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Savoir-Flair – 1983 – Savoir-Flair

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The Savoir-Flair album is an excellent eighties funk, mixed with smooth modern soul.

A very rare private press LP –  Soul, Funk from Texas, check rates sold here

Dallas artist Roger Boykin at the helm, producing, arranging and playing plethora of instruments, with Cassandra Wilson and John Miller being the rest of the group.

A1. Come On 4:11
A2.You Can Touch The Sky 2:54
A3.Happy Hour 3:34
A4.Super Funk 3:18
A5.Keep Holding On 3:48
B1.The Family Jewels 3:12
B2.Here I Come 4:47
B3.Savoir Funk 6:34
B4.You’re The Best 4:10

Savoir-Flair album  is a rare eighties modern soul/funk album on the legendary Soultex label out of Dallas, Texas.

This trio, consisting of Roger Boykin, John Miller and Cassandra Wright. They’re kind of like a lower-budget version of  Yarborough & Peoples, some likeness in vocals, lyrics and melodies, but done funkier and with a fuller, grittier sound.

This scarce LP consists of mostly uptempo “homemade” funk jams, but also contains a nice ballad
and a jazzy instrumental selection.

Not a weak track to be found!

The musical group “SAVOIR-FLAIR” was founded in July, 1982 by Roger Boykin, John Miller and Cassandra Wright. 
They had been working together primarily as studio singers and musicians on a variety of recording projects such as records, demos, and commercial jingles at Dallas studio called “Precision Audio”. They work easily and quite efficiently for clients with products to sell and for local record labels and solo artists trying to get their music on tape.

In their spare time they wrote songs and tried them out at the studio. Several of these experiments are included in the album entitled “Savoir-Flair” (Soultex SLP-10282). When the actual recording of the album was completed, the talented trio decided to find some compatible musicians and form a band. “SAVOIR-FLAIR” played it’s first gig in October, 1982, with founding members, Boykin, Miller, Wright, James Thomas, Malcolm Ealy, and Thomas Hill. The group performed on private affairs only, through December, 1982. In January, 1983 Miller left the aggregation and moved to New York to pursue a solo career.