Solid Solution – 1978 – Loving You



Brilliant modern soul LP, an old favorite of mine and always on my play list.

Rare and long out of print.

Private press released by Silver Spoon a small independent label out of Detroit.

Includes the wonderful modern soul sound of “L.O.V.E” and the up lifting dance track “Think About It Girl” in particular becoming a firm favourite of the UK Modern Soul Scene, further widespread popularity was achieved in mainland Europe and Japan.

Due to the source of the original album drying up, it was later reissued to meet the demand in the Far East. This was followed by a later 45 release featuring the popular “Think About It Girl” backed with the excellent sweet soul ballad “It Must Be Love”.

I also really really love another superb balland “Once you Fall in Love“.

Overall, a treasure of an album no one should miss!!!

A1 Think About It, Girl 3:52
A2 LOVE (Love) 3:33
A3 Once You Fall In Love 5:13
A4 Loving You 2:32
B1 This Must Be Love 4:33
B2 Do not Ask me 3:14
B3 If It’s Good To You 3:57
B4 Spending My Money 3:50 


The Solid Solution were a five piece soul harmony group from Detroit Michigan. They had been formed during 1977 by Mike Wilson and his old school friend Stanley Greer. Stanley Greer would recruit the groups other three members through an advertisement that he placed in a local newspaper, offering prospective singers the chance to audition for a place in a new formed group. The three successful candidates would eventually be Kurt Jefferson Sr, Horace Wilbanks Jr and Kevin Chapman.

Early optimism would soon to turn to disappointment when their album which had been receiving extensive air play for more than 6 months was suddenly taken off air and dropped by all the radio stations reputedly following a raid by drug squad officers at the Silver Spoon offices on 6 Mile Rd. Also one of the Hill Brothers was later killed in an automobile accident, following the eventual conviction and imprisonment of some of the Hill family, the label closed down. Sadly this left the members of The Solid Solution to dream of what might have been! Although the group continued to work the lounge clubs. No other recordings were ever made.

Read the whole story of  The Solid Solution and Silver Spoon record label here.