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The Delfonics ‎– 1970 – Sound Of Sexy Soul

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The Delfonics ‎– Sound Of Sexy Soul front

Happily the Delfonics were such a success right out of the box that this follow up came fairly easily. That being said? I’d actually known about this album visually long before I ever had it. Crate digging in the vinyl shops of cities such as Portland Maine in the late 90’s and early aughts? This album would generally be the only Delfonics album I’d find. The title was printed out in lavender. And the image of the trio in matching brown fringed suits got me very curious what this might be like. Happily the inner of this more than matched it’s outer presentation.

delfonics - sound of sexy soul - back

Ready Or Not Her I Come (Can’t Hide From Love“,”Let It Be Me” and “Hot Dog (I Love You So” are all harmonically spirited mid-tempo numbers with elaborate musical and vocal sonic’s. “You Can’t Be Loving Him” is a richly arranged uptempo number-again with fully triumphant delivery while a version of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar” gets a lot funkier in the uptempo stomp. “With These Hands“,”Face It Girl,It’s Over“,”Going Out Of My Head“,”My New Love“,”Somebody Loves You” and “Everytime I See My Baby” are all climactic mini soul symphony’s while “Scarborough Fair” is done up in a vocally dynamic Mediterranean style classical/folk arrangement.

delfonics - sound of sexy soul side 1

One of the first things I noticed about the songs on this album was how much of a relationship Philly and Motown were having musically during the early 70’s. Some of the songs on this album were actually ones I heard first as album tracks on the early Jackson 5 albums (for example: this albums hit opener). Not only that but the Delfonics are taking their own spin on Motown as well. Thom Bell’s arrangements are much more solid actually on this album. All coming together to create a distinctive Delfonics sound in collaborations with William Hart. As a blend of the sweet and confident side of early Philly balladry? This is a very high quality and important album.