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The Younghearts – 1968 – Sweet Soul Shakin’

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the younghearts

Give this Bobby Sanders production high marks for effort. This is the Young Hearts’ first album, released on the heels of “I’ve Got Love for My Baby“, a midtempo love song featuring Ronnie Preyer’s falsetto and James Moore’s tenor/baritone swapping lead lines. Charles Ingersoll and Earl Carter rounded out the quartet. An earlier release, the lilting “Oh I’ll Never Be the Same” received considerable R&B play, but didn’t register on the Pop charts, it was co-written by Anita Poree who went on to greater things at Motown.

the younghearts - sweet soul shakin' back

Sweet Soul Shakin‘,” led by Ingersoll, followed “I’ve Got Love…,” and had a stampeding tempo but didn’t generate much interest. Their first Minit release, “A Little Togetherness“,is a floater advocating peace that they recorded twice, another version credited to them, and popular among Northern Soul lovers, has a completely different arrangement than this one. They mellow down on “Misty“, but explode on “Countdown (Here I Come)” an uptempo romper. Every member leads at least one song, that’s Moore crooning on “Girls“. This LP is virtually impossible to find, with far less interesting stuff being reissued on CD; these tracks surely merits reissuing.