ethos and injecting it with a concept-lead staged musical affair. This is really an amazing find, my friends.

This is a @320 vinyl rip (supplied by Nikos) of the original LP including covers.


A1 Where Love Is (2.38)
A2 Mama Says (2.37)
A3 Black Bottom (2.38)
A4 Miss Jessie (3.15)
A5 Kimu (4.03)
A6 Aunt Adele (2.50)
B1 ‘Tater Man (2.50
B2 Faces On A Bus (2:18)
B3 Vacant Lot (2.55)
B4 Pershing Square (2.57)
B5 Before It’s Done (2.59)
B6 Echoes Of Love (2:37)

Review by Trakbuv

Black Magic – certainly a new act to me. A fiesty sextet – 3 guys, 3 gals. Delving deeper into the individual talents on display unearthed an amazing pedigree to this forgotten outfit. Instantly familiar to me was Jerry Peters, the highly gifted producer, arranger, writer and keyboardist (check his solo LP Blueprint for Discovery‘ from 1972) for the likes of Jerry Butler, Brainstorm and The Sylvers. From what I have gleened, Annesther pictured on the back cover may not be the same as the person pictured on the front sleeve – who is Marva Holliday.  Annester Davis (sometimes referred to as Anne Ester) worked on many soul and Jazz LPs as backing vox with the likes of Gene Harris and Phyllis Hyman. She also reunited with Jerry Peters on a jazz LP by Manfredo Fest (‘Manifestations’, 1979). Marva has a more detailed history (here). She had cut one solo single on GNP Crescendo (‘It’s written all over my face’) – which is apparently quite big on the Northern Soul circuit – prior to joining Black Magic. What she also brought was her lyrical prowess in helping to pen 3 of the songs on the album. Unfortunately she left the group just prior to the release of the album to have a child, hence the change in personnel between the two faces of the sleeve.

Jerry Peters, Greg Poree and his sister Anita are all over Friends of Distinction’s ‘Real Friends’ LP of the same year, including one of their biggest hits, ‘Love or let me be lonely’, one of the greatest songs ever written IMHO. Anita Poree also collaborated with Leonard Caston (of Caston & Majors fame) over at Motown, writing songs for the likes of Eddie Kendricks in particular (‘Keep on truckin’, ‘Girl you need a change of mind’, etc). Greg went on to become a session guitarist. I could not find any info on the remaining two members, bassist Wayne ‘Dark Gable’ Douglass and actress/model/singer Niggy d’Oberoff (the ‘Black Twiggy’).

Built around the mould of The 5th Dimension & The Friends of Distinction, with a theatrical concept styling that was so delicious around the beginning of the 70s, this is as much an experience as a collection of radio friendly plastic. They translocate us to the middle of the ghetto, unsurprisingly, with an exquisite mosaic of rhythms and sounds. Each track has it own character while piecing the parts of a larger jigsaw. We kick off in fine style with a sunny group harmony number‘Where Love Is, immediately confirming the link with The Friends Of Dimension, sorry, The 5th Distinction. Things become a little funky with the reminder that ‘Mama Says’ and you better take heed – sucker ! A very confident baritone lead and a very nice track. ‘Black Bottom’ is a little novelty number recalling a bygone era. And the rhythmically challenging ‘Miss Jessie’ carries a familiar woe and gives it an attitude that is refreshing. Very clever and accomplished. ‘Kimu’ is theatrical soliloquy that could only fit as part of the puzzle – and as such is a brave inclusion. ‘Aunt Adele’ is a vibrant tale of the wise tale teller – surely an inspiration for the album’s structure.

For me, Side Two is much more conventional as a listening experience and is far more instant and successful for it. It really is an awesome testimony of how this failed to ignite the hearts and minds of the record buying public in its day. Such a shame. We start with the glorious ‘Tater Man’, a very mature ode given a throbbing insistence of the invisible man working on the street. ‘Faces on a bus’ is absolutely gorgeous and again a familiar series of stories given an edge by its inspired structure. The concept behind ‘Vacant Block’ is brilliant – and another highlight. The front cover has the back of Anita displaying the word ‘Sex’ and the her brother’s foot ‘Strife’ in reference to a line in the song. Yeah – my eyesight really is that good !! Pershing Square’is a personal number for the band, and heralds the awaiting pinnacle of the platter. Saving the best for last !! ‘Before it’s done’ is the BOMB. Okay, some of the lyrics are a little twee, but overall well intentioned. Beautifully sung, beautifully captured – and probably my favourite. Vying for my attention though is the very next track, the strident and anthemic ‘Echoes of Love’. This is a fabulous way to end any listening experience – on a bold high note.

