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Roy Porter Sound Machine ‎- 1975 – Inner Feelings

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One of the most desirable US soul jazz funk album by genius drummer Roy Porter and his Sound Machine. Do I have to say more about this masterpiece? Ultra hard to find in a pristine condition. For serious collectors only.

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A crazy bit of funk from drummer Roy Porter – a player who first rose to fame during the LA bop years of the late 40s, but who sounds even hipper here in the 70s! The album’s got a madly skittish approach to funk – one that’s highly rhythmic, but often in unconventional ways – somewhat similar to Redd Holt’s excellent albums for the Paula label. Roy plays drums, percussion, and sings a bit – and the grooves run from break-heavy instrumentals to even cooler numbers that bring in more of a sense of flow and soul – really opening things up beyond any simple 70s jazz funk cliches, and hitting some really wicked new territory!

Instrumentation includes plenty of great horns, electric piano, guitar, and even a bit of Arp – all used in really inventive anc reative ways. Titles include the classic crate-digging favorites “Panama” and “Party Time“, plus a vocal version of “Jessica“, a cover of Jobim’s “Waver-ing“, and another nice original called “Funny Feelin’“!

Tremendous stuff all the way through!

A1 Party Time 3:45
A2 Love You 3:12
A3 Panama 3:10
A4 Jessica 4:08
B1 Waver-ing 6:03
B2 Funny Feelin’ 2:33
B3 Out On The Town Tonight 3:22
B4 Givin’ Me The Blues 3:30

AllMusic Review by Jason Ankeny

Four years after his remarkable private-press release Jessica, Roy Porter resurfaced with Inner Feelings, which updates and expands the wonderfully eccentric jazz-funk sensibilities of its predecessor via deeper, harder-hitting grooves, more ambitious arrangements and even vocals. The sheer soulfulness of Porter’s drumming never fails to astound, and while his rhythms and melodies possess an interior logic solely their own, the music is undeniably funky, complete with moments of otherworldly beauty.

And though Porter isn’t much of a singer in the conventional sense, the urgency and passion of his performance makes up for his technical flaws. The title Inner Feelings may be a bit hokey, but this is clearly the art of a man desperate to articulate his perspective on the world around him. Long traded for obscene sums on the secondary market, Inner Feelings was finally reissued on CD in late 2006.