Three Ounces Of Love – 1978 – Three Ounces Of Love

Three Ounces Of Love front

Three Ounces Of Love is an out of print Motown diamond of the late 70’s.
Never released on CD.

I would say most of the tracks are outstanding and mixed the classic Motown sound with late 70s disco. The title track may have been a little late in the mix of the tons of space songs being issued after the success of Star Wars and Close Encounters. The rest of side one is still highly commercial with Don’t Worry ‘Bout My Love being one of Motown’s most overlooked ballads. Side Two is less distinguishable with the exception of the Holland Brothers In The Middle Of The Feeling. This was pure Motown magic with a lead vocal reminiscent of Diana Ross or Jean Terrell. There were several hit potentials on here other than the above, namely Bet You’ll Come Running.

Three Ounces were actually sisters from Detroit discovered by the Commodores who tried to launch them along with Platinum Hook as I recall. They had a great sound and I understand they still perform from time to time. Motown really dropped the ball on this one. The front cover should have been the back cover. The back cover had only a tiny photo of what appeared to be attractive young women. Also, the first pressings of the album had to be recalled because Side A was also on Side B. There was no promotion for them or Platinum Hook. Perhaps the suits didn’t want the Commodores to be successful at anything other than making hits of their own for Motown.

A1 Star Love 4:39
A2 I Only Get This Feeling 3:25
A3 Don’t Worry ‘Bout My Love 5:08
A4 Bet You’ll Come Running 4:11
B1 I’ve Got A Right To Be Loved 3:15
B2 In The Middle Of The Feeling 4:10
B3 Give Me Some Feeling 5:50
B4 Today Will Soon Be Yesterday 4:03

Three Ounces Of Love back

Three Ounces of Love was a group from Detroit’s West Side that consisted of three sisters. In the late 1970s they went on tour as the opening act for The Commodores. They had a local disco hit with “Disco man“.

The group members were all sisters from the Alexander family. The oldest was Anne, born on July 14, 1955. The middle sister was Elaine, born on September 10, 1956. The youngest was Regina born on September 18, 1957. Earlier in the piece, they performed locally in Detroit at the 20 Grand and the Dearborn Townhouse.

In 1977, along with another group Platinum Hook, they were signed to Benjamin Ashburn‘s production company. They signed a contract with Motown Records and recorded for the label. The result of the session, an album entitled Three Ounces Of Love, was released in February 1978.

This, however, proved to be their only ever LP, and the group would release no more material until signing with Ian Levine‘s Motown revival label Motorcity Records over a decade later. There they released one single, “Newsy Neighbours”, in 1991.

The March 1978 issue of Billboard reported that in April, they along with a four-man brass section called The Mean Machine were to accompany The Commodores on a Major European tour starting on the 13th of that month. In May 1978, they played The Golden Rose.They played at the Nassau Coliseum in July 1978 along with The Commodores and Con Funk Shun.