FMS is proud to bring this wonderful Black experience to a theatre near you – only those with a serious love of our music need enter. And enter you must.


Question for a moment what would drive you to donate some of your leisure time to run a blog like FMS. For us, it is simple – to invite, share and educate as many people as possible to the awesome emotional ride of this wonderful music of ours. And in doing so, we hope to show respect for the original artists, most of whom never got the recognition they deserved when they offered up their hopes and dreams in the recording studio.

I guess, like all things in life, what starts out as a blessing can become taken for granted with time. However, I think we need to take a step back from time to time to remember what this is all about. And remind ourselves why blogs like ours exist, and continue to exist.

There is real danger right now of blogs shutting shop or going private – ours included – where a simple thank you may be all that is required to ensure its longevity. A simple thank you to demonstrate some acknowledgement of the effort to rip the original LP for your pleasure, and the care taken over our research and presentation – a simple thank you in honour of the original artists and their loved ones, who do read these pages – and a simple thank you to every one for ensuring this music never dies.

In recognition of this, we are offering ‘Black Magic – Where Love Is’ only to those who leave a comment. Try not to see this as some ego trip for our amusement, but as an opportunity to show solidarity behind our common musical love and recognition for all involved – including the artists. A simple thank you will suffice, but all comments are welcome, with the obvious exception of profanity.

So do not forget to leave a comment and fill in the box with your email (can be seen only by me) so i can send you the link.


To everybody who has left, and will continue to leave comments , we are very grateful for your support and hope you enjoy the LP as much as we have here at FMS. Just to remind everyone how importantly the original artists feature in all our hearts, and the fact that they do read your generous words of praise, here is a comment left by Marva Holiday of Black Magic :

Thanks for sharing this LP with the world. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the comments and will print them out for Anita (my lyric writing mentor and long time friend).
I sang lead on one song that did not make the album. (No complaints. I had a great time writing and singing background :-)— Here is some more info for you:
Niggy (the black Twiggy) is singing lead on the beautiful “Before It’s Done.” Jerry Peters is the male lead on Tater Man, Faces On The Bus, Kimu, etc. He is also playing the clavinet on Kimu. Greg Poree, of course, did all the guitar work and also played the banjo on Black Bottom.
Anta is singing the lead on Where Love Is. She and Niggy were actors and they are the two voices you hear at the end of Miss Jessie (the first song I ever wrote.thanks to Anita’s coaching :-).
Though I left the group, my voice remained on the album. I’m the one who says “It would be groovy to see things from another point of view sometime” before we launch into “Vacant Lot”. Anita and I are singing the “grow flowers in my hair” refrain.
I sometimes think of redoing one of these songs. Maybe one day. Thanks again.

Please feel free to come back with your impressions of the album so Marva and Anita can appreciate why we have such a high regard for them and their peers.


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    Very nice, thanks for resurrecting this. Marva Holiday was also a member of Black Magic and co-wrote 3 of the songs on the LP. From a conversation with Phil Milsteen over at Spectropop – here’s her Black Magic recollections:

    Black Magic and Jobete

    After “It’s Written …” I joined the group Black Magic, with Greg Porée (who I’d met when he played guitar on the Crescendo session), his talented sister Anita, bassist Wayne Douglas, actress/model Niggy D’Oberoff (who’d been known as the “Black Twiggy”), and pianist Jerry Peters. Anita was my lyric-writing mentor. She wrote “Going In Circles” and “Love Or Let Me Be Lonely” for The Friends Of Distinction, and “Boogie Down” and “Son Of Sagittarius” for Eddie Kendricks. I recorded an album with Black Magic, Where Love Is, on which I co-wrote three songs. The record was presented much like a play. We were definitely ahead of our time.

