Bettye Swann – 1969 – Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting me?)

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A treasure of late 60s southern soul from the great Bettye Swann, this is her 3rd and final album (2nd for capital records, after she jumped for the indie Money Records).Sadly, the move didn’t turn Bettye into the major star Capitol no doubt expected to arise and these fantastic tracks were largely unappreciated at the time.

There’s an achingly great southern soul feel to these tunes, which range from fragile soul ballads with sweet harmonies to poundingly righteous stompers. The feel is just loose enough, with roomy arrangements that leave plenty of space for Bettye’s sweet vocals, but still with the ability to tighten up and pound at the crack of a whip!

Masterful lost soul and a joy to experience.

A1. Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)? 2.48
A2. Little Things Mean A Lot 3.00
A3. You’re Up To Your Same Old Tricks Again 2.58
A4. Today I Started Loving You Again 2.38
A5. Just Because You Can’t Be Mine 2.30
B1. Traces 3.02
B2. Chained & Bound 2.37
B3. Ain’t That Peculiar 2.50
B4. Stand By Your Man 2.35
B5. Willie & Laura Mae Jones 2.43

The Reviews
When you hear this recording for the first time you will be absolutely astonished that you have not heard it before. To make up for lost time you will then play it constantly. While Bettye has a beautiful voice and the songs are almost all killer, what really astonishes are the production values. The horns slink in and out and the atmosphere is conducive to dark romance. Go ahead and double this up with the Candy Staton, grab your honey and hold on tight. You can thank me later.
Including her countrified funk version of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t It Peculiar“, Ottis Redding “Chained & Bound”. Unfortunately, her duet with Buck Owens on “Today I Started Loving You Again” remains in the vault, but her solo version was released and is quite wonderful. Bettye Swann certainly deserves to be discovered

In the great musical sixties this great and wonderfully soulful singer hit big with “Make Me Yours” in 1967 and continued making great recordings as witnessed in this 2nd Capitol Record output which must not have been properly promoted as this is a prime example of the best from that era and really holds up and sounds great today having a timeless classic quailty…amazing this tremendous collection of varied and masterful performances missed making Bettye Swann a household name as she makes all these great songs her own! Anyone who loves a superb singer in a magnificent collection of songs all brilliantly arranged will find this tour-de-force set of winners a must have…

The covers are from my original Capitol ST-270 LP, very rare to be found.


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Conversation for album: Bettye Swann – 1969 – Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting me?)

  • robert
    Posted at 00:56h, 06 May 2008 Reply

    this is such a killer record! i have the honest jon’s comp on vinyl and many of these songs appear on it. so, so good. thank you!

  • simon
    Posted at 21:54h, 31 August 2008 Reply

    Thanks, love Bettye!

  • Sindre
    Posted at 01:57h, 25 October 2008 Reply

    Excellent post. I just recently discovered Bettye Swann through the Honest Jons compilation a few years back. I’m new to the site, but will definitly come back to listen and look for more great stuff

  • dream_weight
    Posted at 03:40h, 09 January 2009 Reply

    It’s a strange and lonely ground where country and soul meet. Mostly it’s country artists that are checking out no man’s land, but Bettye Swann visits from the soul side on “Don’t you ever get tired (of hurting me).” If you can hear any country in her rendition, you’ve got better ears than mine. Ronnie Milsap released it in 1988, but Bettye’s version has two or three times the vocal hurt that Ronnie brings.

  • cleffdeadly
    Posted at 13:29h, 18 June 2009 Reply

    this is the best album i’ve heard in a long time… what a voice! i listened to this about 6 times in a row today, absolutely magic, thank you nikos.

  • Sly don
    Posted at 19:31h, 03 November 2009 Reply

    Thanks so much!

  • Senor Pocopico
    Posted at 16:43h, 13 July 2010 Reply

    While checking your older posts I downloaded this, just for saying that I’ve learned another obscure name and it hit me like a rock. What an album!!! Thank you. Mind you though, I fell for the arrangements and the Orchestraions. The lady is just another good singer. What she sings makes the difference. . .

  • Ed Worcester
    Posted at 00:29h, 08 August 2011 Reply

    I have an acetate of the Buck Owens duet–amazing piece!
    What an underestimated talent.

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