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The O’Jays – Home For Christmas

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Holidays, foods, celebrations and music are the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of family traditions. For me and my family Christmas has officially arrived with the last belch of the Thanksgiving day meal and the first notes of the O’Jays Home for Christmas. I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas gently sets the mood of the next big holiday and family gathering with the caress of a warm as eggnog ballad.

This is a compilation of musical styles and arrangements sharing well-worn standards such as White Christmas and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and original tunes written by members of the group,destined to set standards of their own. The opening original tune is followed by the welcome, well recognized Merry Christmas, Baby, certain to draw the first vocal swoon of the holiday season. The Christmas Song is presented with a jazzy, big band background and, for me, is the only real disappointment on the CD (some traditions shouldn’t be tampered with). But, the O’Jays more than make up for that indiscretion by coming back with the soulful Wanna Be Home for Christmas, followed by the unmistakable R&B vibe of Christmas Time in the City. No matter the age or the musical taste of our guests, everyone leaves Thanksgiving night having set plans and hardly able to wait for Christmas day to arrive to play out another time honored family tradition.

We and the O’Jays will definitely be Home for Christmas.