Yellow Sunshine ‎- 1973 – Yellow Sunshine

Yellow Sunshine is a funk band from Philadelphia (PA), formed by brothers Karl and Roland Chambers, along with namester Lester and Idress Young. Dexter Wansel and Ron Harding joined them a little later. In this configuration, the guys recorded only one album, released on the “Gamble” label in 1973.

However, the album did not bring in full the success that the musicians hoped for. After the release of two singles from the album, in the same 1973, the group was disbanded. The collapse also contributed to the fact that Dexter Wansel decided to create a creative team “Gamble & Huff”, and Karl and Roland Chambers moved to “MFSB“.

A1 Yellow Sunshine 4:09
A2 The Greetch 5:48
A3 All Along the Seashore 7:59
B1 Tell Me Who Can Say 2:59
B2 Apollo 17 6:03
B3 Don’t Tell Me Later Girl 3:27
B4 Happiness 6:18

Super fuzzed out funk/rock on Gamble. Probably great for samples and breaks and whatnot.

Yellow Sunshine were a Philadelphia based group that recorded one of the very best of the Afro psych albums. A strong hard rock edge pervades, which is something that usually missing in most of these soul-oriented works.

In the big leagues of the scene with Funkadelic and Mandrill. Band evolved into MFSB, a very fine mid 1970s funk/disco group, that recorded the fantastic ‘K-Jee’ track, by far the best thing on the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack.  Gamble Records comes from one Kenny Gamble and his label was a part of Epic Records.