    I left Black Magic prior to the album’s release, as I was pregnant. I moved, baby in tow, to the Bay Area, and enrolled in Merritt College as a music major.

    Read the entire story here:

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    also I am big fan of the Rance Allen Group you posted month ago ! was it you ??! 😉

    once again thanks for all that great music !

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    Anyway, I enjoyed it with my favourite cut being “Before It’s Done.
    Thank you once again for this post. Please keep up the good work and if the comment by Citrom is anything to go by, you should keep up this policy. That brother has an attitude!
    Thank you. Peace & Love,


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    mom’s used to say “if you got time to lean, you got time to clean.” the same principle applies here: if you have time to download, you have time to comment. hell, you can comment while the download site is counting down.

    so yeah, thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this site. it’s definitely one of the dopest ones around.

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    From a 60 year old music freak..

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    Thanks for sharing this LP with the world. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the comments and will print them out for Anita (my lyric writing mentor and long time friend).

    I sang lead on one song that did not make the album. (No complaints. I had a great time writing and singing background 🙂 — Here is some more info for you:

    Niggy (the black Twiggy) is singing lead on the beautiful “Before It’s Done.” Jerry Peters is the male lead on Tater Man, Faces On The Bus, Kimu, etc. He is also playing the clavinet on Kimu. Greg Poree, of course, did all the gutiar work and also played the banjo on Black Bottom.

    Anta is singing the lead on Where Love Is. She and Niggy were actors and they are the two voices you hear at the end of Miss Jessie (the first song I ever wrote..thanks to Anita’s coaching :-).

    Though I left the group, my voice reminaed on the album. I’m the one who says “It would be groovy to see things from another point of view sometime” before we launch into Vacant Lot. Anita and I are singing the “grow flowers in my hair” refrain.

    I soemtimes think of redoing one of these songs. Maybe one day. Thanks again.

    Musically yours 🙂

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    Continue s’il vous plait! Best wishes.

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    Guys really thanks for this one, the descriptions and the peaks I’ve heard from youtube lead to the fact that’s gonna be a special one.Again kudos, props and congrats for the blog!!

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    I cant wait to heard this gemm. Thank you for this really great stuff not only that album but the others too. You fillin my day with the music. Keep that funk alive.

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    Love this album. Had it in my collection until I moved from NY to Atlanta. I’ve just check out you guys site. VERY impressed. I will definitely be back…

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    this is gorgeous album nic. thank you so much again. tracks like “before it’s done” should make you take nothing for granted, and realize how with all the trouble that comes with the growth of life, you got the chance. thank you again….m

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    Peace and SOUL,
    HSB DaveB…

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    WOW, probably this is the way to go!!!

    Big [email protected]!

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    Thanks – I had heard a track from this on the radio and had resigned myself to never encountering it again. So looking forward to hearing the rest – Thanks again!

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    This is the best funk resource on the internet. You guys are great, and I use tracks from here on my college radio show. I get lots of “Where did you find THAT?”, and I love to point people to your blog. I can’t wait to hear some Black Magic.

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    this far down the comment list, I can’t say anything you haven’t heard before but thank you for keeping this going, i know sometimes it feels thankless and pointless but people appreciate it. Thanks

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    441 comments, this newpolicy seems to work ! this site continues to deliver gems from soul singers that i would otherwise have never heard of as much as i love this genre. i’m still getting over toussaint mccall, would like to check these guys out as well.

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    Can’t wait to hear this album….this site is CRAZY….and I JUST found it! Haven’t even begun to thoroughly explore it, and it’s like Xmas. HUGE Stepney fan.

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    Hey Nikkos, I have been checking your blog periodically and thought this was a good opportunity to thank you for what you do! I’ve found blogging to be a major pain, even when I do get good responses, so thanks for sticking with it. If you ever need a week off, I have a few good albums I wouldn’t mind reviewing for this site. E-mail me if you’re interested.

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    thx a lot for everything! While I understand a certain level of frustration on the side of bloggers that rip their great collections to share with music lovers all over the world without getting the amount of feedback they would like, I think going private isn’t a solution. So, don’t, and rock on!

