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Soul Dog – 1976 – Movin’ On

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soul dog movin on front

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Carl Marshall’s popularity has grown rapidly the last several years. But Carl’s actually given his all to the music world for over 30 years now. He grew up in the music streets of New Orleans, Louisiana with his guitar in a band called Sam & the Soul Machine. During the 7+ years he was with them members consisted of Aaron Neville (lead vocals) Sam Henry (keyboards) Gary Brown (sax) Richard Amos (bass) Cyril Neville (congas) Robert Bush (drums).  His first recording was released on Amherst Records in 1976. Under the name Soul Dog Carl released an album called “Movin’ On”, featuring the proto-rap song “Soul Dog”, which was delivered in a trucker’s MC style and the amazing “Can’t stop loving you“. 

soul dog movin on back

A second LP, this time credited to Carl Marshall & The S.D.’s (Soul Dogs), called “I’ll Give My Heart To You” was released in 1980 on Chantilly. In the meantime singles appeared on labels like J.B’s Records, T-Jaye (“Let’s Go Humpin’”, “Your Woman Really Turns Me On”), Double Hit (“I Can’t Live Without You”) and most notably Edge Record Company, Inc. The latter being Al Bell’s first venture after Stax Records where he and Carl recorded a 12 inch single called “Let It Be Me” under the name Marshall & Babb. Further singles and 12 inchers continued to appear, such as “Mardi Gras Party” (as Carl Marshall & Sound Dimension) throughout the 80s. 

In the early 90s Carl started his own imprint, Gifft, and began issuing his own LPs of Funk, R & B, Blues, Gospel and Jazz (“This Gift”, “Dead End”, “Let’s Get Fired Up”, “Last Minute”) before joing with Senator Jones’ Hep’ Me Records for one CD, “You Can’t Stop A Woman”, which spawned a regional hit with the title cut. This was followed up with a one album stint at Mardi Gras Records (“A Woman Want A Man, She Don’t Want No Punk”) in 2001.  

Carl went back to cutting albums for his Gifft (and later Unleashed) label, scoring “Southern Soul” market hits with songs like “This Is For Grown Folks”, “Grown Folks Party With Me”, “Jingle My Bell”, “Ain’t No Party Like A Grown Folks Party” & “Wind It Up”. During this period Carl also served as a radio personality at the Meridian, Mississippi Clear Channel station Kiss 104.1 (also a Gospel station, WYLD, in New Orleans.) 

In 2005 Carl released a song called “Good Lovin’ Will Make You Cry”. At first it was ignored, then gradually over the next couple years the song began to grow as the song began to connect with an audience. By mid-2006 it was one of the hottest songs in Southern Soul music. For over two years it was one of the most loved, played and known song in the genre. During this time Bigg Robb did a remix of the song, which took it to the top for a second run. 

In 2008 Carl next signed with a new label, CDS Records, and released his best album yet in 2009, “Look Good For You”, featuring the title cut, “Leave That Man’s Wife Alone” and “Looking For A Real Woman (Looking For Love)” in addition to producing most of the acts for the label. 

In 2010 Carl became Vice President of CDS records and released his masterpiece CD, “Love Who You Wanna Love”, and his first DVD, “Grown Folks Live”.