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Phil Hurtt ‎– 1978 – Giving It Back

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Phil Hurtt ‎– Giving It Back front

An excellent LP of mellow modern soul cuts – put together by Phil Hurtt, one of the lesser stars on the late 70s Philly scene, but a strong singer and writer who deserved greater fame. The record’s got some great numbers – like the smooth sweet “Lovin“, plus the tracks “Where The Love Is“, “Lady Let Your Hair Down“, “Give Us What We Want“, and “Please Don’t Come Home“.

Phil Hurtt ‎– Giving It Back b

He established himself in the early 70’s as one of the Young Professionals.They were a group of talented songwriters and producers on the Philadelphia R & B scene.

One of Phil’s biggest songwriting successes was ‘I’ll Be Around‘ which he co-wrote with Thom Bell in 1973, a classic soul recording for the Detroit Spinners and later a U.K. hit for Terri Wells.

At the same time he began working closely with Bunny Sigler, an early co-production being a 1973 Atlantic album ‘Sweet Charlie Babe‘ for Jackie Moore. He also co-produced ‘The Weathermen‘ and ‘Mama Never Told Me‘, the first two singles for Sister Sledge that year. As a recording artist he signed briefly with Fantasy in 1978, his single release ‘Giving It Back‘ being a popular soul / dance record that year and a U.K. Top 40 hit. He was also involved in the Hi Gloss album for Prelude, for which he co-wrote all of the songs.