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The Intrigues – 1970 – In A Moment

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The Intrigues, a Soul vocal group out of Philadelphia (Alfred Brown, James Lee, James Harris and Ronald Hamilton) were active from the late 1960s through to about 1972, and although making the national charts three times in that span, are generally regarded as a One-Hit Wonder for their one significant score, In A Moment. That reached # 10 R&B/# 31 Billboard Pop Hot 100 in September-October 1969 b/w Scotchman Rock on Yew 1001.

A1 Mojo Hanna 2:24
A2 I Wish It Would Rain 2:40
A3 Love Is Just Around The Corner 2:43
A4 I Got Love 2:25
A5 I Gotta Find Out For Myself 2:16
B1 In A Moment 2:42
B2 Let’s Dance 2:35
B3 Light My Fire 3:46
B4 You Just Got To Believe It 2:03
B5 I’m Gonna Love You 2:07
B6 The Language Of Love 3:09

The fact that it did that well is a minor miracle when you consider that Yew Records, a tiny New York City-based Soul label, didn’t exactly have the promotional funding to push their discs (they only released 14 singles in their existence – 6 of them by The Intrigues who also were their only artists to crack the national listings). So that speaks volumes for the quality of their sound which appealed to disc jockeys and, ultimately, enough listeners to get their record heard sufficiently to push them onto the charts against some pretty stiff competition at the time.

Their first record was produced in 1968 in the form of a promo disc (Soul Brothers on both sides) for the even tinier Toot 609. However, after that debut hit, the follow-up I’m Gonna Love You wasn’t so fortunate as it was not only shut out on the R&B charts, but staggered to a # 86 Hot 100 in December 1969 b/w I Gotta Find Out For Myself on Yew 1002.

Even so, the label managed to find enough resources to take advantage of the two charted songs by releasing their only LP – “In A Moment” (Yew YS.777) early in 1970 .  The Language Of Love, which just so happened to be their only other nationally-charting single – # 21 R&B/# 100 Hot 100 in June 1971 on Yew 1012 (the B-side, I Got Love, was part of the original LP).

Two more LP tracks, Let’s Dance and Mojo Hanna, were subsequently released as singles on Yew 1007 and 1013 in 1970 and 1971 respectively. After Yew folded its tent, they had one single released by the GRT subsidiary, Janus, and one by the obscure Port Records, to no avail: I Wanna Know (Do You Love Me?)/Fly Now – Pay Later (Janus 185 in 1972), and Don’t Refuse My Love/Girl, Let’s Stay Together (Port 3018 in 1973).