The Holiday Express – 1976 – Lady In The Rain

The Holiday Express Lady In The Rain front

One of the rarest Soul albums ever right here.

Released in Early 70’s Self  label , Inc Nice Cover tune “Take Five“,  also of note is Mellow Soul  “Lady in The Rain“. A truly exceptional soul album all around, and one that rarely shows up these days.

This independtly released LP (a Miniscule Pressing) features the absolutaley sublime and stunning modern soul track “Lady in the Rain” which will make your heart stop beating and ears leak rainbows. A lot of great tunes on here as well.

The Holiday Express Lady In The Rain back

 This group is led by guitarist Vince Andrews and pianist/organist Percy Sweeting, and has a couple of great grooves, mixed in with the usual “Yellow Bird” stuff.  Back cover indicates that LP was recorded in the Bahamas, but the pressing was done in Florida. There are also nice versions of “Take Five” and “Jane“.

Bass, Backing Vocals Carl Mackey
Drums Wendel Russell
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Vince Andrews
Piano, Organ, Vocals Percy Sweeting
Tenor Sax, Flute, Percussion Bernard Bain