VA – The Essential Northern Soul Story

VA - The Essential Northern Soul Story


1  The InspirationsNo One Else Can Take Your Place 2:08
Producer – Joey Jefferson
Written-By – Huey Bell, Gibson, Ivey
Written-By [Uncredited] – Bell

2 Bobby Treetop – Wait Till I Get To Know Ya 2:25
Producer – Benny Golson
Written-By – K. Williams

3 The Velvet Satins – Nothing Can Compare To You 1:54
Written-By – Trade Martin
Written-By, Producer – Artie Kornfeld

4 The Majestics – (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me 2:20
Producer – The Majestics
Written-By – Arthur Robles

5 Dena Barnes If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life 2:22
Producer – Buke Browner
Written-By – G. Barnes, D. Browner

6 Larry Clinton – She’s Wanted 2:47
Producer – Styles, Randolph, McDougall
Written-By – E. Holman, J. Soloman

7 The Inticers Since You Left 2:13
Producer – H. Andrews
Written-By – Harold Andrews

8 Herb Ward – Strange Change 2:29
Written-By – Bishop, Styles, Randolph
written-By [Uncredited] – Weldon Arthur McDougal III

9 Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen – I’ll Pay The Price 2:25
Written-By – Moses Dillard

10 George Blackwell – Can’t Lose My Head 2:39
Producer – Kay Thomas
Written-By – Kenneth Ruffin

11 The Bell Boys I Don’t Want To Lose You 2:30
Other [Prod] – Palmer, Russell, Stetro
Written-By – G. Davis, K. Tarieton

12 The Group featuring Cecil Washington – I Don’t Like To Lose 3:02
Producer – William Lalshaw
Written-By – Bill Tuthill

13 Four Perfections – I’m Not Strong Enough 2:22
Producer – Kip Gainsborough
Written-By – Thomas, Steals, Steals

14 Frankie Beverly & The Butlers – Because Of My Heart 2:44
Written-By – F. Beverly

15 Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me 2:16
Other [Prod] – Galden, Kimble
Producer – Sanders, Clark
Written-By – Tony Clark

16 Ronnie McNeir – Sitting In My Class 3:11
Other [Prod] – Harding, Poik
Producer – Doc Kyle
Written-By – McNeir

17 Sandra Philips – World Without Sunshine 2:37
Written-By – G. Kerr, H. Murray, T. Kemp

18 Little Jimmy Scott – It Rained 40 Days And Nights 2:00
Producer – Mike Terry
Written-By – J. Armstead

19 Patti Young – Head And Shoulders 2:34
Producer – Mike Theodore
Written-By – N. Decoteaux, C. Otis

20 Epitome Of Sound – You Don’t Love Me 2:41
Written-By, Producer – Robert Paladino

21 Jimmy Mack – My World Is On Fire 2:29
Producer – Bassoline, Coleman, Valvanc
Written-By – C. Bassoline, M. Coleman, M. Valvanc

22 Jackie Day – Naughty Boy 2:28
Written-By – Cyril D, Robert Jr.

23 Edward Hamilton – I’m Gonna Love You 2:31
Producer – L. Beatty
Written-By – Melvin Davis

24 Robby Lawson Burning Sensation 2:00
Other [Prod] – Adamson, Covington Jr.
Written-By – Paul Kyser Jr.

25 John Hampton – Not My Girl 2:00
Written-By – Hampton

Goldmine Album Covers – NORTHERN SOUL


I consider this to be the CD equivalent of Helen of Troy. OK, it didn’t quite launch a thousand ships but it did spawn a few hundred Soul Compilation CDs on the famous/notorious (delete as applicable) Goldmine Soul Supply imprint..

This was the very first CD issued by Goldmine, it quite clearly has the year of publication of 1990 on the disc, though strangely the essay that came with their 1993 Sampler CD GSCD 13 claimed that the idea for the label didn’t come around until late 1991!!

The idea was quite simple, dub a couple of dozen little-label “in-demand” 1960s “Northern Soul” tracks onto CD, put it out and see what happens. What happened was that it sold well enough for the formula to be repeated with other styles of Soul … soon there were other “Essential” collections out there and within two or three years Goldmine were bringing out new compilations seemingly every week. Most of the compilations were aimed fairly and squarely at the “Northern Soul” scene, though they used to claim that their biggest seller was actually one of their “Funk” compilations.

The big spanner in the works was that Goldmine had a reputation for (ahem) not always sticking to the niceties of properly licensing the tracks they included on their discs, even though they sometimes involved some of the big record companies and well known 1960s music producers in their projects. This led to a number of irate songwriters and performers wondering why they weren’t receiving royalties for what were obviously strongly selling discs and after a run of about 15 years Goldmine imploded.

Anyway … as to the music on this CD, this is typical mid 1960s NS fare (generally 1964-67) and most of the tracks had become well known favourites among “Northern Soul” fans in the preceding 20 years. About a third of the recordings are from Detroit, with Philadelphia also being well represented. Some of them are quite raw (some might say underproduced), but they all have that driving sound that “Northern Soul” fans look out for.

Hard to pick a favourite, but if pressed it would probably be the Patti Young track at #19, a stomping Detroit recording that seems tailor made for inclusion in a shampoo commercial ….

Northern Soul: An Oral History