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Tomorrow’s People – 1976 – Open Soul

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Tomorrow's People Open Soul front

Killer and hyper rare LP containing a whole slew of deep cuts, including the 20:13 ‘Open soul‘ workout, a beautiful, epic 20 minute journey that takes the listener on a funky, spiritual, psychedelic ride.

I feel that in the studio a basic groove had been laid down and from there they all got loose and free. Every player has a chance to solo, with the sax and percussion breakdowns being particularly ill. I feel it’s a great example of one of those tracks that transcends any one certain genre or style – a track that works in a variety of settings and one that anyone could get “Open” to.

This fantastic album was issued on the Stage Production Label in 1976. This lp is made of a 50/50 mix of slow churning soul and up-tempo funky music. There are also three tight soul tracks that stand out to me from this Chicago group are “Lovers And Friends“, “It Ain’t Fair” and “Hurry Up On Tomorrow“.

Tomorrow's People Open Soul back

A helluva groover from funky 1976, soulful, smooth, and sexy. Original copies fetch prices of $700 and more and people go crazy for it,  this is screaming for its first reissue.

On “It Ain’t Fair” Tomorrow’s People seem to love the gentle side of soul and funk and therefore play a fairly relaxed type of music, while “Lovers to Friends” is a moody soul anthem that puts you in a floating state of mind. “Hurt Perversion” is a hot-blooded funk explosion with a massive wave of rhythms dragging you out to the dancefloor. Great organ carpets fill all the gaps between the hypnotizing drum and percussion patterns, pulsating basslines, and repetitive, clean wah-wah guitars. It gets relaxed and utterly sweet once again with “Hurry on Up Tomorrow“, which puts the typical ’50s love ballad into a classy and slick pop-sound-garment that was on top at the time this album was produced.

And on we groove with the beat that heats you up through and through down to your bare bones. A cool warm-up for the B-side of this lost gem of funk and soul music, the lengthy “Open Soul“, which starts in a dreamy and gentle way and suddenly turns into hot-blooded funk that goes on and on for about 20 minutes with some of the most enchanting synthesizer lines ever heard in ’70s dance music. The bass guitar pumps through your blood system and if you do not sweat your spirit out spinning this tune you should consult your otologist. Folks, this is as stimulating as music can be and comes close to the most enchanting tunes that ever hit the dancefloors back in the day. All lovers of mid-’70s pre- and proto-disco should lay their hands on this gem.

Oh, Tomorrow’s People also know to drop the pace and psych out a bit to give you some fresh air. And all they do is done with love.

I have also included one unreleased song “Magical Love” from 1979.