    Oh, yea and if you cared sending the link along, would be brilliant.

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    looks amazing. really look forward to hearing it. thanks!

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    Σαν άνθρωπος που αγαπώ πολύ τη μουσική και τη ¨μαύρη¨ μουσική ειδικότερα, είχα την ψευδαίσθηση πως η συλλογή μου ήταν πλήρης.Πόσο λάθος έκανα…
    Εξαιρετικό blog, με σπάνια διαμάντια!
    A thousand thanks, are not enough…
    As a person who loves music and the “black” music especially, I had the illusion that my collection was complete. How wrong i was…
    Excellent blog, with rare diamonds!

    Vangelis, PIREAS

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    hey man….im a serious producer/rapper. not one of them wanna be’s with a radioshack mic and trial version software. i’ve been collecting a lot of albums to sample for my very own. im not a thug rapper so i promise i wont ruin any good music of this album. very much appreciated man. thanx

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    Stay Safe, PEACE!

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    I had a clear out of my record collection a few years back and I wasn’t sure if I had sold this record with a bunch of others. Thankfully I found it in a box this morning after a week of wondering after i’d read your post. It’s now filling the air as I type
    Thanks again

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    i would love to listen to this album!

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    Greetings from Brazil…

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    Thanks for all your hard work. It really is appreciated. Sorry I haven’t thanked you before.

    Would you like an LP? I have a lot of LPs. It might take some time as I have them in storage in a different city. I one or two ripped – however they are not divided into separate tracks and I don’t have the info here either. Can you get covers and info for the First Gear featuring Larnelle Harris LP? Unfortunately I can’t do covers. I only have an A4 scanner. Let me know.

    Thanks again.

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    This sounds absolutely amazing… For me, the pinnacle of R&B, Soul, Funk.. to some extent music in general(!), falls somewhere around 1971/1972, and to hear about an album from around this era with the kind of unbridled artistry that is what musical expression is ABOUT, excites me. I’ve been a long time on-and-off follower of the blog, and it’s changed my life. THANK YOU!

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    We are unfortunatly experiencing the end of a world we enjoyed and loved.
    No more in the future we will wait breathlessly until an album is issued by a favorite artist…
    Nowadays bring some fun and enjoyable moments though.
    Like this great opportunity to feel happy with new music to liten to. Like the first time you make love again !
    Blogs like this great one offer us a feeling gone for a long time.
    It’s a shame what majors do with their back catalogue.
    Artists should thank people like your guys to keep their music alive.
    Keep on keeping on !
    Spread the knowledge, spread the news !
    You show the way to the majors !
    Funky Funky Fred From France.

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    Hey Funk My Soul, your blog rocks! I can’t wait to hear what Black Magic! has to offer! One of the features on your blog which I really enjoy are the several tracks you post for us to listen to before checking out the high-quality rips of vinyl! Thanks so much for all your effort!

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    want to listen this album
    love your site – always can get some real good music here

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    Thanks for the love you guys put into this site – it certainly shines through.

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    I have to say the thing that brings me back time and time again to your blog is the understanding of the work that goes in to making great album. It’s not just about an individual artist it’s about the history of the collaboration between musician’s producers graphic designers and photographers that made so many records great and your blog unlike many others take all these in to consideration. the information on your blog has pushed me to delve deeper in to the history behind the music. Thanks for your time and education and I am looking forward to hearing the magic hidden in this album.

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    Hey Nikos, thanks a zillion for the links.

    I had heard this many years ago (I’m 41, almost 42) at a party.

    Just wanted to say that listening to it at home, having this copy for myself, being able to replay any selection any time… Man, it’s even better than in my memories. I had kept the punchy bass lines I danced to that night in my memories. But now, listening to it at home, quietly, I found out there’s much more to it : unexpected twists and turns, really fine and original arrangements. My girl friend made a comment and said it could the soundtrack to a musical. And I have to agree, there’s so much work, the order in the sequence of songs, how they fit etc.

    Thanks again, Nikos 🙂

  • Juan
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    PD : Juan—- I’m the guy who signed John a couple of days ago, the reluctance of writing your real name when you send somebody you don’t your mail address. Internet paranoia, I guess 😛

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    Thanks for all your work, nikos.

