The Nite-Liters – 1972 – Different Strokes

The Nite Liters are funk masters and one in which their tight, choppy sound really branches out to encompass a whole world of instrumental soul. 

Here is the funk jazz “Do The Granny“: an amazing guitar chug. Instrumentals, or jams with only vocal harmonizing, are this bands game.’
And on Different Strokes they are on top of that game. This album actually sounds like a blaxploitstion soundtrack: lots of cinematic funk soundscapes comprising an album. This may sound patchy and maybe it is, but these are top musicians, and if this is a patchwork, it is a patchwork you’ll want to hear again and again for a long long time.

A1 Do the Granny 3:06
A2 Money Runner 3:25
A3 Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) 5:06
A4 Theme for Angela 4:07
A5 Funky-Vamp 5:03
B1 Maynard Ferguson’s Theme 5:51
B2 Theme From “Buck & The Preacher (feat. New Birth) 4:03
B3 Back Down Home 3:28
B4 Skimo’s Theme 4:41

By breakwind 

Fourth release by The Nite-Liters, Different Strokes comes a little heavier than previous efforts.
A no nonsense heavy groove blackness about it.
…and before I forget, his name is Leroy Taylor, a killer bassist that shines on everything he ever played on…
Phat bottom.

The band even rocks out a little, Hendrixian fuzz guitar makes an appearance here and there, drummer Robin Russell holding it down!
Like the J.B.’s, The Nite-Liters had a sound all their own, and deserve recognition among your vast collection.

Horn section is great, just gotta ease up on them extended sax solos.
I always found them cheesy for some reason in funk music.  Generic.

Any road, Different Strokes brings the funk, and might be their strongest outing…as much as I dig debut The Nite-Liters.
Check the bluesy “Back Down Home”, oft sampled “Funky-Vamp”…the slow jam “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)…

Nice variety, heavy felt, sexy instrumentals here, laid down by a loose band…a band…you can feel each and every one of these guys.
Great production. A rarity today in music.