The Drifters – The Very Best Of

Drifters - The Very Best Of

One of my favorite groups ever!!!!

Every song is timeless!!!!

This mid-priced 16-song collection is the successor to the old Atlantic Records Drifters Golden Hits, covering the group’s very best songs from “There Goes My Baby” in 1959 on up through 1964 in a more comprehensive way. Very pleasingly remastered and handy on its own terms, The Very Best of the Drifters also provides just a taste of what the post-1958 group had to offer, even in terms of singles.

No one will dislike anything about it, but those who have heard even part of the two-CD package All-Time Greatest Hits & More will recognize The Very Best of the Drifters as nothing but a superficial sampler of what the Ben E. King/Rudy Lewis/Johnny Moore version of the group left behind.

The Very Best of the Drifters is a great place to start, but the leap from this material to the rest of the Drifters’ best is such a short one that, unless time or budgetary limitations dictate otherwise, it can be bypassed in favor of Atlantic’s double-disc All-Time Greatest Hits & More.