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    Man, I have been looking for this album. The only song I have every heard was “Miss Jessie” on youtube. They do remind of Rotary Connection, another out there yet genius group. I’ve got to say with this collection on your site, record stores will be revived! Thank for the history and knowledge. Kepp it going!

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    I just stumbled across your site and would really love to hear this black magic album. Thanks for all your time and hard work!

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    Thanks for this blog!!! Its refreshing to see like-minded folks who enjoy great music. You are really appreciated, I know the type of work it takes to rip audio and do it on a consistent basis as well as educate us about the artist.

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    I do like making comments and saying thanks and you have definitely found a method to get people to take responsibility. I love your site. This album fascinates me – it’s new to me. So, I look forward to receiving the link and I will continue to support the generous work you do for the music loving community.

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    Hi Nikos. It’s been way too long since I last checked in. I am awfully intrigued by this writeup, and would be grateful if you can still share the link with me. I finally broke down and got a Rapidshare account so I can play some serious catch-up with all of these tremendous posts.

    Big, BIG props to Marva for the extra information and insight. Much respect to you, and an extra thank you for allowing us the privilege to continue to enjoy the rare treasures you have blessed us with.

    Peace and blessings.

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    O Man!! Seldom have I seen such a great blog dedicated to funk&soul (the perfect combination 🙂
    Keep up the good work!! Respect!

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    Ok, see I forgot to ask for the link…. Thanks in advance!

  • vincent the soul chef
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    That was absolutely astonishing. Some of the cuts definitely ranks up there with the sound that Rotary was doing from 69-71. “Echoes of Love” was stunning. This record deserves a proper CD reissue. thank you again, Nikos, and thanks especially to Marva and Black Magic for a most uplifting experience.

    Peace and blessings.

  • tom henze
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    i truly enjoy the attitude and the respect to the artists on this museum like blog

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    This is so cerebral! So soulful, funky, and down right trippy. What I like about this Black Magic album is the fact it is unconventional soul/funk, but it is still an easy enjoyable listen. I’ve played it for my parents (sorry, they have never heard of this lost gem), andthey enjoyed it…more than when I played them Rotary Connection! I hope one day Atlantic comes to their senses and re-issues this! Talk to them!

  • atg
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    i have been reading some of the post and i had seen this album had been mentioned and it sparked my interest with the number of comments it looks like this is a great gem that has been found and i would like to hear what i am missing out on . thanks guys for posting and sharing the music

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    Much love to the diggers of funk my soul this is what you call bringing in the new year with obscure vinyl for all hip hop heads alike. i kno this will heat up my mpc thru the winter. Happy new years to yall. and Stay up.1

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    Thank You!!!!

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    Thanks you for bringing me back to an awareness and a renewed appreciation for a genre I’ve only dabbled in several time in my life. I just found FMS searching for funky JB xmas tunes and landed here. All I can say is wow. There is a whole lotta love going into the FMS (and a nod to ASAF as well) blogging effort. I do not have much to offer, but if you are interested in Big Twist & the Mellow Fellows or the Atlantic R&B Box set of vinyl, I’d be happy to dig through the vault and pull them. I’d need a little time to get up the curve ripping vinyl analogue into digital. Thank you for being you!

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    Great job on the blog. I’m mostly a jazz head, so I’m learning a lot from this.



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    a friend encouraged me to listen to this album and i’m excited to know people who actually contributed to something so timeless are actually listening…. i hope get to listen to the whole album soon.. thanks ago

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    this blog has the most thorough reviews, and is laid out easily to navigate and find even more new artists to keep exploring..

    Thanks for your time and hard work….this is monumental and has changed my life so much….thank you for even the bonuses on some of these downloads….really opens my eyes… Anglo-Saxon Brown whaaaaaaat?????????? HOTNEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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    My long time friend, former group mate and songwriting mentor, Anita Poree, passed away on Sunday, July 8, 2018. Please stop by a FB page set up in her honor, “Remembering The Artistry of Lyricist Anita Poree.” I am glad I got a chance to print out the comments and mail to her. Thanks, Marva Holiday

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