Water & Power – 1975 – Water & Power

Power & Water 1975 lp front cover

Great Soul/Funk LP with two killers tracks “I can Find A Way To Your Heart” and ” Mr. Weatherman

The group WATER & POWER was founded by songwriters Warren Sams Jr. and William Peele Jr. around 1972.
The name came from (Warren & Peele) first letters of their names.
Warren and Peele had already individually or collectively written songs for Natalie Cole, Ben Vereen, Sisters Love, Young Hearts, Judy Jones, Whispers, Jackson Sisters, The Ballads, Freddie Huges
and Sylvester & The Hot Band, before the album of Water & Power was recorded.

Power & Water 1975 lp back cover

At that time Sams was working as a vocal arranger and coach for many music record producers.
So he and Peele would try their songs on some of these groups and the songs that didn’t fit them.

The band singers are:
Warren Sams Jr., Rachel Sanders, Christine Adams Tripp (Warren’s sister).
Water & Power single “Mr. Weatherman” has appeared on the Fast Funky and Fantastic,
For The Ladies, Beam 70’s Soul Funk, compilations and many European bootleg copies.

The group is still receiving air play in the U.K. and plenty other countries,
their classic among the dramatic emotional soul on the dance floor is high on the list.

Other songs from the album which been receiving great attention is
Ain’t No Hurt“,” If You Don’t Want Me“, ”I Can Find A Way To Your Heart” and “Just For Alittle While“.

W. Peele Jr. explains on YouTube :

Their was 3 members and 3 leads in the group, Warren, his sister Christine and Rachel.  Warren and sister Christine have gone to be with the lord now.  Rachel who is leading on “Mr. Weatherman” and “Ain’t No Hurt” is still singing and backing up groups. Warren and I wrote most of the songs on the album, produced by Harvey Fuqua.  We had #1 musicians on this album and a full string section, with tight harmony……….

W…Warren…P…Peele…= Water & Power…..Also Christine Adams is leading on one song on the album “Just For Alittle While “.