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Funkadelic – 1971 – Maggot Brain

One of the masterpieces of Psychedelic soul- funk – rock. It contains one of the best guitar’s solo ever made! According to legend, George Clinton out of his mind on Orange Sunshine, told Eddie Hazel to play the first half of the song like his mother…

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The Temptations – 1970 – Psychedelic Shack

Well, what do we have here? 1. The best black group of all time (for sure) 2. the best black producer of all time (maybe) 3. the best black lyricist of all time (maybe) 4.The best black record company(for sure) But do we have the…

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Cane and Able – 1972 – Cane and Able

If you find Undisputed Truth great you will adore this one. Fisrt album of those funky legends. The music shifts between psyche rock flavors, trippy guitar arrangements, hot brass arrangements and strong funky grooves. A must to all Funk – Soul – Psych lovers! Ultra-rare…

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The Undisputed Truth – 1972 – Face to Face With The Truth

You asked for more of this great psych – soul group and here’s their second album. Always a bit further out than the Temptations, this album is a leap forward from the self -titled debut of the previous year. Features a nine minute plus version…

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The Undisputed Truth – 1971 – The Undisputed Truth

This is a fine album of Psychedelic Soul Just listen the thrilling hit “Smiling Faces Sometimes” the guitars and jamming in “Ball of Confusion” the covers of famous “Aquarius” and “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and finally “Like a Rolling Stone”. The year was…

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