The Salsoul Orchestra ‎– Christmas Jollies

Tired of the same old same old Christmas songs & carols? Tired of being at some holiday celebration & the music is so stale & boring you can’t even bring yourself to get up & dance? Well, then, THIS COLLECTION IS JUST FOR YOU! As soon as it hits your turntable you’ll be in the mood to really shake your groove thing. Be warned, though-if your friends want to ‘borrow’ it there’s no guarantee that you will get it back-I write this from experience. All of these tunes are great but of course the one that gets the most air-play is the always terrific Merry Christmas All by Denise Fontana. Even if you only need one ‘party’ album for the holidays, this should be the one to get. Very highly recommended.

A1 The Little Drummer Boy 4:57
A2 Sleigh Ride 3:03
A3 Silent Night 1:05
A4 Merry Christmas All 3:28
A5 There’s Someone Who’s Knocking 3:59
A6 Christmas Time 2:30
B1 Christmas Medley 12:08
B2 New Year’s Medley 6:46

 I must send big thanks to the great Maestro, arranger-producer Vincent Montana, Jr., the heart and soul behind The Salsoul Orchestra, for creating this seasonal masterpiece. This is music that I have enjoyed for many years, music that has added joy and a festive spirit to many Holiday seasons, and music that I will continue to cherish during that special time of year.

Mr. Montana collected some of the absolute, all-time Holiday favorites, both secular and religious, arranged most of them with a prominent ’70’s (yet timeless) dance feel, and dropped them into an awesome, continuous medley. Features excellent vocals by the “Sweethearts of Sigma,” Barbara Ingram, Yvette Benton and Carla Benson, and that phenomenal Philly/MFSB backing band with full horns and strings.
For me, the biggest standout is “Sleigh Ride“, which is a stand-alone selection, not part of the big Christmas Medley, and features the greatest, loveliest harmonies.
Not to shortchange that Medley, which is just incredible, and incredibly joy-enducing.
Also very, very strong, rocking and moving, is Mr. Montana’s incredible and inventive arrangement of “The Little Drummer Boy“, another stand-alone cut. The vocal is particularly strong. You’ll love these rum-pum-pums, for sure!
The New Year’s Medley is real good, too, and even features a Mummers’ Strut-like segment. (That’s pretty special to us Philly natives.)
The stunningly arranged and performed “Silent Night” is mellow and dynamic at the same time…Mantovani would be proud.
The RIGHT STUFF label/group did a great job on the cd version, with a bonus “Sumphonic Medley”, which is pretty much the New Year’s Suite without percussion, which affords a chance to hear the wonderful playing without focusing on “the beat.”