Passion – 1979 – Passion

This must be one of the most erotic sleeves to be ever produced. 
The cover only is worthwhile a lifetime search. No doubt about that. But what to say about the music?

As we expected; lots of strings, few vocals, kickin’ drums, and pounding baselines, sometimes a little bit cheezy but often a very creative and innovative sound.
This record is totally different than Ray Martinez’ other production group Foxy, which has a much more commercial feel to it.
No, this one is totally different. Passion, is Passion! Great music to dance to. Great music to make love to. Great music for people with (a lot of) Passion!

With “Passion” and Amant’s likewise self titled release the previous year, producer Ray Martinez both created and perfected the Miami Sound – later on so popular and emulated.

The cover art is of course probably the greatest in Disco history, and thereby the greatest album cover, period.

A1 In New York 11:46
A2 Midnight Lovers 4:10
B1 Don’t Bring Back Memories 7:47
B2 Dancing and Romancing 7:34

After an unsuccessful bout with the AVI label in 1979, Passion signed to Prelude where they released an album and a 12″ which caused a stir on dancefloors. It was the b-side, “In New York“, which was most played at the time, rather than the a-side smash “Don’t Bring Back Memories” . The lead vocals by Richard Noriega Jr. 

The albums was produced by Ray Martinez, a dance music icon, who was a musician, songwriter, and singer in the late 1970s and 1980s, and later became a record producer, engineer, and record label owner/executive. He is known within the industry for having helped originate what became known as the “Miami Sound”, created out of a prominent independent record label of that era, TK Records. He used his innovative sound to create Paris International Records, his own independently owned label, which released multiple dance hits during the era.

N.B. The album was also released as a double pack, although in this case Prelude simply put the 12″ in the same bag as the LP and gave it out to DJ’s. It’s not a true double pack in that respect.