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Starvue ‎- 1980 – Upward Bound

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A rare, sweet clubby album from Chicago, filled with lost uptempo groovers from the post-disco years! Starvue have a very solid group soul feel, somewhere in the ensemble funk tradition that emerged from LA at the close of the 70s, but with a sound that was harder and rougher, making for grooves that differ nicely from the usual mainstream set of this nature!

The tracks are nice and tight, with sort of a slight jazzy feel, and a good dancefloor groove.

A1 Upward Bound 4:27
A2 Love Affair 7:08
A3 Body Fusion 5:47
B1 Starvue 2:34
B2 Put The BS Aside 4:49
B3 Love Struck 4:45
B4 You And Me 5:43


Starvue was a Chicago based soul collective that released one album, Upward Bound, during their career. The cover art of the album is something horrible but don’t judge this one by it’s cover. The content is amazing. I can’t praise it enough.

Upward Bound was released in 1980 by a private label, Midwest International Records. The album, that is produced by Clarence Johnson, contains a massive slow jam, Body Fusion, that was also released as a 12″ single. The album is ultra rare and Body Fusion 12″ is even harder to find, but if the money is tight don’t worry. There’s a reissue of the album (not very easy to find though) and a CD issued by P-Vine Japan (goes more than 100 Euro on Ebay this moment)

Love Affair is a great uptempo soul/boogie tune with good vocals, handclaps and horns plus a great synth line. A definite dancefloor killer.


Before you leave the page pleasy try :

Body Fusion  a perfect tune for those moments in the bedroom with that special someone.

Well, it could work on the dancefloor as well.
The strings on the track are amazing.