Billy Butler – 1977 – Sugar Candy Lady

One vinyl I always enjoy to come back.Really Groovy!!!!! and has that funky Leroy Hutson type soul vibe. ah!!! and what a cover….

No need to say much of this 70’s classic, the only one he recorded in the decade, for those are not familiar with.. Billy Butler (also a writer, arranger and producer) is Jerry Butler’s lesser-known brother, but an even more grooving artist on the Chicago soul scene of the 60s!

He recorded for Okeh Records in the middle of the 1960s, working with producer Carl Davis. His biggest hit was 1965’s ‘I Can’t Work No Longer”, which reached #6 on the U.S. Billboard Black Singles chart and #60 on the Billboard Hot 100. After 1966 he left Okeh and continued recording into the early 1970s. Butler also wrote songs for his brother, as well as for musicians such as Major Lance and Gene Chandler.

Definitely A Must Have, Brothers and Sisters.

This is @ 320 vinyl rip of the original Curtom Records LP incuding covers.

A1 Sugar Candy Lady 3.22
A2 I Know The Feeling Well 3.45
A3 Play My Music 3.35
A4 The Saga Of Sadie Lee 6.51
B1 Feel The Magic 3.37
B2 I’m Gonna Make Her Mine 3.34
B3 Alone At Last (Part I & II) 7.09
B4 My Love For You Grows 3.20


Billy Butler, brother of Jerry and author of one of the greatest songs in soul music history — “I Stand Accused” — is one of the unluckiest men in the history of recorded music. Despite his phenomenal abilities and in-the-cut songs, the earmarks of his career were false starts, record company politics and double-dealing, and being in the right place at the wrong time.

This 1977 album, his first for Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label, is a mixed bag. Ballads such as “I Know the Feeling Well,” the two-part “Alone at Last,” and “I’m Gonna Make Her Mine” offer portraits of Butler as a solid singer, writer, and arranger. His guitar playing, like Terry Callier’s and Curtis Mayfield’s, is also highly individualistic and expressive. The mid-tempo tracks, such as “Feel the Magic,” “She’s Got Me Singing,” and “The Saga of Sadie Lee,” are among the finest in Chicago soul, with their Philly-influenced grooves and solid Northern soul bridges. But on the title track, “Play My Music,” and “My Love for You Grows,” Butler’s flirtation with disco feels far too formulaic, like pandering to the genre to make an impact. Alas, these three tracks — one that opens and another that closes the album — mar what could have been a mid-’70s classic. (All Music)



The younger brother of Jerry Butler, Billy Butler wasn’t nearly as well known as his sibling, but recorded some fine Chicago soul in the ’60s. Recording for OKeh under producer Carl Davis, Butler’s mid-’60s singles were quite similar to labelmates Major Lance’s and (less obviously) Curtis Mayfield’s as stellar examples of the finest features of the Chicago soul sound. Similar to Motown in its full, brassy production, the Chicago brand was earthier, with stronger tinges of gospel, doo wop, and Latin influences. Nor was Butler terribly similar to his brother, Jerry, with a punchier, more up-tempo sound. With backing group the Enchanters, Billy recorded consistently fine singles for OKeh from 1963 to 1966, scoring R&B hits with “I Can’t Work No Longer” (1965) and “Right Track” (1966). Butler left OKeh after 1966 and recorded for a variety of labels, denting the R&B charts with the singles “Get on the Chase” (1969) and “Free Yourself” (1971). A songwriter of note, he contributed material to fellow Chicago soul greats Major Lance, Gene Chandler, and his brother, Jerry.

Buy your vinyl copy here and read full biography here

Listen a great early hit “The Right Track” from the 60’s Okeh Period

Thanks Raphy for cleaning this vinyl rip for us. Enjoy!!

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    There is a Billy Butler & Infinity track called ”I dont want to loose you”. Really hits the spot that one, for me, his best. It was a single release on Okeh so that seems to make it hard to ever appear on a blog.

    Thanks for a really great site, really appreciated.

  • culov
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    Looking forward to hearing this. Just out of curiosity, I have BB’s Right Track on an Okeh 7 but both sides are instrumental, no vocal – any Northern fans let me know more about it? Thanks.

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    Well Billy Butler…. what can you say, Just a legend to me, yes always hit the dance floor if billy got spun, memories, and yes I was a regular at the Casino, great days! great music! great people!
    KTF 😀

  • Octave Octavio
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    Great great, great blog, really, thanks a lot.

    Is there anyway you would post this gem in a lossless format like FLAC ? Although your rip is of 320kbs bit rate, the audio feels really compressed to my ears (those awful high ends) and I unfortunately can’t enjoy listening to this amazing album.

    Thanks a TON in advance.

    Octave OCtavio

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